Maignan, Leao and Theo Hernandez crowned at 2023 Gran Galà del Calcio

By Oliver Fisher -

The Gran Galà del Calcio 2023 took place in Milano last night, and three AC Milan players got a spot in the team of the 2022-23 season.

It is perhaps no surprise to learn that the three names present in the team from Milan starts with Mike Maignan in goal, with Theo Hernandez names as part of the defence and Rafael Leao in the attack.

The Rossoneri had the joint second-most players named in the team with three (along with city rivals Inter), while Napoli had five given that they were the runaway Scudetto winners in the end.

The full XI: Maignan; Di Lorenzo, Kim Min-jae, Bastoni, Theo Hernández; Lobotka, Çalhanoğlu, Barella; Leão, Kvaratskhelia, Osimhen.

Leao and Maignan were at the event (the winger also spoke to the media about his injury among other things) but Theo did not attend, so CEO Giorgio Furlani collected his award on his behalf.

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  1. maldini signings are now the backbone of the team…..all the fake 20million signings of FURLANI and MONCADA we shall see what will become of them

  2. Ha ha 😂.
    Fake signings?
    Reijnders 1 Gol 2 Assist
    Musah 1 Assist
    Loftus-Cheek 1 Gol 1 Assist
    Chukwueze 1 Gol 1 Assist
    Okafor 2 Gol
    Pulisic 5 Gol 2 Assist
    Jovic 1 Gol 1 Assist
    I guess the 19 goal contributions so far this season from the fake signings of Furlani and Moncada are fake as well.
    Pulisic literally playing better than any other Milan player is fake?
    Also, those signings that you call back bone of the team were Maldini and Moncada signings, not just Maldini’s.
    Funny how when people need to defend Maldini about failed transfers like CDK’s they bring up Moncada’s name to share the blame, but for the successful transfers all the credit goes to Maldini and Moncada played no role.
    But then again that’s what Maldini did in his interview too. Took all the credit and passed all the blame, like all “great leaders” do.

      1. On the Ballon D’or list right above CDK and Origi, who contributed a whooping 4 goals all season long last year, and bellow 30 mil Zaniolo who has contributed incredible ZERO goals for Aston Villa so far this season.

        1. Your obsession with Zaniolo continues and grows ever higher. At this point it’s a rent free obsession.

          And two of moncada and furlani signings were Maldini targets. Don’t get selective memory

    1. Can you even name a big money transfer apart from cdk who failed to perform under Maldini? Just how much you guys hate someone who contributed so much for the club is mind blowing, you guys must have some re#artded genes.

      1. How many fake Furlani and Moncada signings as your guy up there said, made this summer has failed 3 months in?”
        Even Chukwueze has outperformed CDK so far and he has been the one who has so far not performed up to momey paid.
        I Don’t hate Maldini. I just don’t care about him. He ain’t sh!t to me, but most of you guys defend him and miss him like he is your family member. He doesn’t even know you exist.
        That last sentence you wrote seem to describe you better.

        1. Weird that you don’t care about the biggest bandiera of the club, also a manager who brought a team out of Europe for years to a Scudetto.

    2. Are you too d*mb and blind to admit that all of those players you mention were bought by selling Tonali, which is a player brought by Maldini-Masara despite Elliot and Moncada disagreed against 2M decision.

      So yes you SHOULD give credit to Maldini (and Masara) because without Tonali, you’re not gonna see Cardinale spend a single cent from his own pocket to buy Reijnders, Pulisic, Musah, RLC, Chuk, and Okafor (Jovic is a free agent so he doesn’t count).

      And last season before CDK name came up, we already seen Pulisic, Okafor, and RLC name as Maldini and Masara target to acquired. But Cardinale delayed Maldini and Masara contract renewal because he wants to get rid off them after the scudetto. Then the snake Furlani also contribute to the budget decreased from 80 to 35-40 million. Where’s 70 million from Champions League prize money from group to semi? Gone, eaten by Cardinale and his puppets.

      Again, you Cardinale fart sniffers are a fkin disgrace.

    3. Nice try!

      “I guess the 19 goal contributions so far this season from the fake signings of Furlani and Moncada are fake as well.”

      So lemme see, we replace the outgoing guys with $114 million worth of new signings being more European in the process and having harmony now that Maldini is gone, only to be …….drumroll please 🥁……1 single goal contribution ahead of last year??? (They had 56 goal contributions last yr, over the season, divide by 3 as we’re a third of the season) what??? Lol, And you parade it around here like it’s something special hahaha 😂😂😂😂

      (technically last year is better but I’ll save you that math and help you out so I don’t look too mean)

      “Funny how when people need to defend Maldini about failed transfers like CDK’s they bring up Moncada’s name to share the blame, but for the successful transfers all the credit goes to Maldini and Moncada played no role.”

      Nice try there too because that ain’t what’s been happening. So far all we get is Maldini’s name being only linked with the failure of CDK and Moncada is somehow quiet in that knowing very well Maldini ain’t Scout no Belgium kid. That has Moncada written all over it. But Maldini signed him therefore it’s his failure but all the good ones are linked to Moncada. Am I right? Don’t you recall? Your own words? On November 19, 2023 on this site “I mean, after all, Maldini has nothing to do since he got fired.
      Moncada, on the other hand, is too busy searching for players like he did when he found Theo, Leao, Kalulu, Thiaw, Maignan, etc, the players that people like you praised Maldini for.”
      Your scorn for Maldini saying you don’t have anything against him when clearly you do. Plus admitting to Moncada’s link to only the “good ones” (where’s CDK in there?) clearly going against what your just posted here. Contradicting your own message. Oh wait, they didn’t even want Theo and Leao, did they ? 🤔 Hahahahaha try harder 😂😂😂

      *Drops mic*

  3. this guy needs a job…as your utterances tells clearly who you really are…one of those SENNEX italian who has clearly lost his heritage….you need a reflection

  4. Was going to talk about the best XI but it turned into a Maldini thing. Btw, Bastoni is the best CB from last year? I’m sure there were other options though he did quite well. There’s his teammate Acerbi, Ibanez (very good at interceptions), Danilo alos had a good year then. The rest of the list seem fine. Lobotka is extremely underrated

  5. A bend down tree can’t be straightened” So a saying goes.what had happened had happened.It is what it is.Let’s all learn to forge ahead in renewed love and unity for the sake of our common interest—The great MILAN.Enough of the acrimony and factionalism . The on-field battles are more than we can handle. we will only succeed in adding to our woes by fighting among ourselves while others are focused on the objectives of the season.Now time for cool heads.Forza Milan

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