CorSport: Maldini and Gazidis do not see eye to eye on €30m Botman pursuit

By Oliver Fisher -

There is a difference in opinion between Paolo Maldini and Ivan Gazidis regarding the potential signing of Sven Botman, a report claims.

According to Corriere dello Sport (via MilanNews), Botman seems to be moving further away from Milan and not just because of the competition from Newcastle United. Within the Rossoneri there is a difference of views on the profile of the Dutchman between Gazidis and Maldini.

The technical director hoped to have more freedom and power on the market, especially after winning the Scudetto and with the new ownership, but Gazidis will remain in office and he has a say in matters related to signings.

In the Botman case, the former Arsenal chief executive believes it is not necessary to spend a figure close to €30m in a department where Milan already has players like Fikayo Tomori, Pierre Kalulu and Simon Kjaer.

Instead, Gazidis thinks it would be preferable to look for a younger and less expensive profile and invest resources in other roles.

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  1. If true, I cannot say I disagree with Gazidis here. That money would be better invested in areas of greater need. I cannot see the logic in this reported transfer especially if the reported budget is accurate.

    1. Maldini knows more than you my friend lol. Maldini wants a left sided center back who can initiate the play from the back. That is Botman. He also envisions Kalulu as our starting RB of the future (if not this season) as it’s Kalulu’s favored position and he is faster, better crosser and overall player than Calabria. Romagnolli is gone and Kajer is 34 coming off a major Knee injury – who knows if he will return to the same form as before and Gabbia is green and unproven and will likely be loaned out. With a tighter schedule due to the World Cup we will be playing every 3 days practically. So 4 CB are needed. Of course I will not always agree with his decisions or the players he selects but IMO we have to trust in him and Massara to build us a winning team. He’s earned it. Gazidis should deal with what he is good at – the commercial side of the business and let M&M work on the sporting side. So long as M&M stay within the budget Gazidis provides, their judgement on transfers should prevail IMO.

      1. I don’t disagree about Maldini being more of a transfer expert than any of us here. I guess my view is that the depth at CB is less of an Achilles heel than the lack of production at the RW or AM position so given the choice, most of us I would think would prefer a higher calibre attacker brought in and relying on a younger, cheaper CB acquisition for depth. That said, entirely possible neither of those positions are filled during this window depending on how everything transpires.

  2. In Italy defense rules. Primary objective is not to concede and with that in the bag, let your talented attackers score (if you have any). But primary objective is and always has been a clean sheet.

    Why is Gazidis sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong? Does he think he knows ball better than Maldini? I am tired of this bureaucrat f*cking up our transfers to make himself feel more important. I’m sure there is some paper than needs signing or stamping somewhere.

  3. Everyone blamed Arsene Wenger when Arsenal struggled on the pitch and never buys important players.
    We are in the ucl now, without depth, experience and hunger how do we face the likes Ajax FC talk less of Madrid, Chelsea and the other big wigs?
    Botman is 22, how much younger does gazidis need?
    This is not arsenal where he signed 14 year olds and that has never won a European trophy. We are Milan.
    Gazidis is a retard that must he sacked.

  4. If Botman is a better playmaker than the two we have now. I would agree. Tomori and Kalulu are good at defending. Not creating. As Milan plays often start from the back we need good playmaking CBs. It’s true we conceded very few goals with Tomri and Kalulu. We aslos scored very few. I understand this is a narrow perspective. But I think it’s part of why we scored so few goals in the end of the season after Kjaer injurured himself. He’s a better passer then KalOri. So if Botman can bring that and defensive stabilitt I’m all for him.

  5. Gazidis Maldini knows why he need such a player.he want to construct a solid team while you only looking to save money.lightning don’t strike the same place twice so don’t expect our 2 fullbacks to take us through an entire season without injuries and fatigue.kjair may never be the player he was.let him have the player before we regret it.

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