CM: Maldini a big admirer of Dybala as Milan could offer him Ibrahimovic’s €7m

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan and Inter could contest a market derby to sign Paulo Dybala on a free transfer when he leaves Juventus, a report claims.

According to, a player like Dybala is of obvious appeal to both Milan and Inter. The Argentine is a player that Paolo Maldini admires and could the best possible gift to Stefano Pioli in the event of winning the Scudetto.

The club are looking for a long-term replacement for Zlatan Ibrahimovic too, something which Milan have been thinking about for months without being able to openly admit it, and the €7m net per season that the Rossoneri pay the Swede could go to Dybala.

Inter are also keen on landing the 28-year-old and Beppe Marotta was the first to come forward hoping to be able to lure Dybala to San Siro, while Milan can rely on Maldini who can use his charisma as a former champion as he has done with other deals.

For the moment, Dybala has only met Massara, Maldini’s right-hand man, on the occasion of an event organised in early March, where they spoke for a long time. He would represent a free transfer that could erase the scepticism that persists after the exits of Donnarumma, Calhanoglu and soon Kessie.

The report adds how – on a technical level – Milan seem to have already been designed for Dybala because he could play in the trident behind the striker or could even lead the line if Pioli wanted a more free-flowing football, giving a leap in quality to the team would be indisputable.

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  1. – Dybala, Belotti, and Origi all for free.
    – Spend on Berardi
    – Bring Adli and Pobega back
    – Consider signing Renato Sanches
    – Sell Ballo-Toure and bring in a young Italian backup LB or can come from youth ranks (…we sold kerkez for some reason…)
    – Lastly I like Botman but wouldn’t pay 30m and personally I prefer Kalulu as a starter, he just has the right head on his shoulders. I’d spend that money elsewhere (possible striker like Scamacca etc) as we can find a cheaper alternative who is still a good CB for depth if Alessio doesn’t re-sign (looking like he is gone).

    With the proper free transfers we only need to spend on 1-3 transfers this season, could be an amazing summer if we don’t botch it.

    1. Agree with everything, only I dont think Belotti will arrive if Origi does, one or the other I presume. Also Scammaca wouldn’t be necessary having already 3 strikers to cover 1 position.
      Dybala is a wet dream, his style of play fits Milan so much better than Juve.

    2. You are aware of course that signing players on a free transfer is not actually free. Making some assumptions:

      Dybala – 7 million net = 14 million
      Belotti – 4 million = 8 million
      Origi – 4 million = 6 million

      Only Origi would qualify for the foreign player tax benefit and these costs are merely salaries excluding agent fees which are inevitably going to be extremely high since they are free transfers but let us assume merely 10% for the sake of simplicity. That means those players would cost roughly 30 million a season. Not exactly a small amount given you also suggest signing the other players as well. Not saying it isn’t possible, just highlighting how “free” is not really free as you imply in your calculations

      1. No calculations were made. You’re making assumptions that I believe “free transfers” are completely free…. of course there’s a salary, this is known by most all who follow the game closely. Why do people always act so snobby in comments and assume everything but most of the time never assume the best. Either way, that is quite a reasonably cheap mercato to bring in that many quality players.

        And to Batsumi 100% we wouldn’t need Scamacca if we get both Belotti and Origi but if we got 1 I could see us going for him. Take care all!

        1. I was merely pointing out that the costs beyond the mere salary (Kessie’s agent is rumoured to be getting 10 million alone) are likely prohibitive to bring in all these free transfers. Just because one points something out does not mean they are being snobby. No offence was meant and ultimately, this is what discussion is about otherwise may as well go speak to a mirror.

      2. You are right, however, we had offered Donnaruma (+Mino) a package of 100 million for 5 years. If we could use the same amount for these 3 players instead, that would be a huge win.

      3. I think this is being taken into account if the club is also talking about paying for players like Scamacca, Berardi and Lang, who would all command transfer fees. So Dybala ends up being about the same as Berardi as he would cost 70m gross (14m gross per annum x 5) over 5 years (not including any signing bonuses/agent fees, if any) vs. Berardi (who currently already makes 3.3m gross) who I’m guess would ask for at least 4m and would command a 30m transfer fee, which would come out to the same 70m over 5 years (40m gross salary plus 30m transfer fee, not including bonuses). So really it’s a close call and it depends on exactly how much salary each player will demand. Then one has to look at the other data points, which includes injury history and productivity. Surprisingly, I think Berardi would end up being the most “effective” over the last 3-4 years. And he’s Italian and would help with the Italian homegrown requirements (but not club), although Dybala might also depending on when exactly he got to Italy.

        1. But I will add that laying out 70m over 5 years for each player might not be equal, as it all depends on the structure. Is it more impactful to club finances to purely lay out 70m over 5 years at 14m per year (Dybala on a free), or to pay 38m in year one (Berardi transfer fee and first year salary) followed by 8m for four years for a total of 70m? I’m not sure, but I think for financial purposes salary and transfer fees are in different buckets, despite being an overall expense. So it may behoove the club to sign Dybala on a free and spend that transfer money in other areas.

  2. I’ve been thinking about this for a while that he could be the perfect CAM for us. Also the perfect role for him.

  3. Passing from the current state to Leao-Dybala-Berardi-Origi would be a great step forward to an attacking mentality. At least in paper it seems like a great improvement that might also be achieved with little spending. Even if we don’t win the scudetto this year, with this new line up we will sure be the main contester for the next year.

    1. We want to win it this year, we have waited for long and if u want to know how long 10 years my man or woman, don’t say this word to any AC Milan fan now. The now is now

      1. We have really waited for so long. We are winning the scudetto this season by God grace. So shall it be. At least win 6 out of the next 8 matches then we are favored.

  4. First worry about the Scudetto……you win it….. then we will talk about Dybala at that point in time he would be interested, he is a little older, but would be a perfect fit as a 10. We need durability at the 9 ,Belotti is the answer. Scammaca I believe will sign with Inter, do not waste time and effort on him. Scudetto !!!!. Viva Milano

  5. Rubentus offer him 7m euro / years but he refuse it. Why he would accept our offer if just same salary? Don’t forget he already more than 5 years play on italy so not getting discount tax ,club’ Will fully pay 100 percent tax his salary. This deal can never considered by Elliot because they want reduce Wage budget , only fans hype about this deal

  6. Rubentus offer him 7m euro / years but he refuse it,why would he accept our offer if just same salary? Don’t forget he is already play on italy more than 5 years so not getting discount tax benefit. This deal Will be never considered by Elliot because they want reduce Wage budget as many as they can as long as can still finish top 4 serie A. Only fans hype about this deal but i just realistis

  7. i thought they said dybala was injury-prone? why sign a player with mad wages? Scamacca once declared himself an inter fan, but confused everyone when he said comparisons with ibra were a delight to him.

    i would have signed belotti, a hustler, hard worker, can score goals in all forms. Origi? younger, faster maybe less expensive.

    concerning the scudetto, i will keep my fingers crossed. last season, after we lost the derby, we also lost the scudetto. this season, i do not know how much the boys want it. if they want it real bad, they will show it in the coming games. Leading the league for a long period last year only to fall apart weeks to the end showed our team didnt have thet ruthless edge. maybe this season we might just have it. Forza Milanl

  8. id put my faith in Brahim Diaz just like leao he is struggling in his 2nd season with milan maybe in his 3rd loan spell he’ll rise like a phoenix from its ashes just like Leao. not being biased as a rossoneri its pretty clear milan is going for it all we definately getting the scudetto. concerning Belloti and Origi, id go for Origi his young, hungry for goals and titles and we always have ZLATAN who knows how to motivate young players reach their full potential as it has been proven with Leao. Our biggest concern right now is a winger on the right. The idea of Domenico is a really great one but lets still consider Deulofeu his doing great at Udinese and has shown his desire to be a rossoneri once more.

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