Longoni: Tomori renews without ‘a soap opera’ and sets example for Milan teammates

By Isak Möller -

Fikayo Tomori signed his renewal with AC Milan on Friday evening and he celebrated his new contract with the win against Udinese last night. Above all, though, he showed that it’s possible to renew without a soap opera. 

Over the last year or so, a lot of Milan’s business has revolved around renewals. From Donnarumma to Kessie and Leao, keeping the stars in the team is something the Rossoneri are constantly working on.

In that sense, as highlighted by Andrea Longoni (via MilanNews), the renewal of Tomori was an important signal. The Englishman has signed a contract until 2027 and the whole process faced few hiccups. He renewed without creating ‘a soap opera’, as the journalist states.

Those who want to renew, will eventually renew. Milan are at a point where they really need to focus on the players that are fully committed to the project. The unity is how they managed to win the league and everyone needs to be onboard for that.

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  1. Some players feel too important…. I might be wrong but I saw an indolent LEAO yesterday, he feels bigger than the club as he has just gotten the MVP….. Hope it’s just a bad game from him not EGO

    1. TBH, the signs were already there in the pre-season matches: tries to score from impossible angles instead of passing the ball, didn’t care for defending etc.

      If he doesn’t get his name on the scoresheets soon, things will escalate quickly – into the wrong direction.

  2. And the Leao bashing begins again. Leao “feels bigger than the club”?? From what do you deduce that from? Lol. Maybe it’s just me but Somehow I feel there is a bit of racism behind all of these negative comments about Leao implying that he is lazy (“didn’t care for defending”). If that were the case do you really think Pioli would have left him in the game? Perhaps if he only asks for only 3M/season and signs a 10 year deal maybe then all of the comments about him being “lazy” will disappear and he will then be considered a symbol of the club??? 🤔. Unfortunately we don’t determine what a player is worth the market does. So @bb because I think I overpay you at $25/week to clean my toilets – if my neighbor wants to pay you $50/week – guess what – your worth $50/week. You are going to leave me and go work for my neighbor. I personally don’t think your worth more than $25/week but if someone loves the way you scrub out the $hit from those bowls and makes them smell oh so fresh – and wants to double your salary – that is their choice. Unfortunately for me I will then have to recruit your mother or @Yelnats24 to replace you at $25/week or less. That is market value. Get it yet? 💩

    1. Funny how the kiddo who cannot figure out why selling someone for 40M€ is better than letting him leave for free starts to educate others about salaries and other math related things. =D

      Those x > y -things are taught in the 1st grade already and as you fail to understand that kind of basic math, it’s useless to even try to have a adult conversation with you.

      LOL. Adult conversation. With you. FFS, what was I thinking. 😀 😀 😀

      1. Leave for free??? LMAO. Never said that read my posts idiot. Nice try kid but again you try to rewrite history. Stick to your toilets my friend lol

    2. Please don’t mention racism here
      Real Milan fans don’t do that.
      We support Milan because it’s Milan.
      We African and Nigerian Milan fans don’t bother about whites or blacks.
      We want Milan to come back to the glory days.
      Thank you
      God bless
      Forza Milan

  3. @Juro, ur way of thinking is alarming! Why go as far as talking about RACISM! And what has his performance on the pitch got to do with his contract? I never mentioned that….. Pls, try to understand words being said from others before puking!!

    1. It’s better not to pay attention to his/her ridiculous rants. Racism? LOL. Nothing to do with that.

      (S)He has issues respecting other people’s opinions and makes up insane stories – as you’ve all seen before.

    1. I insult back when I am insulted. Many other posts from that kid @bb were insulting against me. I only reply. I fight fire with fire. Happy to be more cordial if it’s reciprocated.

      1. “I insult back when I am insulted. Many other posts from that kid @bb were insulting against me.”
        – Yeah right, like I started this. You keep saying that to yourself when we both know the truth. 😀

        “Happy to be more cordial if it’s reciprocated”
        – LOL. Using dictionary to seem older than really are. Nice try kiddo. 😀

  4. If Milan offers my brother 3m and another club offers him 6m, I am dragging him from Milan to the highest bidder…..Milan love underpaying their players and when the player refused their offer, they use the media on him, look at Jessie, you want to give a midfielder like that 4.5m at the age of 25? Why won’t he go…….tomori is now an example because he accepted 3.5m but do not worry, let’s him get offer for fr somewhere for 6m then let me see how some of you will come here and bash him like you did Kessie…..for those talking about leao just after one match, it shows that we have many kids these days with phones.

  5. Milan needs to show more ruthlessness in renewals. Get the players to sign 4+1 or 5+1 contracts. The additional 1 year contract can be activated by the club. Players who refuse to sign renewals will be sold with 1 year renewal contract.

    Leao needs to be sold to tell everyone in the team, Milan will not take more than 3 months to decide on renewals. Sell leao before transfer window ends.

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