CM: Maldini and Massara left to reflect after choosing Origi over Frankfurt star

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan decided to walk away from a deal to sign Randal Kolo Muani last year and they may now regret it, according to a report. recall how Kolo Muani had an excellent World Cup, first leading France to the final with a goal against Morocco to make it 2-0, then he led the comeback against Argentina with Kylian Mbappe and only a great Emiliano Martinez save denied him eternal glory in the last second of extra-time.

The 24-year-old is a powerful and fast striker, strong in the air but also with the ball on the ground, characteristics that Milan certainly needed going into last season and the management noticed his qualities.

About a year ago Maldini and Massara moved for Kolo Muani, attracted by the possibility of signing such a talented player on a free transfer considering the difficulties in the negotiation with FC Nantes over the renewal of his contract.

After a series of reflections, Milan decided to focus on another free transfer – Divock Origi – because he had more experience in the Champions League. Kolo Muani was disappointed but immediately disposed of it by joining Eintracht Frankfurt, and now there might be some regret given he has 14 goal contributions in 14 Bundesliga games for them this season.

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  1. Origi was free. They had excellent thought.

    In 2 years Ac Milan needs to resovle striker position and free up space with departuring of Ibra, Giroud, Origi, Rebic, and maybe Leao.?

    1. He was free because he’s sh##e. Good strikers are hard to find. The most obvious solution is to play CDK as centre forward and have Ibrahimovic teach him the position.

        1. Yeah, Giroud is s*** if you compare him to any top striker. He was replaced in 40th minute in WC final, because he was invisible. He often does the same for Milan, and misses too many chances every match. His goal contribution per minute in his whole career is RIDICULOUS. Free players don’t have to be s***, but top players won’t go to Milan for 3-4M €, so we can only get mediocre free players in most cases…

          1. Deschamp made a big mistake. France MF played badly in the first half especially Rabiot. They didn’t give Giroud any ball but Deschamp decided to sub Giroud instead of Rabiot. In the second half France tried to play the long ball but failed badly because there’s no Giroud in the front.

            Giroud scored 4 goals in 6 appearances in this year World Cup. He’s the 3rd best goal scorer behind Messi and Mbappe.

            Also Giroud break the record as France Top scorer with 53 goals. Tell me again Giroud is s**t and mediocre.

            Seriously Jesus, you shouldn’t talk football because you are fking clueless 🤣

        2. Well, Giroud is. How many goals per 90min did he average in his career? Now check top strikers, and then check some average strikers. See where he falls. He is maybe good for Milan but that is because Milan can sign mediocre players only, other free players go to clubs that pay much more…

          1. In France national team, Giroud IS the top scorer with 53 goals.

            In Milan, he already made 16 goals and 7 assist, which is great for a 36 years old striker.

            Total goals in Giroud career is 238 goals and he can still add more.

            My questions for you:
            How many goals do you scored in your professional career?
            How many big trophies do you win in your professional career?

            I already guess your answer is zero lol and you have the audacity to tell me that Giroud is a mediocre striker.

            Now shut up you imbecile 🥱

          2. Did you even check the stats? Giroud is top 20 strikers in Europe for goals per 90 minutes ,😂😂😂😭😭😭. There are only 18 remaining stickers to choose from as one of the top 20 is Zlatan. SMH. This has to be one of the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen

  2. Who is the sporting director of Juve, Napoli, Chelsea, Dortmund, City, Liverpool, Madrid, Barca, Atletico Madrid, Lyon, Marseille, etc etc?? Most people have no idea who they are yet our directors are always on full blast, the entire world must know of their failures.
    Obviously there have been mistakes, BUT no club will EVER have a perfect record when it comes to transfers??? Are we living in Football Manager now?
    With Maldini and Massara, we constantly have to get reminded of their ‘regrets’!! Come on man, every single club has regrets when it comes to missed transfers, so what it’s football!! It’s part of it.
    Then we get our ‘fans’ who only look at the negative side of Maldini and Massara. Forgetting that we never dreamed of winning Scudetto but their, THEIR signing’s literally won us a major trophy.
    They bought Mike, Tomori, Isma, Sandro, Alexis, Theo, Kalulu, Kjaer, Ibra, and most significantly Leao!! Sometimes these so called fans piss me off. Yes they have had problems in renewing, but it’s something that can, and we’re seeing them actively fix yet they will choose to go back in history and reference Kessie, Hakan, etc. so what?? They’re gone, it’s done.
    Damn man, these guys should just be trusted and be allowed to work in silence, in the background, but we put them on the forefront.
    There’s fans here that literally diss-not critique, but diss Leao yet we have a player that is appreciated by many clubs… that’s wanted. And what do Milan fans do? Diss.
    So stop blaty mentioning these missed players like Randal, Enzo, Alvarez, if there’s one certainty in football is that there will always be good players around. So we will find them, and move on. That’s football.
    **Wheew… I feel lighter now***
    Forza Milan

    1. You don’t know, read, or hear sporting directors of other clubs getting criticized or mistakes put on full blast because you are not on their platforms. This site is called and gives you news specifically about Milan. If you go on other sites that are specifically covering a certain club, you will read the same criticism from fans of their club owners, directors, coaches, or players . That’s what fans do. But besides actual fans, there are fanboys who get upset when one of their idols gets criticized

      1. ” If you go on other sites that are specifically covering a certain club, you will read the same criticism from fans of their club owners, directors, coaches, or players . That’s what fans do. But besides actual fans, there are fanboys who get upset when one of their idols gets criticized”


        1. No offense, @bb, but you are one of the fan boys , especially when it comes to someone criticizing Paolo Maldini about his obvious flaws, shortcomings and mistakes when it comes to buying, selling (😂😂😂),negotiating contracts or even listening to someone like Moncada who is way more competent at his job as a chief scout than Maldini is at his job as a sporting director

          1. Because before Maldini/Moncada/Boban/Redbird we had how many scudettos since 2004? And outside Milan, Inter and Juventus how many clubs have won the scudetto since 2001? And of those clubs which one hasn’t spent more than 35m on a single player to achieve that goal? Seems like Maldini is already elite.

          2. Shut up. It’s a fan blog, real fans stand up for their club you dummy…
            Bandwagon fans find reasons to complain in spite of winning the scudetto.

  3. As soon as we dont have our own stadium and our revenue increased via sponsors, tickets and so on we cant buy elite players and we cant give them 7-8-9-10 mil salary. And still we managed to win scudetto and still managed to ge out of CL Group phase and so on. Be patient, enjoy and stay behind the team and all is going to be fine. How many english and spanish clubs spend 100 mil on players and didnt succed there? There are plenty, yet some of you blame for signing a player for FREEEE.

  4. Well… as far as Origi is concerned, my opinion until proven otherwise will always be the same: a disastrous move, honestly, even if the alternative was a fvckin’ wooden stick!!!

  5. But signing Origi and (perhaps, we never know exactly what the limit is between the reality of facts and mere media speculation) missing a player like Enzo Fernandez were just two mistakes among a plethora of very smart moves that all of us here we already know – and here I include the signing of CDK, which still will do wonders for us, I’m sure.

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