Maldini denounces attempted censorship regarding interview through lawyer

By Oliver Fisher -

The former AC Milan coach Paolo Maldini has denounced through his lawyer the censorship of the interview given to Radio Serie A last Thursday.

As Radio Rossonera reports, the news was reported a short while ago by ANSA and refers to the interview broadcast on Radio Serie A on the morning of Thursday 9 May together with the journalist Alessandro Alciato.

Alciato himself had published several stories on his Instagram profile accusing him of having been ‘pressured not to air’ the interview with Maldini, though he was not specific regarding who that pressure was from.

ANSA writes that ‘in light of the well-known censorship of his interview on Radio Serie A last May 9th’, through the lawyer Danilo Buongiorno, Maldini has ‘announced that he has already appointed his lawyer to protect himself from such serious behaviours unjustly suffered’.

In the note sent to the news agency by Buongiorno himself on behalf of Paolo Maldini, the lawyer ‘warns anyone from repeating such behaviour and reserves, if necessary, any action to protect his client; and in defence of the fundamental right of freedom of expression’.

It will be interesting to see if this is the end of the matter or if a response comes out from whomever the complain is directed at, but for now everything remains very vague.

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  1. Was Maldini an extraordinary footballer, a genius, and the most emblematic player in Milan’s history?

    Without a shadow of a doubt.

    Just as there is no doubt that for a few
    years now his name has ALWAYS been shrouded in controversies, quarrels and intrigues… it’s really something impressive, no kidding.

    1. Maldini, who is not an employee of Milan, gives an interview about his career, like many former football players do. He doesn’t even speak about this ownership but they try censorship, again. Who is guilty here?

      Poor lemmings worshiping a mf who did nothing to deserve it besides buying a club he didn’t know with OPM… In one year got raided by police and is under investigation by highest Italian authorities, fire a successful management, sell a fan favorite, wins absolutely nothing (trophies or top games), fire a whistleblower inside Casa Milan, etc.

  2. No, in the last few years he just keep whining and and complaining all the fvckin time, that is to say, behaving in a completely uncalled fashion for an icon. But really, idolaters are always completely blind.

    1. So he should keep quiet while he is been insulted. When he talks, he talks too. Much. When he keeps quiet he is or was guilty of sabotaging Milan.

      At this point its either hate or envy for what Maldini has accomplished. Useless unknowns would praise cardinale and management for anything small, without so much as a report. But Maldini gets all the hate and he should not speak out right???

      I wonder what you people would come with next to discredit him.

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