Mayor Sala addresses Milan over stadium: “What we want and need is clarity”

By Oliver Fisher -

The Mayor of Milan Beppe Sala has put pressure on the AC Milan ownership to make their intentions clear regarding the new stadium they intend to build.

Despite the fact that Gerry Cardinale has repeatedly and publicly declared that ‘plan A’ is to build a new home for Milan in the San Donato area of the city, Sala still claims to be unsure of what the Rossoneri’s real vision is.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic spoke alongside Cardinale during an interview for the Financial Times last night and even he admitted that the time has come to move away from San Siro, as difficult as it might be from a sentimental point of view.

Milan openly expressed his desire to continue with the project for the construction of a new stadium in San Donato but Sala has now addressed the two clubs amid the rumours suggesting openness to the San Siro renovation plan.

“What we want and need is clarity. On February 1st we sent a letter to Milan saying that we take note of the fact that the Municipality of San Donato has started proceedings, so if they are no longer interested in San Siro let them say so,” he said (via

“They responded to us three full weeks later, with an interlocutory response. Given that everyone does the math at home and I don’t allow myself to judge what Milan intends to do, but if they really aren’t interested in San Siro, rather than saying it in an interview with an English newspaper, take a pen and paper and write to the Commons.

“And I take note of it and understand what to do. It’s not my opinion, but I have to do my job and first of all I need clarity. I learned a few things from a phone call with Zhang.

“The first is that he intends to continue to be president of Inter and to retain control of the club. I think this is a good thing for everyone.

“The second is that he has an interest in verifying – and he will do this with the WeBuild feasibility study – whether the works can be done without making the stadium unusable, because if it can’t, they have already told me that he is not interested. And they are right.”


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  1. “What we want and need is clarity”
    Thats priceless considering that we have been bamboozled by Sala for soon a decade if my memory serves me right.

  2. This is PR 101, folks. With reelections coming up, he won’t get elected again if he is the one that drove Milanese clubs out of San Siro.

    What this is, is the APPEARANCE of doing everything he can to keep the dubs at San Siro so that on his next campaign he can blame the clubs for not working with him on the stadium. Then he can say “I did everything I could, what not do you want”

    Politics at its finest.

  3. What can be more clear than buying the land in San Donato and moving through the different stages of approval there? This guy is a clown.

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