Mbappe praises Milan’s Maignan after Euro 2024 progression: “Thanks to Mike”

By Ben Dixon -

France are one of the best National Teams in world football, currently, and they have stars across the pitch. AC Milan are blessed to have two of them playing for their squad, and Kylian Mbappe has stated that Mike Maignan is the reason for their Euro 2024 success so far.

In the European Championship so far, there have been several underwhelming teams and players, for that matter. One of those teams have been France, who progressed to the Semi-Final of the competition after beating Rafael Leao’s Portugal.

However, the stories could be much different this morning if it were not for Mike Maignan. After a 0-0 draw after Extra Time, a penalty shoot-out awaited the two sides, and even though the Frenchman has faced scrutiny for his penalty record for Milan, he has been praised by Mbappe.

Following the game, when speaking to L’Equipe, the star stated the goalkeeper was pivotal to their succession, and his words have been relayed by Milan News.

“It is frightening. I don’t have the exact explanation, but when Joao Felix shoots the post it is because he thinks he has a goalkeeper in front of him who will save it. We had some success, but a large part of it goes to Mike.”

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  1. Where are all the foolish ppl on this chat that constantly scream we should sell Mike for 40M because he can so easily be replaced??? LOL. Ya those are the fair weather fans that know nothing about football

    Crickets crickets…….

  2. Where are all the donkeys who screamed that we should sell Mike for 40M and that he was easily replaceable?? LOL.

    Those fair weather fans know ZERO about football. Stick to x-box kids


    1. It is what it is, some fans on this website are not representative anyway. They know nothing about competition. The very fact that they hate a sporting director that won the only scudetto since 2011 speaks volume. They would mock Tonali because he’s a “degenerate gambler” but they’re addicted to speculation. Like this current lousy policy would be a success in the future… Like every year we’ll get 2 or 3 world class players from the U23 team… And if my aunt had balls I would call her my uncle.

      1. Hahahahahaha 💯💯💯💯

        Just sad this forum turned into a Redbird lovers chat. Majority of these kids are more worried about the profitability of a distant owner versus winning titles and respecting and adding to the history of our club. Very strange.

        1. Facts 📠. I swear this site has gone to the dogs. And it’s so contradictory. Not that I dont care about the financial health of the club but I’m firstly a fan of the great AC Milan…my expectations are trophies not accounting scudettos. We’re out of the dark era now, time for action esp since our books are healthy right? There was this one guy who was doing both but they sacked him /s and are jealous they cant and won’t replicate that success. Yes I said it lol 😂

      2. I’m absolutely convinced fans on this site do not, I repeat do not play football in real life 😂😂. I also do not believe they’ve seen Maldini play so there’s no attachment to him or any of the other legends including coaches like Sacchi.
        Maldini started out rough in management and I even question some of his moves but once he got going he replicated similar success as a player…scudetto and a deep UCL run on a meagre budget, which I don’t believe the current crop will replicate. But he gets vilified by ‘fans’ …only on this site mind you. Most ppl I know support the work Maldini did. Most wanted Tonali to stay, gambler and all. Most don’t get caught up on last summer’s spending spree as “excellent”. It’s literally only here. And it’s divorced from real fans. You just get their weird extreme whose allegiances somehow are aligned to these unknown quantities in management.

    2. To be fair, the only consideration to sell him would be due to the high wages he asks for set against his fitness and availability issues for us.

      No one wanted to sell him because he wasn’t a good enough keeper… I’d love to keep him but if he’s the highest paid player in the team it creates a palpable disbalance in the team.

      Would you pay him more than Theo and Leao?

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