Mediaset: Donnarumma could accept Milan’s €16m renewal offer before leaving for Euros

By Oliver Fisher -

There is the possibility that Gianluigi Donnarumma signs a new deal with AC Milan in the coming weeks, according to a report.

The Italy international has less than two months remaining on his contract, and amid rumours of Juventus interest and exchanges with fans at the training ground, his future at Milan has never been so uncertain.

According to SportMediaset (via MilanNews), the Donnarumma topic is among those most debated by not only the media and fans, but also by the management. However, there is some light at last regarding a renewal as the goalkeeper could accept the Rossoneri’s proposal before the start of the European Championships, in order to leave to join Italy in peace.

The agreement, in this case, would be for a two-year period (until 2023) of €8m net per season, which would also serve the purpose of postponing discussions on a further renewal down the line.

We took a look at the Donnarumma situation in our latest focus video below…

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  1. Kilroy says:

    Now that we have very good replacement lined up for good price he wants to stick around for 2 more years? If a player is entering the mercato with 2 years on his contract you either renew or sell. What’s the point of signing 2 year deal from the club POV? So that Raiola can keep extorting us for 2 more years? I’m so tired of this bs. 5 years serious commitment on reasonable salary or GTFO to Juve already.

  2. Cesar says:

    The trauma would continue again because 2 years is nothing, I think AC.Milan should offer a 5 year contract

  3. sin no zen says:

    well i can’t fault him. if milan qualified for cl, his dream will be fulfilled. but this team not at the level to be successful in europe (yet). so to win trophies, he might pushed to change allegiance. in this days football, its all normal.

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