TMW: Man City want Leao in January and could offer him staggering wages

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s hopes of renewing Rafael Leao’s deal could well be dealt a blow as Manchester City are reportedly willing to offer him a huge salary.

According to the latest from TMW, Milan have raised their offer to trying  reach an agreement for the renewal of Leao’s contract, putting €7m net per season plus bonuses on the table which should help him pay off the €19.5m fine owed to Sporting CP jointly with Lille.

In the meantime, there is a lot of attention around the winger who also showed his qualities at the World Cup with his two goals despite not being a starter.

Manchester City are big admirers and they could move next month to try and land him in the January window. The Premier League champions could offer a deal worth €12m net per season, which is much more than what Milan have and could put on the table.

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  1. So the only questions left are whether Leao has the patience to wait 1,5 years to get a hefty signing bonus in addition to the salary and is ManCity willing to splash out enough money to make it happen in the summer already.

    1. what type of donkey is silvio then and did milan also ruin football in the past?

      im sure youre not going to be logically inconsistent with your answer. oh no

      1. So true @yesno 👏 👏👏
        But most of our delusional fans believe the best players in the world at the time were coming to Milan and Serie A in general because of the history of the club, the jersey, the San Siro atmosphere, the character of the club, the weather and the food in Italy.
        Yeah, it had nothing to do with Silvio’s money, who at that time was one of the richest people in the world and had the power by being prime Minister of Italy.
        Oh yeah, and players back then stayed with Milan because of loyalty and love for the shirt, not because they were playing in the best and the highest paying league in the world.
        But today’s players are supposedly greedy.
        If serie A and Milan are at the same state as they were back in Silvio’s time, players like Gigio, Hakan, Kessie, Alessio, Bennacer, Leao wouldn’t leave or want to leave the club.
        And serie A wouldn’t lose their best players to other leagues every summer.
        Football has always been a business and players have always flocked towards whoever pays the best and provides them with the best conditions to win and advance in their career. There is nothing wrong with that

        1. Well said @Pioli….100% true. Some fans just don’t get it. Series A is ages behind other leagues….and players have always went for the $$$.

    2. As yesno said, people also criticised Berlusconi for the same thing. New money isn’t ‘ruining’ football. Old ideas and shortsighted goverments are ruining football.

      1. The difference then was that all clubs could spend as they pleased without punishment and the financial aspect of the deals compared to inflation was in a completely different ball alley so to speak.
        For example in 1987 gullit was bought by milan at a record fee of 6 mil euros which equates to roughly 15 mil euros in nowadsy money.
        In 1992 ac milan bought lentini at a world record fee of 13 mil euros which equates to roughly 21.5 mil euros in 2022.
        Nowadays the sport has been highjacked by clubs like psg, city, chelsea etc as they inserted great ammounts into said clubs while that was still allowed predating the implementation of ffp as they that way pretty much monopolized the market as they have affected wages and fees to such an extent that very few clubs actually can compete with it.
        Huge difference in my book.

        1. Then why are well run clubs like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich still able not to just compete with the PSG, ManCity, Chelsea , but also beat them on the field and in the transfer dealings?
          Milan and most Italian clubs never adjusted to the new times. Epl teams are able to spend more because they make more money because of the way they market themselves and their league.
          It’s not only Chelsea and ManCity that spend big money but 80% of the clubs in their league has higher revenue turnover than Milan. It isn’t just because of super rich owners. Liverpool has been owned by a similar owner than our current owners. But once they started making money of the field they were able to spend money on the field.
          Up until Elliott took over, Milan was doing nothing to reach the fans outside of Italy or outside of Europe.
          Not to mention the stadiums situation in Italy.
          We should stop judging other teams and leagues because we are jealous of their financial power and success but we should instead try to better our league and reach their levels.
          Serie clubs should stop worrying about other leagues and fix themselves first

          1. Bayern is a well run club no question there but real madrid seriously ? that club should have been bankrupted years or decades ago but the state has covered its bank loans as they have or at least had debts of several billions.
            EPL Is deffently part of the problem in my view as well as they have over inflated commercial deals that infact makes relegated teams from the epl earn more cash than winners of the serie a. FFP is a complete joke which only helps epl keeps its grip on the sport as well.
            Liverpool is one of the few respectable clubs in epl who run their club as a business so i have no huge gripe towards them besides of the 2005 final 🙁 milans current way to conduct its business is greatly inspired by liverpool as professed by milans management.
            Personally i take pride in how ac milan is run at present and i can obviously not speak for other milan fans but im not jealous of those clubs as theres a greater picture as well of respect for smaller clubs ability to compete with the big boys and that has pretty much been tampered with nowadays due to the huge influx of cash. Id go as far to say if milan was sold to some of those sheiks ruining the sport i might actually cut my ties and support to the club ive been a fan of for 30+ years,

  2. I would say there’s next to no chance this supposed Man City offer for January is real. However, if every time Milan improve what they’re willing to offer there is another story like this the next day, it’s probably a good indicator that someone in his camp (agent/lawyer/family) is trying to prevent him from re-signing. In that sense, it’s still pretty bad news from a Milan perspective.

  3. Sell!No further comment needed.Dollaruma,Kakanoglu,Kessie…..this one is going just the same way….including Bennacer.Sell,und reinvest in January,there are hundreds of great young procpect players all around the europe…..Sell both of them,and buy 2 good ones(Or more)make 5+1 years contract…and that’s it.Simple.Please forget these left-right comments liek”I love Milan,I like club…”….forget that sh it.Here is only money in game,no love with Leao and Bennacer.Love is with Theo and Tonali…Sell,reinvest….everyone happy!!!!

  4. FFP and UEFA are ruining football, everyone else is just trying to make money. The way FFP is designed to keep the status quo and prevent smaller teams from acquiring talent. UEFA adds to the problem by selectively enforcing rules and its inequitable use of sanctions. If European fans want there to be multiple competitive leagues and not the the PL then FFP must be reformed and something must be done to curb the revenue disparity

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