Sportitalia: Maldini spoke with Zaniolo before Galatasaray move – the details

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s technical director Paolo Maldini called Nicolò Zaniolo before he left for Turkey to sign with Galatasaray, according to a report.

It was well documented by all major sources that Milan made an attempt to sign Zaniolo from Roma in the January transfer window but were unable to satisfy the requests of the Giallorossi, and the winger thus went to Galatasaray where he was officially unveiled today.

According to Sportitalia (via PianetaMilan), Maldini called Zaniolo before he left for Turkey last night to thank him for being honest in the negotiations that took place between the parties and for his behaviour throughout, and remarking the discussions are merely postponed until the summer.

Zaniolo will have a release clause in his contract with Galatasaray worth €35m, which will likely go down because there are bonuses in it. The Turkish side know that the former Roma striker wants to return to Italy, with Milan as his dream.

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  1. Yep we missed the only chance to get him in bargain. Let’s just find another over rated talents from leagues in France, Belgium, etc.

    1. Dude,why do you bother following all these news(cause I seems to find you everywhere) and posting as a milan fan since you are nothing but negative,distructive and so subjectiv?Make us a favor,to those that want to believe in this team and stop posting your venomous opinions.I understand life is hard but have a little self control and stop pouring your poison over this team.I really hope you are just a teenager,that way you still have a chance.

      1. So you want him to just blindly support the club regardless if he agrees with their choices? Sorry but everyone is allowed their thoughts and opinions.

      2. No teenager knows Ibrahim Ba. Bet you don’t know him as well. Please do not hit that search column on your browser. Oh you already hit it didnt ya?

        You obviously new here. I’ve been defending Pioli and Maldini from all the negativity. The difference is that I didn’t say anything about other forum members to stop posting comments, whatever it is.

      3. Idiots always think everyone should be like and agree with them. Well Drifter nobody gives a F about that pathetic comment you wrote…

    2. Overrated talent? Are you high? Mike came from France for only $18 million. Kalulu came for $400k and Leao came for $37 million – all are worth at least triple now, except Kalulu who is now worth 50 times more.

      1. Exactly I don’t understand these guys. They watch the Premier League who’s teams get 10x more than us when it comes to TV deals. Once the new TV deals are negotiated things will improve. Especially since people have started taking note of the exciting title battles every season instead of watching Man City win it every year. Juventus dominance is what ruined the league and they are paying for their cheating dearly. Unfortunately we Italians aren’t as rich as the Germans to fund our clubs in the way they do but just a call for calm needs to be made. The project has worked, 2nd, we weren’t supposed to win the title but we did, 1st round exit in Champions League, now Round of 16, maybe they will make some changes next season, there has been talks but just fans need to take it easy, especially foreign fans in Italy we don’t go running around like our hair is on fire.

  2. Probably, how they written Zaniolo could be sold to Milan, if wanted, for lower price. But it will be interesting to see his statistics. In Rome this year he had very bad statistics.
    So Milan next year must find 2 o3 players which will have bigger statistics impact on Milan game. It all still depends about Leao possible sale or stay and last result at the end of the season.
    It was chance to create good team in next summer, just if they didn’t left cashie and captain so easily.

    1. Overall I agree with you but statistics were also pro a move of De ketelaere and we all know he is really strugling.People are not robots,investment in people can always go either way,good or bad no matter the statistics.I really believe in Zaniolo as I still believe in de ketelaere even though until now I did not like at all what he managed,they can become something else with Ibra making them and the others menthaly stronger with winning menthality

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