Longoni: Pioli lacking self-awareness as Inter struggled more against Cagliari

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan lost the big derby against Inter yesterday evening and Stefano Pioli has been heavily criticised for the tactics he opted for. And after the game, he displayed a critical lack of self-awareness, as highlighted by Andrea Longoni. 

The Rossoneri struggled to keep up with the counter-attacking style of their city rivals, who found loads of space as soon as they managed to beat the high press. As a result, the Inter attackers put the Milan defenders in great difficulty.

In his latest editorial for MilanNews, Andrea Longoni highlighted the strange replies of Pioli during his post-match press conference. Refusing to apologise to the Milan fans, he also said things like “I take 70 minutes with me” and “In the first four minutes, we were the only ones with the ball”.

“Hearing from the coach ‘I take the first 70 minutes with me’ is a sign of worrying underestimation of a game in which his team was overwhelmed. Just like ‘In the first 4 minutes, we were the only ones on ball’, which has already become a meme.

“A derby, lost in that manner, cannot be dismissed as just an accident. And if you don’t want to apologise to the fans because you didn’t decide to lose on purpose (obviously you didn’t), at least a little more self-criticism and awareness is a must. Inter, we remember, struggled more with beating Cagliari,” he wrote.

Milan will face Newcastle on Tuesday and it’s clear that better tactics will be needed for that game. Fortunately, Simone Inzaghi will not be leading the English side on the night.

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  1. Milan looked strong and confident vs Roma and looked lost and uprepared vs inter. used the same tactics in both. these international breaks always fak up the rythm of the team. Why is it so, who knows..

      1. It isn’t an excuse as much as a fact..not the first time Milan was poor after a break.
        And while inter might have suffered from the break i said it before that is a well-oiled machine that has played the same system for a couple years now.
        Milan just revamped theirs this summer.
        Idk what you people expect but it’s obviously more on the football fantasy side. What we saw yesterday was reality. Guess some people got hit hard by it

    1. No one wants to talk about the players flying all over the world for these stupid internationals, getting injured, and lacking proper preparation for the derby. I agree Pioli obviously screwed up with his high line but of course everyone’s in hysterics as if he’s the worst manager we’ve ever had.

      1. Well Milan lost a derby by conceding 5 goals. That isn’t okay, that is a failure. He had played against this Inter side last season and lost almost all the time. This time around he had the team loss by 5 goals too 1.

        He seriously showed a lack of growth, he should have had a better game plan than just playing the same way. He didn’t take into consideration the lack of reliable defenders-and going up against Inter, he should have been aware of the kind of danger that team can bring if he continues with his same method.

        He has shown that he can change tactics. But he didn’t do it for this game. Plus there is blame towards the players, the forwards didn’t deliver and the defenders were not on top of their markers and they didn’t get the ball off of them. They gave up too much space.

        1. I’m not disagreeing with you – I’m also not flinging the windows open to howl at the moon like lots of fans on here. It’s the 4th game of the season.

        2. Look, ageeed on piople being responsible, because hes the coach…..buck stops with him……having saod that you take 2 of the 3 thiaw mistakes anr and its a different game. Even at 1-2 we l9oked closer to tying it up. Then another fuckup….

      2. No one wants to talk about inter players flying all over the world for these stupid internationals, getting injured, and lacking proper preparation for the derby.

        1. Before the derby, some articles had pointed out that inter travelled more and logged more playing minutes during international break. Bringing it up again only make the derby loss way much worse for us.

    2. Yes, against Roma without 2 of their strongest players, unprepared Lukaku and Aouar had to go out pretty soon. Not really comparable to Inter. When you play against players you need to do better. That is the general rule.

    3. Roma hasn’t won the Serie A in the past few years and didn’t make it to the CL finals last year. Inter did. Furthermore, Roma had numerous absentees due to injuries. Roma is not comparable to Inter right now. Apples to oranges.

      Milan got cocky because they won their first few games well (albeit against lesser teams). Against a top team, they got destroyed.

      Combine that with Pioli’s incredible record vs Inter and Inzaghi and you’ll understand why we lost 5-1.

      Let’s see what happens vs Newcastle. Shame Tonali won’t be playing.

  2. If Pioli recuperates in the right way from this, it will be our Atalanta 5-0 repeat from which we come back stronger. But that would require a self-reflection from Pioli.

    I have faith in this squad and the loss to Inter shouldn’t take away the positives in the team. We have a long way to go still and season just begun. This is still a better squad from the season before.


  3. I feel like Pioli has become stubborn and a bit full of himself since we won the scudetto.
    During the scudetto season he was more open to trying new tactics and rotate players, but now he didn’t seem to learn from the previous derbies and say stuff like these ?

  4. You guys should calm down please, Pioli is still a great coach..Simone inzaghi is just his nemesis, just like Ancelloti always got the better of Alex Ferguson in their meetings, that never took away Ferguson’s greatness. Milan needs to bounce back ASAP, that’s the most important thing. The scudetto is still very much within reach for us. When Pioli got the better of Spalletti last season, why weren’t you all calling for his sacking? Mourinho is still a great coach but Pioli always gets the better of him since he came to Milan, you can’t take that away from Pioli. Because of one derby, you are crying sack Pioli and bring in De Zerbi, will he not lose matches when he comes to Milan also?

    1. Coaches have cycles with teams and some times change is needed. I don’t believe in changing coaches during the season but Milan management should consider a change come the end of the season unless Milan win the serie A or UCL.

      I am not a fan of Conte and I would prefer someone like De Zerbi since he’s a milanista and good tactician who uses 4231 and 433.

      Not saying Pioli is a bad coach but Milan had to move on from Sacchi, Capello, Ancelotti and Allegri. Their cycle came to an end and Milan needed new ideas to grow.

      Roberto De Zerbi fits that bill since he works well with young players instead of overpaid erratic Conte.

  5. Ok, lets see, how can Pioli do against Newcastle.

    If we lose again, I think we should search new coach. Who have ideas to bring attacking style of play, and can maximize youngsters.

  6. Sempremilan- ask your analysts to create articles on PIOLIS masterpiece. Do you know it’s hilarious ?? Just accept we got agreat squad managed by a subpar Coach. Show some self respect and criticize Piolis incapability in tactical department

  7. That big score defeat are purely his wrong tactic. Play high line defense with 2 slow speed CB and slow DM like krunic versus high speed counter atack opponent wing back and fast striker like marcus + lautaro . IM dont even need thinking new strategy ,just use the same 352 setup play low line defense to beat pioli tactic 5 times in row. This humiliating defeat are purely his mistake and he refuse to accept his mistake

  8. Milan play attacking football more than before but we have to do it in the right way, let not go too far from our center back and this was the problem at inter and the absence of tomari and kalulu plus ref make make life difficult for us but we will comeback strong💪

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