Manica ‘proud’ to design new stadium for ‘exceptional’ Milan in San Donato

By Isak Möller -

Manica will design AC Milan’s new stadium in the San Francesco area and the firm has now commented on the matter. The Rossoneri’s idea is to start the construction at the end of 2025, with the inauguration in 2028 or 2029. 

Gazzetta Dello Sport revealed the details of Milan’s stadium project this morning (read about it here) as the Rossoneri have chosen Manica as the architect. The capacity will be 70k and the stadium will have two rings as well as the biggest screens in Italy.

Speaking to the newspaper, Manica commented on the project and the fact that they have been given the responsibility to design it all: “We are proud to have been chosen to create the design of the new stadium. We will work to ensure that the outcome of the project is worthy of this exceptional club, the city and all the fans around the world.”

As stated at the start, Milan intend to begin construction at the end of next year and they could play their first game in 2028 or 2029. In addition to the actual stadium, there will also be a large square (ideally as large as Piazza Duomo) with restaurants, bars and clubs by the main entrance.

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  1. I must say as an architect and a massive Rossoneri fan I’m thouroughly disappointed with this design. It lacks monumentality, identity and a will to manifest itself aestetically above and beyond in meaningfull way. This blob just looks like a generic car from the early ‘00 surrounded by a generic parc with nothing special about it. Truly a blow for football history hollowing out its own existence. The other proposal from Populous was a tiny bit more iconic although they made the big mistake to cover up the whole structure in glass… Couldnt they at least have prequalified some better architects? I mean who is Manica and Populous? Its like having Serie B play the Champions league.

    Im sorry for my rant, but it has to be critizised when you go from one of the most iconic stages of football in the world to this McDonalds nothingness.

  2. Im sorry Adel i thought their proposal was the socalled “two ring” design. I suppose that was for the previous proposal?

    @Milanello fm. Im not sure i follow you how Allegiant stadium is the best stadium to date. In my oppinion it doesnt look great at all. Maybe it works well from a practical point of view? I for one like the Mane Garrincha stadium by Oscar Niemeyer, the San Siro is up there in that league, beautiful, iconic, clever. Talking newer stadiums one could look at Allianz Arena, Orange stade Velodrom in Marseille which i like for its definitive clarity,(maybe not the best references but i try;). I mean they could at least choose some proper architects such as Herzog De Mueron, Kengo Kuma, Cobe, Renzo Piano! The list goes on. But Manica? Who are they? I can see they have built big stadiums but all them looks like a big mistake. Second league American McDonalds architecture. How can you have such architects opporating in a place like Milano. A city know worldwide for its design. Its not Texas.

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