Marca: Milan the ‘only viable option’ in Italy for want-away PSG star Mbappe

By Oliver Fisher -

Paris Saint-Germain have been forced to test the waters over the summer sale of Kylian Mbappé, and AC Milan would be the only possible destination in Italy.

According to MARCA, a huge offer from Saudi Arabia is about to arrive for Mbappe, which should be from Al-Hilal. However, PSG have not ruled out the idea of selling to anyone, even Real Madrid with whom relations are strained.

There are several Premier League clubs who are keen on Mbappé such as Manchester United, Spurs – mainly because PSG asked about Harry Kane – and Chelsea, who have a delicate financial situation.

In Italy, PSG know that ‘the only viable option would be Milan’. The player has already stated on several occasions that if he went to Serie A he would only do so if he could join the Rossoneri, who he grew up supporting.

However, no offer has arrived from Milan for Mbappe because they know that they cannot compete with the elite sides interested and what they could pay the Frenchman.

Real Madrid is where Mbappé really wants to go, but Los Blancos are not making a move yet and are remaining patient because they know time is in their favour.

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    1. That’s not entirely true, to me i say that in the next two seasons ,AC Milan will be in a position to sign Mbappe and pay his wages and he’ll just be 25years old then, and he’ll also be playing some matured football at that time

  1. Hilarous. Maybe if they sold every other player in the squad, they’d be able to afford his wages for 6 months or so.

    1. And how do you know that? Have you checked the books of our 9wner or his business plan?

      We ha e money but not to waste. Mbappe is an investment that comes with a healthy return

  2. lol, real seems like they jumped the gun on Belingham.. Looks like they need a ST more than a CM and they been after Mbappe for years.. Baka perez

  3. Perhaps we could’ve just signed him instead of the 10 or so players we did sign?

    (Joking but that is where we should be at at this stage in the cycle. Alas we’re starting again again and again).

    1. Joking? Based on the comments you have been spraying around lately, you’re not actually joking. 😛

      I said this many times last year… Even if we had Haaland as the CF we wouldn’t have scored enough goals. Why? Because the service was seriously lacking. No creativity at all. No right side for attacking. Leao was the only one making something happen.

      So… I’ll repeat myself here. Getting Mbappe instead of fixing the real issues wouldn’t solve anything. He doesn’t create goals out of thin air. 5 good players is still worth more than one great player. One player can be eliminated. 5? Not that easy.

      But sure, I’m not going to force you to change your mind as we all already know you seem to hate the management and everything they do. Sure, keep saying how you’d think getting one great player would be better for the club than getting 5 reinforcements.

  4. Imagine if he does come, i would love to hear some of these negative, greedy American, Maldini and Tonali gone so called AC Milan fans what they have to say.

    The art of making money is not black and white rather somewhat grey

    Forza true Vero Milan

    1. What kind of logic is that, we all want best for our team, but disrespecting your legend is not right and that’s all. Imagine if he doesn’t come and we don’t make it to the champions league next season with this squad we got, which i realy like actually. And you call me a so called milan fan and you don’t even respect your legend.

  5. It’s not going to happen, but if PSG don’t want to play him and he doesn’t want to go to their preferred buyer then would there be an option to loan him for the year?

    Thought about it. Still no.

    1. PSG cannot loan him out for a year because it’s the same as giving away for free to Real after the year. They would only do that if he signed an extension, which he doesn’t want to do.

      1. They’re going to lose him for free anyway. He wants Madrid and Madrid won’t pay silly money this summer – they can’t force him to sign for another club, so their choices are to play him, to not play him or to loan him out.

        They should just suck it up and realise they’ve made a mistake giving him such a short contract.

  6. If they could somehow fork it out to sign him the returns on investment would be astronomical though. Shirt sales alone would be through the roof.

    Alas….one can only dare to dream lol

    1. Ye,Galliani would would do everything in his powers(backed up by Papi Silvios money) to get Mbappe to Milan,i would bet on it that he would come if “these were the old days with Mbappe in them” 🙂

  7. hahaha.. even if we have super computer + moneyball to calculate his numbers, market value & potential gain in sporting non-sporting area by get Mbappe, i dnt think gery will do it

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