Maldini, Altafini, Serginho and Shevchenko talk through iconic Milan derby wins – video

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A number of AC Milan’s most iconic players have provided their thoughts on what it is like to play in the Derby della Madonnina against Inter, with a particular focus on the 6-0 demolition at the turn of the century.

Milan have published a 35-minute video on their official channels all about the derby, interviewing some of the most famous names to have played in the game, starting with Paolo Maldini who has the record for appearances in the Milan derby with 56. His comments were relayed by MilanNews.

“It’s nice, pleasant [referring to the record]. Having played more games than anyone in Milan it’s also normal, I would have had to be injured several times not to have this record. The Derby and other matches like Milan-Juve or at the time Milan-Napoli could have given you a different emotional charge,” he said.

“This emotional charge, especially in the early years, limited me a bit. I remember that in the first 2-3 derbies I was unable to play a high-level match. Then once I got used to that kind of stress and it became the game I was most looking forward to. In the end, we live to experience those emotions.”

On the only goal he scored against Inter: “I wanted to shoot but I didn’t think of putting it in the corner. It was a difficult ball from Donadoni, I was almost inside the area and from there I had few things to do. Sometimes something perhaps more instinctive can surprise even the goalkeeper and so it was. Being a defender, I’ve never been so attracted to having to score goals. Sure, it’s the best feeling after winning a title, but it’s never been a fixation for me. I’ve always tried to understand my role as that of a defender.”

Andriy Shevchenko holds the record for the most goals scored in the Milan Derby with 14, and he spoe about the great matches against Inter in which he played a leading role.

“It’s a special preparation, the fans always prepared beautiful choreographies. It is something different from normal games. There were games in the league and in the Champions League, there was a wonderful atmosphere especially the week before,” he said.

“Tension was felt in the city, people were starting to get ready. Before the match you feel a different feeling as a player, we know how the fans care about these matches. Against Inter I approached the game differently, I really wanted it, there was something inside me that made me much more concentrated. What happened next didn’t interest me.”

José Altafini is among the derby legends with his record for the most goals scored in a derby, 4, and he spoke to the channel too.

“Two days before the derby my daughter was born. Boniperti, then president of Juventus, said one day that he hated all derbies because there was a different atmosphere. It’s a fight between two teams that have to win for their fans. And then the players feel this enormous concern when they enter the field,” he began.

“I was used to it because I played at the Maracana which had a capacity of 150,000 spectators. I’ve also played in Madrid, I’ve played in all the bigger stadiums. When you’re on the pitch you just think about playing, it’s when you lose that it’s hard, the fans get angry.

“I don’t know if I was among the few in Italy or in the world, but I scored 4 goals for Juventus, 4 goals against Santos and 4 goals against Inter. Again with Milan eh, 4 goals at a time. There aren’t many who have scored like that against the big teams.”

On May 11, 2001, Milan hammered their city rivals Inter 6-0 at San Siro in what might well be the most famous Derby della Madonnina of the past 25 years.

Maldini: “We played away from home among other things. The first half was much more balanced than what the result said in the end, but in that case we found the right keys for a team that was in difficulty.”

Giunti: “It’s the moments leading up to this match that make you proud to have taken part in these challenges. Already during the week the climate was different. There was little need to train the mind.

“In that derby there neither we nor Inter were in the top positions of the standings, he meant finding personal satisfaction that would have given another twist to the season. We were the protagonists of an evening that really was unthinkable before the game.

“When we broke free after 1-0 there was no more game, Inter left the field and it was a succession of actions. We had two players that evening who were unstoppable: one was Serginho, who scored the last goal and also assisted Comandini and Sheva. He was devastating on that left wing.

“I remember the invasion and the attempt to suspend the match at 4-0. There was the surrender of Inter. Many have asked us why we didn’t stop. Because they too would have done the same thing if it had been us in the other condition.

“It’s not even a matter of not having respect. I have a 10-year-old son who wasn’t born yet, at every Derby the famous Curva Sud choir sings to me. Just the week after the Derby my daughter was born, perhaps a sign of destiny.”

Serginho: “When it comes to an important rivalry like the one between Milan and Inter, the more goals you can score, the better. Because it’s the moment when the fans expect so much: Milan stops, Milan breathes the atmosphere.

“Even today we talk about that 6-0, on Instagram many fans send me messages about that match. Even we who were on the pitch didn’t expect to win a 6-0 derby. Even the youngest fans are still talking about that result, we still have to enjoy this magnificent victory.

“It was a night where I had 3 assists and 1 goal, but we had even more chances. I remember that in the first half from a cross from Gattuso I could also score another goal, it was an evening in which I was impregnable.

“I always remember the last goal, making it 6-0 and seeing the Milan fans who were very happy and the sighs of the Inter players is something that gives you great joy.

“If I remember correctly it was a Friday, and on Sunday there would be voting for the election of the Prime Minister, when Berlusconi was there. In the evening I went to the restaurant with my family, the next day we couldn’t go out.

“I went downtown with my family to do one thing and it was impossible to walk, people still had the adrenaline pumping. Just think that even today they talk to me about the match after 21 years.”

It was also impossible not to mention the most important double-legged derby ever, that of the semi-final of the Champions League on 7 and 13 May 2003.

Abbiati: “The derbies in general, therefore in the championship and in Italy, I approached them without sleeping for a week (laughs). The Champions League maybe even two weeks. I’m from Milan, it’s the challenge of the teams from my city, there’s rivalry and everyone wants to win the derby.

“All my companions who lived in Milan or were of Milanese origin felt it a little more than the others. The save on Kallon? It wasn’t one of the best to show, it was a save that was of great importance because it came towards the end and allowed us to reach the final against Juventus. The final whistle was liberating, very liberating. As if a boulder had come down, it had been many years since Milan had reached a Champions League final.”

Maldini: “It took place over 6 days, we played on Wednesday and Tuesday. It has been 6 very very intense days. There was a sort of electricity not only around the two teams but right around the city. The feeling of fear, which is part of the sports world, and that feeling of excitement I have to say are probably only matched by the Champions League finals. So that was really a very important thing for us.”

Serginho: “Our goal was the Champions League final because the team was created to win the Champions League and we were lucky, or unlucky, to have our main rivals up against us: Inter. The satisfaction was great. Winning against them and going to the final against Juve, and winning, was certainly a magical moment in the history of this club. B

“eating two teams like Inter and Juventus in the semi-final and final of the Champions League, I think it will take some time before we have an episode of this magnitude and importance.”

Shevchenko: “At that moment it was the most important goal of the season, it allowed us to go to the final. If I look back on my career and what I’ve done for 20 years the career is about the episode and the detail, part of these episodes are these defining moments.

“When you make the right decision, or score a goal… These are moments that form a career, not only for me but also for Milan as a club, for many fans. This energy is beautiful, it is always within the Rossoneri fans.

“It’s an energy that makes you feel important, that helps you recharge your batteries and seek out these moments to shine. The last 10-15 minutes were difficult. Inter had some chances but we believed more in it.”

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