Marinelli will officiate Milan’s game against Bologna – his first Rossoneri clash

By Isak Möller -

An inexperienced referee, namely Livio Marinelli, has been assigned to officiate the game between AC Milan and Bologna on Monday. It’s a decision that hasn’t gone down too well with the Rossoneri, which you can understand. 

Milan have had their issues with inexperienced referees at the San Siro this season and with just eight games remaining, they don’t need any more drama. We all remember the officiating against Spezia that ended up costing the Rossoneri three points, for example.

Marinelli has only officiated ten Serie A games in his career and Monday’s game will be his first involving Milan. It’s a decision that certainly can be questioned given that everything is at stake right now, as opposed to earlier in the season. reported earlier his week that Milan aren’t too happy with the decision but there is nothing they can do about it, ultimately. It’s clear that another poor performance would create huge problems for AIA (referees’ association), though.

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  1. Inter play vs juventus,they have to keep distance with us,most probably thats the reason why we get beginer ref again and he will make joke of us again

  2. No matter how bad a referee is, he can’t prevent a team from scoring. Score more goals, that’s the only solution. It’s easier to complain about a goal scoring opportunity denied by the referee, when you are 3 or 4 – nil up. Milan is only weary because they have a problem with scoring. If some people had done their jobs right, we probably won’t be complaining like a mid-table club.

      1. And how often does this happen in a single game?? It’s not as if the referees are out to get Milan. I’m not saying the referees are without blame, but we must do well to avoid blaming referees every single game.

    1. You’re acting as if it’s easy scoring 3-4 goals. Even team like PSG, Liverpool, City, or Munchen who have better players than Milan has matches where they can only scored 1 goal.

      And even if Milan can scored 3-4 goals, it will be pointless if the referee messed up with his job by making stupid decisions that allowed the opponents to scored 3-4 goal. Look at Atalanta match. Milan scored 3 goal first but the dumb referee gave Atalanta a penalty and one goal that almost lead to a draw.

      There’s no excuse that Serie-A referee are garbage. Milan and other clubs deserves better referee!

      1. Lol….. It certainly isn’t easy to score 3 or 4 goals in the game, but I must point out that we have to stop playing into the hands of bad referees, we can’t always let our fate in games be decided by the level of officiating by the match officials. If you look clearly, all the games where the outcome was marred by poor officiating, are games against (low table and relegation bound teams), teams like Milan shouldn’t be struggling with. We couldn’t convert our chances, and some of our players didn’t do well. We have to stop giving these excuses even before the kick-off whistle is blown.

        1. You really need a reality check!

          Football isn’t video games. Just because we’re facing small teams at the bottom of the table doesn’t mean it will be easy to score 3-4 goals against them. In fact, those teams are always be difficult to beat with their catenaccio & counter attack strats.

          Go look back at Ancelotti squad with super players like Sheva, Pippo, Kaka, Seedorf, Maldini, Nesta, Pirlo, etc. Even they had plenty of hard times facing small-mid teams like Chievo, Cagliari, Udinese, etc with 1-0 win and some times draw or lost against them.

          You can’t expect Milan scored 3-4 goals every match especially against small-mid teams. That’s just impossible and can only be done in video games!

          Again. AIA needs to increase their referee quality. Period.

          1. You’re still not getting my point chief. Referees will always make mistakes, even the best referees. But it is important that we get our shit done on the field, and worry about referees later. AIA is aware of the problems, some they can help, but in the end the referee is in charge of a game.

        2. @did u watch inters games,they play like shit and win by 1 goal,but refs doesnt rob them cause they play shit like they rob us,they even help them like not giving them most clear penalty in history for torino and gifting them 1 point in this important battle vs us,and here is you,talking how only milan have to play every match 100% while others can get robbed points

          1. Referees will always makes, even the best ones. It is important that we do out talking on the pitch and worry about referees later, that’s how bug teams react. The AIA is aware of these mistakes, and they acknowledge that they happen time after time, they can give us the best referees for each of our games, but in the end the referee, who is as fallible as every other human being is in charge of the game, not the AIA. Even if there’s a conspiracy against Milan, we can fight it by dominating our opponents. My take is we haven’t always played our best at the some games, and even now when we play, you just get the feeling that the opponent might clinch a draw, because Milan has a problem scoring goals, but we shouldn’t always expect favours from the officials like Inter and the likes.

          2. @madsad


            This keo kid is making an excuse for bad referee and he demands Milan scoring 3-4 goals every match 🤦‍♂️

        3. @keo

          I got your point dumbass. You want Milan to scored 3-4 goals every match especially against small-mid team table and i said again you’re fkin CRAZY AND NEED A REALITY CHECK!

          Milan players are not robots who can scored 3-4 goals every match. There will be days when they play bad or ok and only have one chance to score a goal.

          I gave examples Ancelotti team and other big club who have better players than Milan right now and they still have difficulties against small teams where they only won 1 goal or a draw and even lost. That’s the REALITY with football kid!

          Referee makes mistakes but when they made mistakes too often then clearly they need to improve their works. So far AIA didn’t do anything to improve the quality. Same mistakes happen over and over especially how the way they check VAR.

          You’re making excuse for garbage referee is just amusing 🤦‍♂️

          1. Milan needs to stop playing the “victim” card and do our talking on the pitch. We cannot let bad officiating decide how the title swings at this final part of the season. I haven’t supported bad referees, and I haven’t said it is a taboo to win by a lone goal. How you get to insult me here because you need to drive home your point just shows how little you are, and how inferior you must feel here. We are all fans, and we want the best for our team. Make your point with civility, you’ll still be heard. Peace!!!

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