Longoni: Pioli’s chances of staying increase – the game that will be ‘significant’

By Oliver Fisher -

The chances of Stefano Pioli remaining as the head coach of AC Milan into next season are increasing, but there is a game coming up that will likely have a major bearing.

Despite the ups and downs, Milan are now on five consecutive wins and have reclaimed second place in the table having surpassed Juventus. The Rossoneri have also reached the quarter-finals of the Europa League, where they will meet Roma.

Of course, like many things in football, answering the question of how Milan’s 2023-24 season has gone so far depends on perspective and whether the person in question chooses to take an optimistic, realistic or pessimistic outlook.

However, one thing that is undeniable is that Pioli’s position as head coach has become the subject of a lot of speculation and scrutiny in the media, with some sources suggesting that there will be a change before next season.

Journalist Andrea Longoni has written a column for MilanNews in which he talks about the situation regarding Pioli’s future, confirming that there is very much a chance that he could stay into the final year of his contract.

“The odds of a possible stay for Pioli are growing: Milan’s positive period has also given a hand to the coach who is playing a game within a game, namely that of remaining on the bench also in the 2024-25 season,” he said.

“The next two months, obviously, will be decisive, with two variables in particular: the derby and the Europa League. After too long a series of losing derbies, as many as five and often losing badly, the coach is asked to reverse the trend.

“It’s a single match, but it can be very significant, almost like the European route. Even in terms of image, another defeat against Inter would make the manager’s confirmation unthinkable.

“Obviously it is also wrong to reduce everything or almost everything to a single game, in this regard it would be necessary to rewind the tape and start again from August: because it seems that many, in the wake of the excellent moment, have cancelled the various negative factors.

“The issue of injuries must be remembered: an enormity, something unacceptable and which does not concern another season but the current one. In addition to the derby theme, the five defeats in the league must be remembered (the last being the resounding one in Monza), with 33 goals conceded and two comebacks suffered from 2-0.

“The elimination in the Coppa Italia and not even the Champions League should not be deleted from the dossier: even in the top European competition, Milan could have done more. In short, the reflection must be global and complete and not based only on the last period.”


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  1. He hasn’t been able to implement a specific style of play during his term
    We still play as if Pioli has been newly appointed
    He has to go for a more experienced coach

  2. I want him to stay, I think we’re having a good season.

    If a decision was really made on one random game against a superb Inter side, that would be ridiculous.

    But it’s almost certainly just trying to fill columns on a slow international weekend.

    1. You think we are having good season even after being humiliated by Inter in 5 games in a row while Inter can only beat Bologna 1 time?

      Pioli needs to go and if he loses the derby inter will win the scudetto at the San Siro with Milan as the home team. This is unacceptable and worth firing Pioli if we lose that game.

      1. That’s just bonkers thinking, why on earth should he be judged on one game for that. Be honest, you’ve already come to your conclusion and you’re just looking for some excuse or reason for it.

        But for me, I think we’re in a decent position. We have a lot of new players this season and performed alright in a very tough Champion’s League group (where we had the lowest payroll) and are having a very good season in the league. We have nineteen wins; more than Juventus (who have no European football and a higher wage bill), Napoli, Roma, Lazio. Comfortably in Champion’s League spots.

        Inter are having a peak at the moment but I don’t think that’s Pioli’s fault, that’s a result of their spending well beyond their means and Marotta doing an excellent job of putting their team together. I don’t like losing to Inter but I’m not obsessed with them; it’s like an English side saying they should sack their coach because they lost some games to Man City.

        At the moment, I’m looking forward to seeing how we develop. I think Pioli represents us with dignity, style and respect. If the management ditch this approach and try some short term fix like Conte, it’ll end in disaster. A young coach like Motta may be able to offer more but anyone who thinks he wouldn’t be a gamble is deluding themselves.

        1. I should add that I don’t think it’s bonkers to want to change manager, just to put so much of the decision on the outcomes of specific games and competitions.

          If there were an obvious upgrade candidate, I’d be open to it. I just think Motta will go to Barcelona, Alonso to Liverpool, De Zerbi will stay in England and I don’t think any other candidates offer more than Pioli at this point

          1. I mostly agree with you – A manager’s run needs to be evaluated in overall productivity, and not just a single game.

            BUT against Inter it’s not just one game. It’s a trend. And while winning one game doesn’t normally change much, against Inter it would mean reversing a tragic trend. That’s why I think it will be an important game for Pioli.

            Inter do have a superior squad, but Pioli lost all these games on a tactical level, with a poor understanding of Inter’s positioning and attack, putting our players in questionable positions against better opponents.

            Tactically Pioli had been outfoxed by Inzaghi every time. And that’s the trend that needs to be reversed.

    2. This is not a random game against inter, he’s been losing to them 5 games in a row, scoring only once !! We lost the supercoppa Italia, got eliminated from the coppa Italia, didn’t make it to an UCL final because we can’t beat inter to save our lives !!
      Also many try to elevate inter to justify our poor season, but the truth is, take away their very good run in the scudetto, they’re nothing extraordinary. Bologna with a worse squad than ours, who lost some good players this summer, has a loss, a draw and a win against them.
      Anyways for me it’s simple, if Pioli doesn’t win the EL, or at least make a very good showing in the final, he has to go. He was supposed to go if we didn’t make it past the group stage in UCL, yet everytime we move the goalpost to keep him.

  3. Pioli can’t beat inter and he has to go. He’s done well for Milan but to be beaten by Inter like Milan is a serie C team is a no no. This Milan team should be able to match Inter and beat them but Pioli seems to lose his tactics whenever we meet Inter. Milan suffers when we meet teams that plays 352. We are not able to break into their defense.

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