Mediaset: ‘Arrive in days’ – Milan should expect nine-figure Leao bid

By Ben Dixon -

AC Milan star Rafael Leao is a topic of interest across Europe, and in recent days, the interest has spread to Saudi Arabia. Today, a report has suggested that an offer could arrive in the next few days.

This summer was always expected to be one where Milan would see interest for Leao, even if it has not been his best season on a personal or statistical number. Given Paris Saint-Germain have lost Kylian Mbappe, they seemed early favourites to approach, but that route has quietened somewhat.

Manchester City and Manchester United have also been linked with a bid for the star, but as the window has approached, the interest from both has lessened. However, this is probably due to the Rossoneri’s stance.

As has been the story each time reports have arisen, the Diavolo have referred to the release clause placed into Leao’s contract any offers that arrive that do not match them will be turned away.

Nevertheless, a report from SportMediaset (via Milan News) has stated that Al Hilal are ready to put a proposal of €100 million on the table, and whilst it is expected that Milan will refer to the release clause, it is a sign of interest, and it should arrive within the next few days.

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  1. I would love to see Milan trigger the clause for Nico Williams, if we do end up selling Leao to Saudis. Although, if we do sell, it has to be close to the release clause. Otherwise, what was the point of it to begin with?

    1. Yes apparently he has a 58 million clause. I am 100 percent for selling Leao if we could get him. Otherwise Olise from Crystal Palace and play Pulisic on the left. Leao has reached his peak. Great skills but hate his attitude zero ambition. Could have become one of the best wingers chooses not to. So I really do hope we sell him and buy 2 players worth 60 million.

      1. Olise has signed for Bayern, according to reports.

        2bh I’d be fine signing Chiesa then using the surplus cash to really strengthen the side, renew Theo, bring in a DM etc etc

    2. Would be a shame for Williams to leave Bilbao with how literally irreplaceable he is in their amazing system but if he has to go anywhere I’d like it to be Milan. I hope he signs a big money deal to stay at Athletic Club though. I hope he doesn’t throw his career away in England.

    3. If anything Williams Jr is the closest player to Rafa I can atm think of in playing style or attributes and you can add the look too! So Leao may not be all that missed 😊

      1. Lol. Maybe I’ll do the red card bet again..make some money while I’m at it l.
        Or maybe they know very well how it’s going to end when he comes up against a big team 😂

  2. If saudis offer €175 million as agreed, they can take leao immediately ONLY ON ONE CONDITION – that they take furlani, moncada and ibrahimovic as well FOR FREE.

  3. People keep on misunderstanding release clauses. A release clause is a number, mutually agreed upon by the player and the club, at which the club has to accept the offer.

    It is usually higher than the valuation of the player, with the intention that it is unlikely to be triggered, but should a club really want that player they could trigger it and the player would be able to leave and the club would get a handsome transfer fee. In certain instances the release clause is closer to the valuation of the player, or the expected valuation of the player assuming growth, usually seen at smaller clubs.

    If I’m not wrong, in Spain, by rule of the FA, all player contracts must have release clauses, which is why you see even random players with these massive clauses. They are set so high because both sides recognize that they have to satisfy the rule, and there is no real expectation that the player will want an escape route in a season or two.

    Having a release clause does not mean that clubs won’t sell a player below the number of the clause. And they don’t mean that this is what the player is worth (otherwise, what’s the point). Leao isn’t worth 175M. Sorry. But that is a number that both parties decided would represent a low enough number that a few of the biggest clubs might be able to pay if Leao really comes along and that the club would be happy to accept. It is a “make me sell” price. But the club could certainly accept anything below that number, if it decided that it wants to sell the player closer to market prices. Given the quotes for a similar player (Kvaratskehlia), I would say fair market value for Leao is ~90M-120M, which is precisely why the Saudis are rumored to be bidding 100M. So now we’ll have to see what the club will do if it receives this offer.

  4. That Leao would consider going to Saudi at this point in his career tells me all I need to know.

    Just sell, he’s not a serious guy.

  5. Its now or never. Its one hit wonder to milan for 100m euro for his single player. Make the historic sales. Moncada & co with his moneyball can rebuild milan squad on the tiny budget. So milan can still competitive and can build his own stadium. Remember when Arsenal built the Emirates Stadium?? they were very economical in terms of budget.

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