GdS: Still no Maldini and Massara renewal – draft contracts bounce from side to side

By Oliver Fisher -

Yet another day has passed without AC Milan announcing the renewals of Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara, causing further confusion and worry.

La Gazzetta dello Sport writes how the current contracts of the technical director Maldini and sporting director Massara expire tomorrow, and the fact there has not yet been any extension has generated a climate of growing tension.

The crux is simply: Maldini wants a bit more room for manoeuvre in the new Milan under RedBird Capital. Draft contracts have ‘bounced from side to side several times over the past few days’ as per the newspaper, but a certain optimism continues to filter from the club about a positive resolution.

Having reached June 30 without an official statement and the photos of the duo smiling while signing their contracts has not helped the climate surrounding the club nor the state of the transfer market.

CEO Ivan Gazidis arrived back at Casa Milan this afternoon making some presume that there could be an acceleration on the Maldini-Massara talks, and yet still nothing has come of it.

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  1. Unfortunately Milan has fallen into a trap regarding Redbird.
    It’s obvious Maldini is not signing because he hasn’t got guarantees for a significant transfer budget.
    Redbird is just buying time….
    Unless something happens dramatically, I really don’t seem Maldini renewing…..
    Obviously he is not too blame. Maldini managed to crown Milan champions of Italy. Now he wants what Milan deserves historically, build a path for the 8th Champions League.

  2. RedBird is just another Yong Li,Elliot should just cancil the sale of the club and continue their good relations with Maldini and Massara a better buyer will come.

  3. Even if they renew, i haven’t got much hope for the new owners, as they are just showing one face on the media and totally another behind the back door. This RedBird is as shit of a owner as one could get. Even if milan does well, there should be credit for them, nor for the Elliott, as they just used milan for a couple of years to sell them to a shit capital for a big fat profit.

    1. Idiot. Whatever you say Elliot saves us from bankruptcy and free us from high debt, they are the one that contract Maldini and Massara, they gave us money to buy players, and gave us Scudetto. Sure they sold us to Redbird that is a bad decision, but you should give credit where its due.

    2. This kid robert along with kossy, crorossonero, shiva, and some are one of the dum*est + clueless mfers i ever see in this site 🤦‍♂️

  4. This is worrying me.
    Right now it’s 03h18am I’m in South Africa, I don’t know what the time is in Italy but if I wake up and neither of these 2 gentleman have signed Ill prepare myself to wait another 11 years🥲

  5. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many delusional theories and accusations flying around here. Just chill and see what happens today. People who have NO IDEA what’s going on are declaring “facts” they have came up with while sitting on the toilet. =)

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