GdS: Maldini has a remaining budget of around €5m – how the mercato strategy changed

By Oliver Fisher -

Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara are having to be smart on the market because of the limited budget they have available, a report claims.

La Gazzetta dello Sport take a look at Milan’s mercato strategy which starts with Sven Botman’s non-arrival. A sizeable sum was put to one sign to sign the Dutchman but Milan did not have the spending power to make two expensive signings, and therefore if Botman came then the De Ketelaere operation would have become very unlikely at €35m.

However, Milan are now left needing a centre-back and a central midfielder given that this season they must compete in the Champions League and try to win the Scudetto again. The remain budget is closer to €5m than €10m so the list of options is not exactly huge.

Milan are looking to minimise up front expense by securing a loan with option to buy. Japhet Tanganga of Tottenham and Abdou Diallo of PSG have been targeted but both clubs want a sale or a loan with obligation at least.

If Diallo were to arrive then the future of Matteo Gabbia would also be clear as the young centre-back would then be sent to Sampdoria on loan.

Regarding the pursuit of a new midfielder, if a deal were struck with FC Midtjylland for Raphael Onyedika, finding accommodation Bakayoko in advance would become practically mandatory given the squad size constraints.

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    1. They haven’t even taken over yet so not sure why you are being so critical. I guess you are just angry for the sake of it, enjoy the dark cloud over your head.

    2. Elliott is still the owner and in control. RedBird takeover should be complete in September.

      Anyway, Elliott was never generous when it comes to transfer budgets, so this is in line with their policies. You can like it or not, i for one find them humiliating for a club such as Milan, but others will probably disagree.

      Aslo, keep in mind, this is their last mercato, they are basically throwing money on a team someone else will run. So we’re probably lucky they were willing to spend even that much (basically what we earned from UCL qualification).

      1. Elliot spent 100s of millions getting Milan back to where they belong. Tomori, Tonali, Theo, Leao, all under Elliott.

        Do you think before you speak? Or just hate for the sake of it?

        1. Oh they spent way more, if you look at all the years Elliott has been in control, but they never spent that much in one transfer window, which is what we are talking about here. A single transfer window.

          I do love that my posts make you mad enough to jump right to insulting me, instead of actually reading and trying to understand them before you start typing.

          Anyway, so far in 2022/23 they spent on arrivals some €39.20m (CDK, Messias, Florenzi, Origi) and earned some €13.05m on departures. So just €26.15m total.

          in 2021/22 arrivals cost us €78.70m, departures brought in €5.50m, total €73.20m

          in 2020/21 arrivals were €34.42m, and departures €47.95m, so we actually made money there, total was €13.53m earned.

          2019/20 arrivals cost €122.78m (WOW) but departures brought in €59.23m, so total was more in line with Elliott policy €63.55m

          2018/19 Jin July i think Elliott took over, so let’s call this their mercato as well. Arrivals €193.77m, departure’s €88.10m, making it total of €105.67m

          Making it €63.76m spent on average every year. So perfectly in line with what I said.

  1. So Renato deal falling through didn’t leave us with some more money? I mean, we were going to buy him for about 10M. So we should have at least that much left in our transfer budget, no?

    Or we are left with just 5M from CDK deal, so… how were we expected to pay for Renato? Something doesn’t add up here.

    1. Now you know the media is not truthful regarding that transfer rumour.

      Sanches do not chose P$G over Milan. It was Milan who chose CDK over Sanches.

  2. Milan don’t NEED another defender or midfielder. The fact that the only (non) names being mentioned won’t be starters or discernable upgrades on the players in the squad tells you that much.

  3. Elliot net spent over £65 last summer (even if it was a pretty bad mercato) and now we won the league and have less than half of that to spend?!

    1. What we did last season is last season. Doesn’t count anymore. That’s how sports works unfortunately. It’s what have you done for me lately. We need two more players as M&M have asked for and are attempting to get. But if this report is true and we only have 5M left to spend unless they can make some magic happen – we shouldn’t get our hopes up. One would expect the champions of Italy to have a more sizable budget than 40M – which is nothing by todays market standards – but it is what it is. I think this will be the norm going forward not the exception. 40M per year is about all we will get under Redbird.

      1. First i thought we got 50m euro transfer budget but it seems only 40-45m euro . Let just hope next season red bird give us 70-80 m euro transfer budget. This season still elliot on control with their tight budget ,it is very embarassing italy champion serie A budget below AS Roma or napoli

    2. Last summer was aided by temporary FFP relaxation due to covid (no longer in place this season) as well as previously saving transfer budget in the previous summer (in 2020-2021 Milan receive 13m profit from mercato).

  4. This articles about remaining transfer budget is stupid all this time it was 10 mill why now is 5 M where that 5 M go ? Oliver Fisher thinks the renewals are from transfer budget lol get real . Logically after the CDK deal we have to have at least 15M do the math and the sales of hauge duarte we should have another 12-13 mill but the budget was 50 M from Elliot so at last we should have at least 15M left in transfer budget for two positions left (CB CM) I personally think at least one of the positions should be solved to focus in one because time is running out

    1. Of course renewals are from ‘transfer budget’. But ‘transfer budget’ doesn’t exist, it’s just a newspaper construct to simplify things. Why there is is a 22/23 budget, a 23/24 budget and so on. And wages and transfer fees both come out of that.

      If you spend 15m on a player with a 5m wage (pre tax) and a 3 year contact, that’s the same annual expense as a free transfer with a 10m wage (pre tax).

  5. Defender probably they don’t need . But a midfielder kinda yes because they want to give bakayoko back to Chelsea so there is a position available for depth. But the other position should be a winger tbh.

  6. Not sure I understand why Milan have only €5 Mio left in transfer budget.

    Was the initial transfer budget not €50 Mio?

    If so, my understanding is that Milan spent €35 Mio for CDK, and thus, €15 Mio should be left.

    1. Oversimplified by media, who don’t know the numbers and are just guessing anyway. This site explained that it’s bollocks but is just reprinting others’ made up stories.

      1. Exactly. As if Milan published a official press form stating “we have a 50M€ transfer budget for this summer’s mercato”. Everything is just speculation.

  7. Hahaha serie A champs only able to spend less than 40m total this window?? Wow. Need of a CB is up for debate but RW we needed for sure. I don’t want to see CDK there. Guy is a trequartista 100%. Hopefully when Redbird actually takes over its different but part of me seriously doubts this.

    1. A squad that won the scudetto (and would have done it already in April if the referees weren’t on a mission to ruin them) doesn’t need a revolution. The squad is in fact much better than last year as there’s Adli, Pobega & CDK.

      It’s not the amount of money but HOW you spend it.

  8. Theres FFP guys, owner cannot just pump money into the club to buy players
    We are playing UCL, and for ffs if we got disqualified just because we need extra 10m or something

    The next milan objective is new stadium, to increase revenue. Then we can afford more expensive player

    1. 2018/19 – When Milan was at its worse and had terrible, horrible financials, registered €145m in losses Elliott spent €105.67m on transfers

      2019/20 registering even worse losses, some €195m, yet spent €63.55m on transfers

      2020/21 still some losses, but way better than last year, €96.4m registered losses. They even made money on transfers, total earned there was €13.53m

      2021/22 minor loses (projected losses should be around €50m), total spent on transfers was €73.20m

      2022/23 we’ll have to see how we do financially but so far we just spent total of €26.15m

      So you see, we spent most when we had biggest losses, we and kept spending even though we were constantly in the red. So FFP means… next to nothing. Especially if you’re willing to “donate” enough to the right cause UEFA supports.

      I mean, If FFP was a real thing Barca would have been banned from all UEFA competitions till the end of time. So it’s just a matter of how much you are willing to grease the corrupt wheels of UEFA and rules quickly become more of a guidelines and stop applying to you.

      1. FFP is not real thing for Uefalona but it is real for Milan who in fact sign agreement after being punished few season ago.

        Note that Milan can only spend big (2021-2022) after generating transfer surplus (2020-2021) aided by rule relaxation of FFP for 1 season because of covid.

        The relaxation already ended so Milan won’t be able to repeat transfer spending of last season.

        1. It has more to do with the fact that Elliott doesn’t really want to invest into someone else’s club. I mean would you buy new tires for a car you already sold?

      2. ” So FFP means… next to nothing.”

        For certain clubs that’s true. Unfortunately not the case with Milan. Or didn’t you notice Milan was banned from EL a couple of seasons ago?

        1. Sure, but were we banned because we did something wrong or because we didn’t bribe the right people? Or both?

          There is no question that UEFA and FIFA are one of the most corrupt organisations on the planet, and that rules just don’t apply for certain clubs and countries. So…

          1. But the rules apply to our Milan and that’s all that really matters. I don’t give a **** about PSG, ManCity & Barca. All I care about is Milan. It would be nice if the rules applied to all clubs but what can you do?

  9. Why are we not selling fodders like Saelemekerss, Balo toure, Gabbia to raise funds for proper players. Can this transfer market just close.

  10. You all seem to think SempreMilan journalists are the accountants of Milan lol This is just a random article. NO ONE knows what the actual budget is for Milan and that’s how it should be.

    1. And none of the journalists are the staffs of Maldini, yet a lot of readers seems to take transfer rumour as fact just because they said “Maldini want this player”, “Maldini convinced by this player”, etc.

      Lol at the media, they sad Milan put 15m offer on the table and the next day they said the remaining budget is only 10m, and now they say 5m.

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