Mayor Sala says low-cost regeneration of San Siro is in Milan and Inter’s interests

By Euan Burns -

Milan mayor Giuseppe Sala has claimed that a regeneration project of San Siro that was not too expensive would be in the interests of AC Milan and Inter, whilst the general manager of WeBuild also had their say.

Speaking at the Business & Finance meeting to Radio Rossonera (via, Sala explained that he has been putting together a plan with WeBuild, the company tasked with creating a regeneration feasibility project for the San Siro, a plan for the stadium that will suit both Inter and AC Milan.

Sala plans to meet with WeBuild and the two clubs again this week to try and come to a resolution about refreshing San Siro without spending too much money and without stopping the matches from being played each week.

“Last week we met with WeBuild to verify their willingness and also the possibility of doing this analysis in three months, on the current situation of the stadium and on a working hypothesis that does not stop the matches. During the week I intend to meet WeBuild and Inter and Milan to take stock with them,” Sala said.

“I think that beyond some statements that sometimes seem to show too much disinterest in the San Siro, if we were able to produce a good project, with a good restyling, not very expensive, I think they would be interested. So we just have to speed up and then put the teams in a position to decide. Even for the Milanese this is a bit of a never-ending story and we have to get out of it. Plus there is the problem of the municipality’s accounts. If they are not interested, I have to look for a solution, a sale for the future, otherwise I will deplete the real estate.”

WeBuild general manager Massimo Ferrari was also in attendance to offer his latest thoughts on the project, and he echoed Sala’s desire for an effective plan that stops costs from rising too high. It is clear that the local council know they have no hope of keeping the clubs at San Siro if their proposal is too expensive.

“We have gathered a unanimous willingness to professionally explore this opportunity. If the expense is reasonable, then we will see under what conditions, it is a win-win scenario for all parties. There is the need to improve some services, from toilets to lifts. There is the issue of the third ring, part of which is unfit for use and part of which can be completed and some soundproofing issues resolved,” Ferrari said.

“The part most desired by the teams is clearly the increase of the so-called VIP seats and all those activities that are preparatory to sponsors and this type of clientele. There are different solutions that can be realised in two to three years, taking into account that there will be the inauguration of the Winter Olympics and probably the 2026/2027 Champions League final. The new stadium, no matter how much we run and everything goes smoothly, needs 7/8 years at least as far as San Donato is concerned.”

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  1. San Siro will be left to Inter. It seems that Inter has no intention to build a stadium in Rozzano. I doubt Milan will agree to continue and spend hundreds of millions to continue the maintenance work on a stadium that has many deficiencies even if that comes with a 90 year loan (which as a public building will most likely need to be approved by committees otherwise this would have been mentioned in the many many meetings that have happened over the years)

    A repainting will not hide the issues that San Siro carries or the fact that it’s hard to modify it (especially now that part of it is considered a heritage building and cannot be destroyed). I really hope we move from San Siro.

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