Mayor Sala ’embittered’ as he admits Milan and Inter are evaluating solo stadiums

By Oliver Fisher -

Milan Mayor Beppe Sala has admitted that he is losing hope regarding the possibility of AC Milan and Inter remaining in the San Siro area.

The talk surrounding the new stadium project seems to be reaching a very crucial moment as widespread reports have claimed that Milan are looking at detaching themselves from the current plans in order to build their own new home alone.

Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello spoke outside the City Hall after a meeting involving the Nerazzurri, the Rossoneri and the Council over the plans that currently exist and have done for three years, confirming that Milan are eyeing La Maura as the site for a new stadium and they could build alone.

Sala spoke at Iulm University about the stadium project and what the future holds amid the increasing reports that the two clubs are preparing to move to different areas of the city, with his words relayed by

“The hypothesis of a single stadium for the two teams remains alive, but today Milan announced that they are looking at a new area with interest, which is that of La Maura, with a solitary initiative that would also involve the Rossoneri youth and women’s teams,” he began.

“Now the process for the authorisation of the stadium near the current Meazza is going ahead, but I have asked Milan within two or three weeks to respond to our request or to tell us instead that they will abandon this hypothesis.

“Inter are looking at another area outside Milan, they didn’t disclose which because there is a confidentiality agreement. Does the ownership of the Nerazzurri give no guarantees? We have to ask Milan, who obviously want to disengage. We have no doubts about the ownerships, even if nowadays they are transitory.

“No one wants San Siro anymore, it’s obvious. It’s not a problem of costs, but the clubs believe they can’t get enough revenue. I’m embittered as a mayor, as a citizen and as a fan, but we’ve already understood that by now. It will be an additional problem for the Council.

“I have always said that – if the new stadium were to be built in the same area as San Siro – it could not co-exist with the Meazza. With La Maura, the situation changes, but we would be forced to find a new solution for San Siro.

“The Meazza stadium cannot fall within the institutional interests of the Council, the only possibility is to open it to entities that want to organise events and concerts.”

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  1. it shows Milan don’t have anything to do, sala is looking for a way to give Milan useless hope that won’t come.
    he wanted to delay cos of the Olympics. if Milan don’t start building the new stadium by April that shows Milan have no plan. must they build at the san siro area. I don’t even know if it took Juventus 2years to secure the authority to build their stadium

  2. “but I have asked Milan within two or three weeks to respond to our request”

    He started asking for years, months and weeks. When does it end? Never. They CLEARLY didn’t want a new stadium in San Siro and that is what they get. Fine. Move on. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

  3. “No one wants San Siro anymore, it’s obvious. It’s not a problem of costs, but the clubs believe they can’t get enough revenue” Nope that ain’t it buddy. Milan can get revenue from the stadium no problem. The real problem is the constant delays and asking for more and more money for “outside interests”. He’s underestimated Milan’s avoidance for commissions and fees

  4. This “mayor” and the council caused all the problems. Now they are angry that owners/teams are finding better solutions instead of being forced to bow down to politicians wanting kick backs.

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