Mediaset: Cardinale organises event at LA club and speaks with Pioli plus the squad

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan owner Gerry Cardinale welcomed the squad and staff to a club last night and he spoke with head coach Stefano Pioli, according to a report.

According to what Claudio Raimondi of SportMediaset (via MilanNews) is reporting, yesterday evening in California the Milan owner Gerry Cardinale hosted the entire Rossoneri team at the San Vincente Bungalows, one of the most exclusive clubs in Los Angeles.

He is a member there and he organised a strictly private reception that included all of the players, the coaching team, other staff plus of course ambassadors Daniele Massaro and Franco Baresi.

Cardinale talked pleasantly and informally with the players and had a positive conversation with Pioli, as per the report, reminding him that what he likes most in the world is to win and that for this he counts a lot on him and on the team.

The USA tour is important for Milan from a preparation point of view but also in a commercial and marketing sense too.

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  1. For all the criticism I gave, they are doing a very good job.

    Okafor, Pulisic and Chuk look like they can add to the team

          1. Nooooo, Siempre made it look like Adli was having an impressive preseason last year and I kept saying it wasn’t special. Same thing is happening with Simic for this year

  2. Only time will tell. One window we signed bonucci, Andre silva and another 9 players and we didn’t finish in top 4. This summer we lost two true Rossonero – Maldini and Tonali. It truly hurts.

    1. There you go, give us some crap pesimistic view. How about the time we signed Leao and turned out good, or Tobali for 15M and sold him for 80M.. or you like crying.

    2. Except what we signed in that window wasn’t close to the quality of what we signed this summer. Andre Silva, Ricardo Rodriguez, Kalinic, etc. And if Tonali really was a true Rossonero why do he run so fast to a different team? I’m just not buying it.

      1. To give Milan extra €65m transfer budget. If Tonali refuse to leave, Milan won’t be able to make these signings to improve the squad.

        As a true rossonero, what will you do? Leave so Milan can get enough transfer budget to improve the squad or stay but make Milan hardly able to improve the squad?

        1. You don’t know that. Milan had a budget already and could have easily increased it.

          And I don’t even know what your point is. You guys complain about everything all the time.

          1. Where have you been? It’s been well known that the transfer budget is only 35-40m.

            Milan only made 13m profit last season and is still under restrictive agreement with Uefa due to previous breach of FFP, even if Cardinale wanted to, he can’t increase the transfer budget with his money due to that agreement.

          2. The way I see it, you are the one complaining against Tonali. Milan and Tonali made mutual agreement and Milan got benefit from it. As Milan fan, we should thank him from agreeing to leave his boyhood club so Milan can get extra 65m transfer fund. Allowing us to be active in the transfer market even with such restrictive FFP agreement that was signed.

            I am not complaining against Cardinale/Redbird for the small transfer budget. I know that the budget is limited by that agreement. With the agreement in place, the only way to increase the budget is by increasing profit (including player sale), not by owner’s injection.

        2. That is not how economic profit works The profit of last year wouldn’t be changed if Milan went out and used money this transfer window. Milan made 120 million on the Champions League, and while it was reported that the budget was 30 million, this was only for Maldini. The ownership did not agree with his decisions on the market so they didn’t trust him with a bigger budget like last season. It was said that Furlani increased the budget when he came into power, and I am sure he can increase and decrease the budget within 50-100 million depending on what Milan needs. The sale of Tonali gave Milan more freedom in the mercato but Tonali made that decision because he wanted the move. Whether it was because if money or the project at Newcastle, we’ll never know. But the management just didn’t object to the request because they knew Tonali was the easiest of the stars to replace.

          1. You misunderstood my point.

            The settlement agreement with Uefa (caused by previous FFP breach) is based on cumulative loss within the last 5 years, it must not exceed certain amount. Milan getting profit will increase the margin they can use for transfer without breaching the limit set by that agreement at the end of next season.

            When Furlani gave Maldini 35m number, he did not have finished financial report (only projection). Afterwards (as revealed by sempremilam article), recent calculation shows that they can have larger margin so the transfer budget is increased. However, the increase is not much, there is no way the increase to 100m as you claimed. 65m difference is huge, it means the financial projection was very bad, no way Furlani made that mistake.

          2. In cased you missed it, last week there is an article that reveal Milan transfer budget is 40m. So the increase is just 5m.

          3. Edit:
            The article that said the budget is based on financial calculation is the article that said 35m, the article that said there is transfer budget increase doesn’t give the reason but Redbird’s policy has always been based on financial calculation. They are not going to recklessly go over limit as it will breach the settlement agreement.

          4. People underestimate Furlani’s power. He is vastly more powerful than M&M, Moncada and Ottavio combined. He can increase the budget and refuse to buy or sell any player including transfer fees, wages and commissions. The buck literally stops at him

  3. It’s incredible to me some here want to compare what we signed this summer to what we signed some seasons ago (Andre Silva, Kalinic). Seriously… what negativity. You spin a set of great signings into what we signed then… it’s rather embarrassing.

    1. It does felt similar tho. I was as axcited in Mercato 2017 as I am now. After season after season finish outside big 5 in Serie A, even 10th at 2014, that Mercato give me hope. Because 2017 also give us Kessie and Hakan.

      The different is, we have a way better core today than 2017. This squad come from Scudetto and UCL semifinal campaigns. That what somehow not mentioned by people who compared this Mercato to 2017.

      1. The chinese era could have been different had Bonucci and Gonzalo actually played as if they cared, reproduced 80% of their Juve form, those results would have been much different.

        Those big signings failing is what killed us. Silva was highly touted by even CR7. He wasn’t terrible, he wasn’t ready to be at the level of expectations and didn’t evolve at a rate required.

        Rodriguez was among the best at his position in his age group, looked ready to take his game to a new level prior to coming.

        Who would have guessed Bonucci, who was regarded as one of the best in the world, top notch in Italy, Higuain as well, would be so terrible?

        We needed them to show up and they didn’t want to be here. Their performances showed it.

        Bonucci without Chiellini was always an unmitigated disaster, we were the first to find out.

        Looking back, it is easy to say it was brutal. Back then, these looked like amazing steps forward.

      2. We had Kalinic, Borini, Rodriguez and so many other bad players. It isn’t the same at all. I don’t even know how people can compare. Apples and oranges.

        1. I remember exactly how Kalinic transfer unfold. For the whole Mercato the rumors was Belotti, and by Early August it was Aubameyang. Then at the end we buy Kalinic when August coming to ends, with 20M eur no less. What a joke.

          But I can’t agree with Riccardo Rodriguez. He was transfer target for Madrid and United back then. I was so happy when he’s joining, he was my first choice LB at FM 😂.

          Borini? Better not waste our time talking about this one. 😅

      3. Also, the players we have signed were far before that the ones we signed in 2017. We signed players at their prime. Not has beens like Higuain or Bonucci

      4. Yeah they signed exciting players back then as well like Andre Silva, Kessie, Conti, Caldara, Rodriguez who were all performing in their respective clubs and touted for the next big step. And as well some more experienced ones with Bonucci, Biglia and Higuain. But there was no proper guidance. I am behind this team that’s coming up now, on the paper we are really strong so I hope they can perform as it’s expected.

  4. It is funny read ppl comment we will get same result like yong hong li purchase at banter era. At that time montella squad still dont have established core or player like leao . Fassone & mirabelli purchase player at yong hong li time not based on montella formation / tactic like bonucci he is good only if 352 or 343 with 3 CB while montella use back four, andre silva similar like CDK can only play good as false nine & SS also not ready at young age to change environment, hakan not good as winger because his position are AMF ( montella use 433 deploy hakan as LW) , lucas biglia often injury ( cost 16m euro at age 33) , kessie flop in 433 , Rodriques good but montella order him to play defensive, musachio stay on bench for one season in ACM ( not much to see his action) , borini similar to krunic ( versatile ,willing to play many different position but lack quality) , kalinic just another origi .

  5. Where are all the ‘fans’ who wanted Cardinale out, were calling him Satan, saying he would turn Milan into Spurs (a club that develops and sells players for profit) and overreacting before the transfer window had even opened? Before he and his team had even one full year in charge to get their ideas across? As I have said before, I have faith he will deliver a stadium and that will secure the long-term future of our club, no matter who owns it. You can question some of the signings made, but you cannot question his ambition. We are solvent, debt free and spending heavily.

    1. Well right now you are overreacting before the season even started. Yes the signings are exciting and on the paper we are strong but let’s sit back and cheer and wait till season ends. I really hope they will get us where we want to be.

        1. Cry? Where? You need to hold your tits down until we start playing some real ball this season. I said, we are strong on paper (at least defense and attack) now and I hope they can transmit that onto the field.

      1. Overreacting? I didn’t say anything regarding how the team would perform, I simply pointed out that Cardinale has spent a lot of money.

    2. They’re still here. Too embarrassed to write though. Certain people have been awfully quiet last days. Which is good. Great actually. Let’s keep it that way. 😀

  6. If we get Musah, Cardinale would have done his part. Then it will be up to Pioli and the team to get us over the finish line. The mercato was beyond anyone’s expectations. Let’s sit back and support our team. We can honestly not fault Cardinale for trying with these signings.

    1. Exactly. This is what Pioli wanted. I’d argue the money wasted on RLC and Pulisick would have been better spent on Dia or Beto, but the coach has been backed.

  7. I have a strong feeling that Pioli will not make it to the end of the season. I hope I am wrong and he succeeds with the upgraded team and we land more trophies and wipe out Inter and Juve. But somehow my gut tells me Pioli has reached his limit and there’s not much we should expect from him.

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