Longoni: Milan to explore Krunic sale as Pioli’s plan ‘didn’t pay off’

By Oliver Fisher -

There are various factors which will make the AC Milan management consider any offers that arrive for midfielder Rade Krunic in the coming months, a journalist has claimed.

Andrea Longoni writes in his latest column for MilanNews that there are rumours of a possible new attempt for Krunic from Fenerbahce in January after they tried to sign him during the summer window.

Discussions over a renewal are ‘at a standstill due to the wide gap between the club’s offer and the player’s request’ as per Longoni. The Bosnia international, at 30 years old, is ‘looking for the last big contract of his career’.

He remains a central part of the plans of head coach Stefano Pioli, but he is ‘decidedly less immovable’ for everyone else. Pioli’s decision to remove him from the market in the summer and make him central to his project ‘didn’t pay off’ as per the journalist.

It also made the midfielder ‘almost the scapegoat, despite not having so many responsibilities’ because he is playing out of position and is being asked to be the glue that holds the team together at the base of the midfield.

Longoni adds: “Given the difficulties of renewal, the age and the expiration of the contract in a year and a half, an offer should be seriously considered this time. Even more so given Bennacer’s upcoming return.”

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  1. Who said that didn’t pay off ?

    If Milan manage to sell him in January, it would be capital gain. Specially for at least 10 million, and there, Milan now have 5 players in midfield who can play better.

  2. Fair assessment..we shouldn’t have expected him to play well as regista. It’s not his natural position, so it’s not entirely his fault. He was good as defensive AM or one of the double pivot, but that’s all. He’s a good backup player.

  3. I don’t understand what people want. Krinic was like 4th choice a few seasons ago and Adli 5th or 6th choice ahead of the likes of Kessie, Tonali and Bennacer. And neither have progressed or were groomed to be starters and neither have the quality of the aforementioned players. What exactly are people expecting?
    The issue is at the top…..from the coach primarily who wanted to change formation that required the most important player to be a DM. Management (Furlani) and Moncada also complied and found no reason to purchase a better player for the role of DM. So really it’s not these players fault. This is what the coach and management wanted and were comfortable with their decisions to assemble the team we have right now and tell fans that the team is competitive and that they have the players they want. They (Pioli, Furlani, Moncada, Ottavio) thought 4th and 5 the choice players were perfectly fine for the most important position on the field this season. I don’t get upset when Krunic, Adli, Musah, a water bottle, a cone starts for the team. The choices are greater than the players themselves

  4. Agreed.

    Although Krunic was first choice last season….

    He started every game in the knock out of the champions league and was crucial in helping us keep 3 clean sheets in 4 games.

  5. Please sell him so we never have to have our eyes bleed watching this bum. He can pass backwards in Turkey. Take Pioli too. Honeymoon for the lovers.

  6. @Maldinis Heir Krunic only came on a starter later on in the season when Bennacer started picking up injuries. But tbh he started to overtake Bennacer. People are going to have a hard time dealing with Krunic being preferred over Bennacer even when he comes back

  7. @ IKWYDLS

    People have a hard time dealing with recorded historical facts!

    Our midfield in those games (some of the most important in the club’s recent history – no less) was Tonali and Krunic at the base with Bennacer pushed to AM.

    It’s almost like losing Tonali (and unfortunately Bennacer) had a bigger impact than the stable geniuses running the club thought it would.

  8. @IKWYDLS: Correct.
    All the hate comments towards Krunic are obviously horrible. It’s not his fault (or Adli or Musah), that he, a midfielder with average abilities was chosen as thee starter in the most delicate position in the entire team. He’s obviously playing as best as he can, he just doesn’t have the necessary qualities to do what is asked of him.
    Now, back to his sale, frankly I maintain that this is a good idea. He is 30 y/o, not a world-class player or even has the qualities for a starter, his contract expire next season and he is asking for a lot of money. Missing on an opportunity to sell him in January will put us in position where we might lose him for free. And if we can sell him for 10M or more, we can use this money to invest in a true DM.

  9. @Giga94 precisely that. If anything ppl should be more mad at PioFurcada than the players themselves. They can only do so much.
    Also on his transfer I’m indifferent tbh. But if Fener is paying 10m (highly doubt… probably more like 5m) I’d take it IF that’s what he desires and we’re not going to match the Biggest payday he thinks he can get. I dont check ppls pockets. If he wants to get his bag so be it. But to me it’s management that’s messing up, get a proper DM (and Bennacer might not even be it)

  10. @IKWYDLS: Bennacer is great as a DM in a double pivot system (with another DM alongside him). I don’t know how good he will be if he is the lone defensive midfielder.
    In any case, he definetly needs a deputy (not Adli or Krunic) because he is injury prone.The only season where he wasn’t injured, he was often rotated with Kessie and Tonali (much rarely Krunic). This deputy needs to be a physically robust DM who can be useful against physically agressive teams.

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