Mazzara: Box office record leaves bitter taste amid Milan’s unreasonable pricing

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan managed to set a new box office record in the game against Tottenham as they collected €9m, which is the highest for a clash in Italy. However, the record left a bitter taste amid the unreasonable pricing. 

A total of 74.320 were present at San Siro for the game and it’s safe to say that the Rossoneri got just the support they needed to beat Tottenham. This resulted in €9.1m in ticket revenue, which is a record for a game in Italy (last was Inter-Barca in 2019 at €7.8m).

However, as highlighted by Pietro Mazzara, this record has left a bitter taste as Milan set very high prices for the game. The third ring of the Curva Sud cost an astonishing €99 per ticket and that is usually the cheapest seat in the stadium.

The reality is that in this economic climate, many are struggling to pay the bills and Milan must be very careful with their pricing, as Mazzara argues. The record has softened the whole situation a bit, but this simply cannot become a regular thing and certainly not with a new stadium (which will have fewer seats).

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  1. Why would this leave a bad taste in any person mouth. 71k plus game to the game and we’re willing to pay for it. The team must make money and they are in the largest city in Italy with one of the biggest fan base.

  2. It is reasonable price. People go all around Europe to watch Milan. It was a group of fans from Croatia as well.
    Milan must put high ticket price for most important games and lower price for Coppa, and some games with easiest teams in Serie a.
    People value what they pay especially if it is high price but Milan must win in expensive games or at least give the best of them.

  3. People who bought the ticket clearly know what they paid for and isn’t struggling to pay bills.

    Mazzara has been annoying with his hot takes for Milan.

  4. It’s economics. People will pay for what they want. If the price is too high they won’t pay..simple as that. This ain’t a charity

  5. Sounds like the price was right as the stadium was full. Can’t afford a ticket? Maybe because you’re a garbage journalist who writes dumb articles?

  6. As if it isn’t easy to find 71,000 bourgeoisie willing to pay 99 euros for something…

    Remember, there are MANY MANY times more people who can’t afford things than there are people who can afford things.

    The ticket pricing cannot be discussed so naively, as if all people have the same amount of money and choose from the same options.

    Considering that Milan might have spectacularly lost that game, given their recent form, it was a bad show of Milan to ask 99 euros for a ticket, regardless of the economic background of the fan

    1. Those fans who paid for the ticket are a different type than the fans who only watch Milan from TV.

      For those fans, they bought the ticket because ultimately they wants to support Milan directly with their money and also see watch the team / their favorites players from close. They’re not gonna bother that much if Milan lost. That’s why San Siro always full even after Milan lost badly 4-0, 2-5, or whatever scores.

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