Mayor Sala says it is ‘an open game’ as he still believes Milan will stay at San Siro

By Euan Burns -

Milan city mayor Beppe Sala has suggested that there is still a good chance of AC Milan and Inter choosing to stay at San Siro and renovate the existing stadium. 

Speaking at a commemorative event on Saturday (reported by Calciomercato), the mayor was asked about Milan’s recent purchase of the land in San Donato on which they plan to build the new stadium in the next few years.

That purchase was a clear signal of intent from the club and it shows just how serious they are about building the new stadium, but Sala feel that anything could still happen when it comes to potentially staying at San Siro with Inter.

“I believe it is still a largely open game, in recent years we have seen it all,” Sala said.

He then went on to explain in greater detail that he understands the steps that Milan have taken but he still sees possibilities of the club staying at San Siro and therefore he will continue to work on it.

“I understand that what Milan has done is a step forward but I repeat, I continue to be confident and maintain dialogue with the clubs. If I didn’t see possibilities on their part for San Siro, I would look for other solutions, but in my opinion they still have it. The contacts are continuous. Milan is certainly further ahead but we have already said this. But I believe the game is still open. I don’t lose faith in the possibility of saving San Siro,” he said.

There is still a lot of work to be done from a Milan perspective, but the plans mean that they could potentially start building in 2026, with late 2028 being the absolute earliest that the team could be playing in the new stadium.

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  1. Why? We are among the most thrifty clubs in Italy and he really thinks all the investment so far is bluffing? Unserious businessmen like these are truly laughable.

  2. His sh*tting his pants cause both clubs are taking the revenues out of Milan district and out of San Siro. He might just lose next elections now. Serves you right you greedy ol’ corrupted fart. Really hope the San Donato project goes through🤞

  3. Sala is not only a politician. He’s been working for some of the biggest business companies in Italy, also in finance. He knows how Redbird thinks and he’s no idiot. He knows that if San Donato gives the green light, which is close, Milan will leave and Inter will eventually follow. He’s now in campaign for the 2026 elections. It’s win-win for him. If the teams stay at San Siro, he’s a hero. If they leave, he could say he did his best and they’ll find some way to destroy San Siro and build a new area, something like CityLife. He was CEO of the Milan Expo in 2015 and he did and currently does a lot of renovations in Milan, so he has a great reputation.

  4. Hahah, laughable!!!
    I said it before, you had the project and 2 serious teams willing to go ahead with. All you had to do is approve and watch the miracle unfold

    Now you can have the convrete brick and do whatever you want woth it. No one is oaying attention or ralking to you. Just unfortunate that the iconic place will be gone forever. It will remain history along with your name and your legacy.


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