Longoni: De Ketelaere divides the Milan fan base but his growth is evident

By Isak Möller -

Charles De Ketelaere got the chance from start against Fiorentina and while he has been criticised by the Italian papers for his display, not everything agrees. This was highlighted by Andrea Longoni in his latest column. 

The Belgian finally got the chance to start amid Brahim Diaz’s injury, but he failed to have a big impact on the game. In our player ratings, though, he was one of the better players with a 6/10 as he was one of the few that played smart.

In his latest column for MilanNews, Andrea Longoni discussed De Ketelaere’s display and stated that it is ‘destined to divide’. He wasn’t helped by the team but in spite of that, he was able to at least confirm his growth instead of just giving up.

It remains to be seen if the former Club Brugge man will play from the first minute against Tottenham. Brahim Diaz is working hard to recover and the feeling is that he could make it, even if the situation is uncertain for now.

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  1. The way some fans and media treat CDK you would think he was a walk on of the street not someone Milan spent 35 mil after negotiating for almost 2 months.
    The bar for him is set so low at this point that just doing the bare minimum is considered growth.
    I do think that he is played out of position. IMO he is a striker, not a CAM, not a winger. If you watched him at Brugge last season he played as a striker.
    BTW Same goes for Rebic. His best games for Milan has been when he played as a striker. He is awful on the wing

  2. At some point we’ve got to stop pampering him. Anytime he’s on the pitch its like being a man down. He can’t receive balls back to goal well, gets easily dispossessed and seems to not know where he needs to be on the field. Adli, who I’ve been critical of, did way more in 10 mins than CDK did in 80. CDK needs to go out on loan. He’s been horrendous let’s be real here. Simply not good enough. Standard passing shouldn’t be hailed as incredible

  3. I agree with the above comments. Cdk may have lost confidence but he also needs to show some grit and determination!
    If hes not playing with confidence the least he can do is sacrifice himself for the team and work hard.
    There is zero pressure and expectation on him now, as nobody expects anything from him.
    Comparisons with leao and tonali are rediculus. They are 23 and 22 now, they arrived 3 years ago. They also showed some signs of ability, all be it they were inconsistent.
    Cdk is 21, cost 35m. For that kind of player u expect a lot more

    Honestly at this point he should go on loan, maybe back to Belgium or even Ajax. That way we have some chance of him finding form and sell him.

    He clearly doea not have the mental fortituity or drive required to be a Milan player.
    Think of the players we could have gotten for 35m!!!

  4. Evident growth? Two decent passes forward and otherwise very invisible for 70mins is evident growth? Well… I guess that sums up his season so far then.

    Is his so-called growth enough to earn him the #10 spot in the starting eleven? Heck no! I think some people would prefer Krunic – or even Pobega – at his current form. Now that I mentioned Pobega, I’d actually rather see him on the pitch. He has one of the best “goals per minutes”-ratio this season. Sure, he’s slow. He’s clumsy. He get lots of yellows. But at least he makes an impact. You simply cannot say the same about CDK.

    1. My mind is beginning to turn on CDK. This can’t be the same player in training who as a coach would then look to bring on in a game of high stakes.

      1. Ditto. I still hope he’ll turn into a superstar one day but that ain’t happening this season – for sure. He’s not going to help the team at all during the rest of the matches. I’d give him a new start in the summer though.

  5. He’s improved greatly… I remember when he was a 1/100 and now he’s at least a 4/100. That’s an improvement of 400%. Wow!!!

    By the time his contract expires he might even start a few games.

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