From Algeria: Man Utd want €50m Milan midfielder – Maldini’s promise and a possible swap

By Oliver Fisher -

Manchester United are readying another bid to try and sign Ismael Bennacer from AC Milan this summer, according to a report.

According to a report from Competition in Algeria, Bennacer has put the extension of his contract at Milan on hold as he is not best pleased about the fact that he was largely on the bench for the last few games of the season in the run-up to the Scudetto win.

Manchester United have come forward and expressed an interest which has turned Bennacer’s head, especially because they can surpass the €3.5m net per season that the Rossoneri management have offered.

United will first offer defender Victor Lindelof as a bargaining chip as per the report and if Milan refuse this proposal, the Red Devils ‘will then be forced to take out the chequebook’.

Paolo Maldini is determined to extend the contract of Bennacer and also to include a higher release clause in the new contract but if he refuses, Milan will be happy to pocket the €50m of his current release clause and prevent another player from the squad leaving for free after Gianluigi Donnarumma, Hakan Calhanoglu, Franck Kessie and possible Alessio Romagnoli.

Moussa Sissoko, Bennacer’s agent, will negotiate firmly with Milan and their new owners RedBird Capital with a higher demand than the €3.5m per year tabled. Bennacer had considered leaving last year as per the report, with Maldini telling him he could leave in 2022 after a season in the Champions League.

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  1. I’d sell him for 50M since we don’t have money to really strengthen the team to compete in CL. Ricci costs under 20M, Sanchez as well, we would probably have some money left and 1 extra player.

  2. If Milan sells him, we’re idiots. This guy, when fit, is better than Kessie and Tonali combined. His only issue is how injury prone he is. I wouldn’t trade him for Sanches, are you kidding me?

      1. No he is not, however he save us 6 points on the table when our forwards can not score any goals. And mr pioli keep benching him, it’s not fair for him in my opinion

        1. Bennacer got bench because he’s just recovered from injury which he got more injuries this season compare to last season or rotate when Milan got 3 match in a week.

      2. Who said that? The guy is better than them, that’s a fact. Tonali is overrated and Kessie was a bum for most of the season.

        1. It isn’t a fact, you made something up. That is your opinion which has 0 backing with facts or stats. He is good, but if we got Svanberg to replace him no one would notice.

    1. If he doesn’t renew, I would let him go. I’m so tired of all the renewal drama, plus he was reluctant to join Milan in the first place even though his team was relegated, compare that to Tonali who accepted a pay cut so that he could stay.

    2. Except that, once again, people aren’t taking the player’s will into account. Seems like he wants to leave no? And if we “force” him to stay he won’t renew and then we lose him for peanuts or free in a year or two. No thanks. Plus, he’s got a release clause, so if they offer the 50m it’s out of the club’s hands.

    3. Better than Tonali? Since when? Maybe the best available Bennacer was better than Tonali one season ago but things have changed.

      1. Yes, better than Tonali. There’s not one thing Tonali does better than him. Rossoneri have blinders on because we won the Scudetto, but Tonali is really not that good. People forget how poor he has been because he scored a few important goals.

          1. It should be easy to answer me, then, surely? What can Tonali do? Can’t pass, slow, low IQ decisions, giving the ball away constantly. Watch the matches against Lazio and Fiorentina then come back to me.

    4. to be fair, he’s way better then frank kessie, but also as tonali. nah i dont think so man. tonali was one of the best players for milan this season

  3. let him go, he was reluctant to join Milan in the first place even though his team at the time was relegatd, and now after the scudetto he feels like leaving?

  4. He already considered leaving last season. He obviously wants to go back to PL, so we should at least try to make money while we can. We have a lot of players in that position anyway. Tonali, Pobega, Renato, Rade can play there, and we’ve already looked that that Argentinian kid as well.

  5. Bennacer is class, our management is just dumb and don’t want to give salary’s to players that we need to keep. Why we even buying Sanches? He’s injury prone and I’m not even a big fan of him, otherwise he wouldn’t play for Lille. Just do Bennacer Tonali and a good cam infront with Pobega as a back up

    1. he didn’t want to join Milan in the first place, and he is taking his sweet time to respond the renewal offer. I don’t like that kind of behavior, if he wanted to stay he would have renewed many months ago like Theo did.

    2. “our management is just dumb”

      Glad the fans here are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more qualified to run a prestigious football club.

    3. WE JUST WON THE SCUDETTO!!!! – “management is just dumb” are you for real???

      This world is filled with morons like you – just crawl back into the smelly hole you came from…

      Jeez! – when will some people just enjoy the Club??

  6. sell for 50M use that money to get a class RW like Anthony or Ziyech.

    We have Sanches and Pobega who can cover for him.
    Tonali as an undisputed starter and get the Argentinian kid Enzo Fernandes.

  7. Wow! For 50 Mil sell him yesterday!
    We love him but his head full of dollar marks apparently and this 50 mil will help us to build crazy squad
    I don’t think that anyone will pay more than 50 mil after renewal
    So yeah, he leaves us no choice

  8. If anyone offers 50 mil for Benacer ( I doubt anyone will offer more than 30) Milan should get the money and run.
    He absolutely doesn’t deserve more than 3.5 offered. In 3 years at Milan he has been mostly a back up and very up and down player. With Renato, Adli , Pobega coming in , he sees the writing on the wall that he will continue to be a back up.
    Sell, with the money Milan can upgrade that position with a midfielder that can actually pass the ball forward

    1. Yeah, someone who can pass the ball forward…like Tonali, whose every other pass goes into the stands or to an opposing player.

      1. Dude, he has more long passes, more short passes, more crosses, better long pass and cross completion rate per game than Bennacer.

        1. Another stat clown. Anyone who watches a Milan game where Tonali and Bennacer play and think Tonali is better knows nothing about football. Bennacer is not perfect and he does things that annoy me, but he is Zidane compared to Tonali.

          1. Another emptyhead, no point in talking with you. I understand you have wet dreams about him but he isn’t that good.

      2. Dude, he has more long passes, more short passes, more crosses, better long pass and cross completion rate per game than Bennacer. You are literally making it up. I suggest you type again after your period is done, you can’t make stuff up like that.

  9. Breakup drama again, the team was solid as heck, please don’t break them up. We need reinforcement, not a complete overhaul ffs

  10. How trustworthy the report from this “Competition” cause this is the first time i heard about them.

    I mean, i’m okay with SempreMilan posting about rumors but sometimes you need to filter the source, which ones are quite trustworthy and which ones who just posting pure speculation and bullcrap.

    Also, it’s crazy how some people in here react by saying “Oh this player actually isn’t good” or “Meh, just sell him cause he’s not good enough” every time a rumor about some players wants to leave Milan or a club interested with the players. It’s just sad & pathetic 👎🤮

    1. He is good enough but he isn’t worth 50M, so sell him for 50M, you can get a 20M player to replace him. The only reasonable thing when you don’t have money and new owners won’t really push any money in for transfers.

  11. Avarage player at best tonali is way better. For 50 milion we get sanchez and botmam toghter. I also prefer pogeba (who know maybe he will be better then bennacer)

  12. Bennacer average…?
    He is certainly the midfielder with best natural ability and technique and no midfielder in our team can drive the ball forward like him
    I like Tonali and his physical attributes and general package probably makes him more valuable than Bennacer, but Bennacer has some unique characteristics which we should not neglects. Some guys talks as if he is some kind of bum just taking up space..

  13. Milan should renew with him but I don’t think he deserves more than 3.5M but his far better than Tonali and kiessie,Tonali is overhyped because his an Italian Bennacer is a complete midfielder but if he refuse to sign 50M is a good deal but our management should work on how to keep players then letting them go for free,leao is also refusing to sign what really the problem with Milan or is there something we fans don’t no ?

  14. Seriously doubt anyone will offer $50M for him but if they do, we will sell for sure. We have Tonali, Pobega and Sanchez. We need money for attacking players.

  15. If he doesn’t want to stay, He can go for that price. When he is in form, Bennacer is quality.
    However, through injuries and poor form he had been benched a lot.

    Can pick up Enzo Fernandez to help cover his void along with Renato and Pobega.

  16. It is up to him . If he want to leave just sell him cash to MU without lord Lindelof trade. We can get 30-40m euro for him from MU and buy svanberg/Aslani. Svanberg cost 20m euro while Aslani cost 15m euro from Empoli., Just one from this two enough . If benna want to stay just accept that extension

  17. Of course Bennacer wants to leave. If I was in bennacer’s shoes and watched Krunic chosen over me for matches after matches with ZERO contribution during the whole first half of the season, I would want to leave as well.

    Bennacer is the kind of player around whom you can build a whole team and he will be able to carry that team all by his own. He did it and is doing so with Algeria and here in Milan, we are choosing Krunic over him.

    Maldini knows his value is far more than 50 mil. Which is why we are trying to get his release clause up and tie him up with a new contract. If I was bennacer, I would just let the club know that I want to leave, PERIOD. You don’t pull bullsh*t like that and expect them to stay with Shi*tya*s salary.

    Any club that gets him for 50 Mil, won’t have to worry about midfield for the next 5/7 years. He is not that injury prone, he had COVID and after recovery, Pioli chose not to play him and picked Krunic instead.

    The matches Bennacer played, well, he directly won two of those matches for us. He is very aggressive as a player and that’s exactly what milan LACKS.

    Of course he wants to leave, and he should leave. We dont deserve players as good as Bennacer. Krunic is our hope and life.

  18. 100% agree. I think he’s more annoyed with having to come a sub than anything else. First to Kessie or Tonali then to Krunic. and he knows that’s going be the same next season and he doen’t want to put up with that anymore.

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