Longoni: Camarda’s shock requests to renew – figures and details of Man Utd’s interest

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan youngster Francesco Camarda is requesting a surprisingly high salary for a player of his age which has cast his Milan future into doubt. 

Speaking whilst on the Milan Hello YouTube channel (via Pianeta Milan), Italian journalist Andrea Longoni explained the latest on Camarda’s potential renewal with the club.

Having turned 16 years old, Camarda is now eligible to sign a new contract with Milan but there is no agreement currently in place and no real rush, but interest in him from other clubs is growing rapidly.

Camarda is represented by Beppe Riso and so far, there has been no suggestion that he sees his future away from Milan. Despite that, he and his entourage are reportedly requesting a three-year deal with an option for another two years, with a salary of €2m.

It is also reported that the agent’s commission would be around €10m, which is an unheard-of figure for a player so young who has one senior appearance to his name.

The team that seems most likely right now to pounce on the situation is Manchester United, another club with a proud history of giving young players a chance in the first team when the time is right.

Milan will have to work hard to reduce these figures if they are true, as the salary would put Camarda above some established first-team players.

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  1. Where are the Maldini’s, Buffon’s, Totti’s, DelPiro’s. I don’t think we will find any loyal players in this era. So sad.

  2. that agent needs to be put in front of a wall and…
    10M for puting together a contract. Let his employe (Camarda) pay for that

  3. I’ll wait with my final verdict as this might just be make belief by a silly journalist but if this is actually correct then i think both he and his agent are bonkers and greedy as F and should show some respect towards the club that has already invested time and money in training and nurturing his talent. It would be well beyond disrespectful if the agent is demanding ten mil in commission.

    1. It looks to be true because the whole fiasco leading to this indicated that. Knowing his agent he would already be negotiating a contract with EPL clubs.

      1. Well im sure that the agent is a scum as most of them are and probably would like to lure him away from ac milan but what really matters is the players will so ill wait and see but the story is nevertheless worrying if we choose to belief it, I think he will sign a contract with us but paying him 2 mil a year would certainly not be ideal as he hasnt done anything to deserve such an exorbitant salary.

  4. An agent exploiting a minor here. And parents seem to be on it as well since they’re silent. Another talent on the way to garbage heap of history of wasted talents.

    Good job.

  5. It was obvious that they had unrealistic requests. The ‘sign contract in July to get longer contract’ was obviously a lame PR.

  6. To be honest I’m not against the salary if that’s what it takes to ward off English vultures. Some people are ready for top level football at 16 and from what I’ve seen there’s a good chance he’s in that group.

    That commission though, if true, is an insult to just about everything. It’s a renewal at the club he wants to play for and so far he’s achieved nothing – why is an agent even involved?

    1. Indeed… Agents should be paid for introducing the player to the club but Milan didn’t need his help to learn about the kid as he is/was their own “product”. No way in h*ll the agent deserves a single penny here.

  7. 2m salary + 10m commission is crazy but i’ll be very upset if he end-up at Inter w/ 500k salary margin, remember Hakan & Thuram?

  8. So less than 20 million Euro for 4-5 year contract with one of the best and most talented young players in Europe, and he is even home grown.

    Sign him

    1. You just forget that we need to pay also the tax that comes with it. The tax is 43% from the salary, so if he fulfill all 5 years with 2m/year, in fact we need to pay €14.3m – not 10m.

      He is incredible for his age bracket but he hasn’t justify anything with his performance in the main team – he is far from the likes of Lamine Yamal, Gavi, Moukoko, etc impact at their respective club.

      To demand that kind of money, especially the 10m commission is outrageous.

  9. I don’t understand how everybody is shocked that there is no loyalty anymore in football when we have bankers and oil states running top clubs that sell $199 jerseys and build $1B « stadiums ». This is football now. We already play in pink and blue and soon the club can be renamed AC San Donato.

    The kid wants to be paid. It’s very modern. But I guess the morality is that rich being greedy is just business when poor being greedy is disrespect.

    1. Well well well… Who would have guessed you’d be the one blaming this (and the WWII) on Milan owners? I swear it was Cardinale & co. told Putin to attack Ukraine too.

      1. Not blaming Redbird in particular, they’re just part of that system. I’m not surprised that a young kid considered as the next great Italian football genius and advised by football agents is asking for crazy money. Someone will give it to him anyway so why shouldn’t he ask for it?

  10. Oh well. I knew as soon as the signing of the supposed bridge contract didn’t happen the day he turned 16 that this was always going to be the outcome. While it’s romantic to think this kid could have been with us “for his entire career” and been a home-grown MVB or Sheva, it’s 2024 and that doesn’t happen. If he moves on, let’s be grateful that he didn’t truly endear himself to us and move on ourselves. We have an otherwise eventful transfer market to look forward to this summer and the season beyond. Forza Milan. The club is bigger than any player.

  11. Although TBF we do the same if we have the chance, no? What about Popovic? He didn’t end up signing with us, but we tried and he had grown up in Partizan or wherever and refused to sign a deal with them so that they could at least recover something from a sale. We took advantage of that situation. Sh1t rolls downhill. Now bigger fish have come to rob our cradle.

  12. Camarda is a Golden Goose than Riso will ride into the sunset on. If 10 mil is a starting agent commission then imagine what he will ask for when Camarda will be in his prime…

    As for Camarda, he knows (or his entourage) he is worth it. But with wages like that you WILL need to perform and defenders will come at you fast and hard.

    Kid is being put into a difficult situation.

  13. Why is it so hard posting on this site? Write a few paragraphs and didn’t get through. Is there a shadow limit or something?

    Ah well.

  14. Nope not worth the trouble (if true) I’d send a message no agent of a 16 year old will ever get a commission that size.

    1. I also remember when Gigi took the field at 15 and it was entirely different than when Camada took the field. Gigi looked like a pro, Camada looked like a child. If you want pro money you need to show you’re a pro otherwise you’re just a child with jersey

  15. Let’s not insult the kid, I’m sure he is not too involved in the negotiations.
    The money in football is ruining the sport, we know that.
    If you are 16 and other clubs are offering you 2m per year for 3 years, thats 6m euro!
    So his advisors will tell him, you need to take this incase you get injured or things don’t work out.
    He will be set for life.
    It’s a rotten system and Uefa should do better regulating it.
    I’m sure he will stay and I hope we don’t have a load of hate stirring articles about a young boy, just for click bate

    1. It’s not the salary demands that is the issue here. It’s the agent’s signing bonus. How the f*** does he think he’s entitled to that kind of money for a Milan-raised player?

  16. If Maldini & Massara were still here, I bet you dollars to donuts, Camarda would have signed already.

    Maldini signed Theo, Leao, Ibra, Tonali, … He knows how to handle stars and contracts. None of them eclipse Maldini.

    Now? We always seem to be a dollar short and a day late.

    Maldini was barely given 35m and was insulted for CDK, who is now doing outstanding at Atalanta and will net them a huge profit (while we take a loss).

    Imagine what Maldini would do with 130m. Instead, we have moneyball Moncada. No gravitas. No gusto. No stones. You need leadership and experience in these roles. Moncada is not ‘that guy’.

    What an epic downgrade across the board. In the end, Milan pays the price as do the fans.

    1. I guess you forgot Donnarumma, Calhanoglu, Kessie and Romagnoli. But you didn’t really forget, did you? You’re just here for the troll.

  17. its quite simple, I don’t have any misgivings about the request if it is true! Camarda is not supposed to stay if there is no CLEAR plan for his career at Milan. rumor is that he has or his agents have visited the training ground of another club. it is within his right to go where he can get the best deal/plan for his future. Milan does not reward loyalty, this is purely business. If the scouts/ manager’s pick players based on some algorithm and a set of numbers, Camarda’s agent deserves to also check the figures too!.
    I wish him all the best. Time will tell whether he was greedy or we were penny pinching…

    1. ” If the scouts/ manager’s pick players based on some algorithm and a set of numbers”

      So… How much are you willing to bet that other clubs aren’t doing the same thing? 1000€? 10.000€? 🙂

  18. “5 March 2024, 21:50 at 9:50 pm
    Yes what can go wrong by waiting 👀👀”

    Well.,.I did say 🤷‍♂️
    Several ways we can look at this as.suming the story has some truth to it. But at the end of the day it’s his choice. Waiting 4 whole months just to get a longer deal invites these stories and attention whether it’s his agent actually shopping him around or not. After all he is legit entitled to do so.
    While we would like to have developed a talent in our academy and promote to first team, it isn’t allways a guarantee this journey gets fullfilled. After all, we took Kalulu from his club too. In some sense were getting the same medicine in return.
    Also, it a matter of valuation. How much do management value/appreciate him that we can effectively pay a “transfer” fee of 10m via agent commission. After all he broke many records thought the system and his agent is asking for compensation for as much. It would be for us to figure out if we can afford or not afford. Same issue with Kessie and Donnarumma. Are we willing to pony up to keep the player?. If not, better to part ways. Difference here is that he’s not even first team yet ofc. It’s very simple. He could be a star or a bust. Who knows. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s merit to this story

  19. He’s a nice prospect, but just that – a prospect. For most players success on youth level does not translate into great senior career. Good luck to any team that wants to bet 20M on him at this stage. As a striker he does not even stand out (other than his numbers in the pee-wee league).

    Not gonna miss him honestly. We have many talents in our youth squad that look more interesting anyway. People got it in their heads that he’s destined for greatness, but with every young player it is always a long shot. A lot f things need to go well along the way for a player to reach their potential.

    And usually the ones that make it are the ones that are focused on football, not on milking their career to the fullest.

  20. Well not big surprise . Donnarumma get salary 6m euro nett / years at that age with 10m euro signing fee for mino raiola ( his agents ) too . Camarda asking 2m euro nett , just give him ( half salary from origi) . Signing fee for agent 10m euro this will be interesting , i dont think RedBird want to give this 10m euro for unproven kid

    1. And also… Half of Origi’s wages? Origi is a EPL & UCL winning player with Euro & WC experience. And Camarda? Oh right… 2 matches in men’s level. Sure. Give him 2M€ and a 10M€ signing bonus and then all the rest primavera-players are asking for a 10M€ signing bonus too.

      1. Well i doubt RedBird want to pay 10m euro fee agent too. Origi are crap not worth even 1m euro nett. Donnarumma get 6m euro nett for his first professional contract, this is camarda first professional contract too.

        1. “Donnarumma get 6m euro nett for his first professional contract”

          That’s not the same as getting 6M€ at 16 though. It took him a while to EARN the new contract. Which once again leads to the question: What has Camarda done to deserve it? Nothing. Two matches with a handful of minutes and even less ball touches. Gigio? He had probably saved couple of penalties etc.

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