Materazzi claims ‘Oaktree won’t make Milan’s mistake’ after Inter takeover

By Euan Burns -

Inter legend Marco Materazzi has claimed that Oaktree Capital Management are not going to make the same mistakes that RedBird Capital Group supposedly have with AC Milan.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport (via, Materazzi discussed the recent acquisition of Inter by Oaktree at Suning’s expense and made a comparison to Milan.

Inter have been owned by Suning since 2016 but they failed to repay the loan taken from Oaktree in 2021 and that means the club has transferred to Oaktree.

They have made a commitment to keeping the existing management team at the club, which means the likes of Beppe Marotta, Piero Ausilio, Dario Baccin and Alessandro Antonello will remain in their roles where they have impressed.

This is what Materazzi thinks will be the difference between Inter and Milan, as Milan parted ways with Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara soon after RedBird assumed control from Elliott Management.

“Oaktree will confirm the management, they will not make the mistake of Milan with Maldini and Massara,” Materazzi said.

What is certain is that Inter will not have the smooth summer they hoped for as they seek to build a side that can win multiple Serie A titles in a row.

There will also be speculation over whether Oaktree will sell the club straight away or try to run it themselves, causing more uncertainty.

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  1. Maybe an unpopular opinion but: If Maldini had stayed last year, we don’t sell Tonali. We don’t get Reijnders, RLC and Pulisic, instead busts like Kamada and other bargain basement bums and on top of that early in the season Tonali gets banned for gambling. Milan crash out of European competitions early and completely implode in Serie A. Milan finish about where Napoli is right now. Total disaster.
    Let’s see how Inter will do in the coming years.

    1. with all due respect in hindsight it was smart to sell tonali but come on its not like we didnt carsh an burn early on in the cl anyways so not really sure what your point is here.

      1. Hindsight is so much clearer, isn’t it… Maldini definitely didn’t have the budget of last summer. But with the money he did have, he brought B. Toure, Origi and CDK, when he could have had Dybala for less 🙂

        To be fair, he did make the right moves also with other players. That’s why I always said his run was a mixed bag.

        1. The last time I checked, CDK has won Europa cup, where are you scrap players who competed in the same competition but were woefully insufficient.

        2. Dybala for less ..hmm…Dybala was injured so many times this season, with Pioli and the medical stuff Dybala would have more injury. You would have accused him for bringing dybala…Grass is always green on the other side…just forget just many good signings he did with less salary….the big money shot in this squad are his signing!!!

        3. Never liked dybala 😀 so cant complain there and cdk wasnt really a bad buy but a mismanaged one in my book but maldini also had to plug holes with slimn means so i really doesnt blame him there. In the end everybody makes mistakes and him included but overall he gets a pass from me in regard of his time with us but that is always debateable but i dont think our progress in recent years would have happened without him.

    2. Maldini simply did good and bad, he got dome great transfers and some massive stinkers.
      His biggest error was probably neglecting the bench too much, under RedBird we made massive progression in squad depth.

      That’s not what got him fired though, not being a team player ultimately did, like fell out with the Curva and Galliani back in the day.

      1. No, biggest error in my opinion was his total inability to get any meaningful sale done. Especially wasting 80 mil by letting Kessi, Hakan and Romagnoli leave on free transfers. That led to penny pinching and/or dragged out contract negotiations.
        What really did him in in the end was the inability of Pioli to integrate any player into the team once the season preparation is too far along – Tonali in his first year, CdK, Origi last year. Chukwueze this year.

        1. I’m confused here. The number one ambition of a football club, especially a legendary one like Milan, is to win. WIN. W-I-N. Big games and trophies. The previous management achieved that. The current one is failing miserably.

          1. You cannot plan trophies, especially without a financial advantage. We are working well, regularly outperforming our squad cost, silverware will happen eventually.

        2. The biggest flaw in your opinion is you did not consider Maldini had no budget to re-sign those players (Imagine Kessie for 6M, Dolla for 8M), no one came with a proposal to buy them, even if Maldini sold those players for peanuts he did not have budget for replacement. You would have accused him for breaking the competitive team. All of his decision went through Gazidis, don’t forget that!!
          Please also consider he warned about Pioli’s limitation and wanted to make a change.

    3. Yeah and if we invested in Bitcoin back in 2013 and keep it until today, we wouldn’t have to go to work every day. Hell, maybe if Berlusconi bought bunch of Bitcoins back then maybe we would already have our own stadium bought from Bitcoins and they wouldn’t need sponsors, they could name it Stadio Silvio Berlusconi.

      Imagine that. only IF we would…

    4. Puli & RLC already in M&M book long b4 furlani know what moneyball is,
      we’ll stuck w/ Tonali but we also get prooven serieA players like SMS, Berardi, Scalvini, Calafiori, Orsolini, Scamacca, Cambiasso, Fratessi, Baldanzi (all scouted by M&M but rejected by board)
      M&M can convince even Messi/ CR7/ Mbappe to join us but board don’t let them,
      Maldini can bring players to make new dream team in single mercato if the owner ready to spend.
      board asking Maldini to be patient w/ short budget salary cap etc, still he manage to build scudetto squad,
      and when he asking the budget after the time is come to spend (just like board promise him) he got fired

  2. Someone needs to tell Sheva’s dog that Elliott at Milan is the comparison to Oaktree at Inter.
    RedBird did confirm Maldini and Massara when they took over.
    He called Maldini and Massara competent people but why is no one trying to hire them, especially Massara who got passed on by Juventus, Napoli and now even Roma is hiring some sporting director from France instead of him.
    He also said that Liverpool won with a fund where people like Lebron are investors and hopes that same kind of people are investors at Oaktree.
    Well Milan also won with a fund. One of the investors at RedBird is that same Lebron James.
    But, I didn’t expect anything smart from a player who Sheva treated like a dog on the pitch in every derby.
    That little brother complex will never go away at inter. Even when their club is changing ownership because of defaulted payments they have to talk about Milan.

      1. Milan won the scudetto with Elliott, which is the fund that took over Milan when they were in inters position.
        Keep up.

        1. Yes exactly with Eliott not with Redbird. You buy a scudetto team to do what exactly? Wake me up when Redbird actually ups it even if by 1

      2. How long has Redbird owned Milan? How old are people here? 10? Even City didn’t win in its first year of petrodollar ownership. Took them 3 seasons to win their first silverware and it was only an FA cup. They only won the CL (the prize they ultimately wanted) after FIFTEEN years. Al Thani was a little quicker with PSG, winning in his second year, but Ligue 1 is a pub league for PSG. They’re still looking for their CL title 14 years on. People need to be reasonable.

      1. What is not moot statement and what i I do know is that neither one of them has a job in sports. Competent people get picked up right away, If they are actually Competent.

        1. with all due respect and im not trying to be condescending towards you but its just a another moot statement because its a comment with no substance, Whos to say that he just doesnt want to work at another club ? Anyways he might have had several offers and over the years both chelsea, psg and utd has tried to hire him in their management from what i can recollect.

          1. Neither one of them has a job in football.
            That’s a fact.
            Not a moot statement, or based on “who’s to say”, “he might have” or “from what I can recollect” comments with no substance but just grasping at straws speculations.

          2. Its not grasping at straws more than commenting “not having a job” as a postulate because for what we knows he might have had several offers. In the end its just speculations.

          1. Klopp is without a job in football right now He is not competent, I guess?

            (I can think tens of seriously successful people in football who are not active at the moment for all kid of reasons).

          2. Yep. If you follow what was goin on a bit deeper you would have known that Maldini was actually approached by PSG and he rejected them. He even said it in the interview that it was the right decision because he cant imagine working for any other team than Milan. That Maldini chose to work with Massara its his choice. And just because this reliable media didnt report that any of them were approached by someone doesnt mean it didnt happen.

  3. Well, IMHO old boy Materazzi could simply shvt the fvck up. The only good thing this guy ever did – and one must admit, it was an overwhelmingly fantastic feat haha – was his altogether legendary performance against France in the WC final on 2006. It was really a game for the ages, from the crucial goal to the notorious and even more important brawl that make Zidane lose his mind and ultimately underlayed the path to France’s defeat. Not to mention his impressive display of defensive duties, sure. But that’s it, bride’s that he’s a bloody weasel haha..

  4. The situations aren’t comparable though – Milan had been run into oblivion when Elliot inherited the club and it needed stabilising.

    Inter are doing fine from a sporting sense, though the spending isn’t sustainable – however, Oaktree are in a position to fund the club a couple of years until it breaks even and then look for a buyer.

  5. Materazzi is speaking out of his back end. While I had issues with Maldini not selling and letting multiple players leave on free transfers, Milan’s image was restored. And as far as Redbird, they made a masterclass move selling Tonali and reinvesting.

  6. Early days. Let’s wait and see what Oaktree brings to the table. They will not show their hand and start ruffling feathers now. Give them time before comparing them with Redbird. And quite frankly we don’t give a damn what Oaktree does with Inter

  7. 1. Materazzi has about the same value of input as Cassano.
    2. RedBird didn’t do sh!t for the first year when they took over. It’s the following year when the boat started rocking that M&M’s got thrown overboard…

    Who is to say OakTree doesn’t follow suit? Frankly, we don’t even know what the OakTree’s plan is. NOr do we actually care?

    We have SO MUCH to worry about in our own back yard…

  8. I agree 100% about Materrazzi. I dont think he knows anything about what will happen since they just took over. So in that interview he is trying to put pressure on the new owners to not fire the board, keep spending and keep winning titles.
    But the last guy who did that lost his club. Materrazzi doesnt know shit and Oaktree will be forced to clean up that financial disaster. You can forget 10M euro contracts for Martinez ect.

  9. I agree 100% about Materrazzi. I dont think he knows anything about what will happen since they just took over. So in that interview he is trying to put pressure on the new owners to not fire the board, keep spending and keep winning titles.
    But the last guy who did that lost his club. Materrazzi doesnt know sht and Oaktree will be forced to clean up that financial disaster. You can forget 10M euro contracts for Martinez ect.

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