Mediaset: Fonseca to get Pioli-esque deal from Milan – the salary and duration

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are moving forward with their plans to hire Paulo Fonseca as the replacement for Stefano Pioli and some more information about his potential contract has emerged.

According to SportMediaset, Fonseca will be the next Milan coach and he will sign an initial two-year contract that also has an option for a third year. The Portuguese coach will be guaranteed the same salary as Stefano Pioli, i.e. €4.5m net per season.

In short, a choice in line with the past in every way, starting from the salary, but not only that. Milan have gone for another coach capable of working with young players, who is used to working collegially and is not too outspoken or demanding.

In the end the first indications that emerged weeks ago about the profile the Rossoneri were looking for have come true, while they were also looking for a foreign coach because the Italian options never entered the frame.

Geoffrey Moncada, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Giorgio Furlani believe the former Roma boss has an attacking style and the desire to compete with what the club will be able to make available to him. There will be no crazy requests but total flexibility, so he ticks all the boxes.

The first task he faces is to win over the fans who – as per the report – seem underwhelmed, perhaps remembering his struggles at Roma. This is unless the club takes a steps backwards like they did with Julen Lopetegui, perhaps following a harsh stance from the Curva.

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  1. So we’re replacing pioli with….. Pioli? I dont understand, now is the the time to hire someone who can make these players play at a different level. Our youngsters aren’t so young anymore. If fonseca is exactly like pioli as mentioned then how does that make us better?

    1. It does not. This managmant just like to pretend like they are trying to do something in order to keep the fan base somewhat excited and hoping for succsess in order to buy tickets and merchendaise. Basicly they are here to lich from the big brand that Ac Milan is. That’s why they can’t even give a clear goal of what they are trying to achive. Just “we want to win,” that sounds positive enough to keep people hoping but also not clear enough to what exactly they want to win, so no accauntability when we win no titles cause they never promised any titles anyway. It’s win win for them.

      1. If they are here to “leach” (the word you’re looking for) of the brand and stuff their pockets then why spend 100mil last summer?

        Why spend money at all? Why replace Pioli – the perfect yes man? 🙂 No “accountability” would keep Pioli on the bench.

        Why is there an economic and financial (tangible) surge?

        Your theory has more holes than Swiss cheese, pal. 😉

        1. If the fans haven’t reacted that bad after the 6th consecutive loss to Inter he would have still been our coach and no one can argue it. They panicked that if they don’t act on Pioli they will lose the fans a.k.a their golden chicken – without em no merchandise, no tickets , investors aka sponsors will pull away. There is a simple explanation why they invested as well – to keep the fans content. At the end they just put like 20 -30mils out of their pocket – no more than they actually planned. This year it’s gonna be more or less the same even tho our balance sheet indicates we can spend up to 100 mils without major sell.
          And about that Mercato man yes good one to fill half of the bench – left us with holes that need to be filled in the starting 11 , will they do it? If they sell one of Theo or LEAO , yes and I wouldn’t be surprised because at the end they really showed what their ambition is – top 4.
          Btw watch how our competitors move – Napoli will get Conte and in the end I don’t see us finishing near top 3

          1. Again speculation.

            The fans were content during banter era too with the likes of Kevin Constant and Urby Emanuelson coming to Milan. Merchandise wasn’t flying off the shelves. No one revolted then either.

            Fast forward to now. The quality of the squad has shot upward dramatically. Club is on a financial foundation of sustainability and long term success. Stadium in the works. Players being brought it to improve (again, 100 mil last summer).

            You don’t have a point. Stop.

            Truth is you’re just criticizing the management because they don’t spend money based on your preferences or you just have it out for them for some reason. Nothing they ever do will be approved by 100% of the fans.

            So just be honest with yourself instead of trying to prove something here, man.

          1. That’s why he is here mate. I schooled him on another article for constantly going around and calling people names, never coomenting about football just attacking people. He is triggered now, that’s why he is following me replaying on all my comments lol.

          2. He is expressing an opinion. It’s just difficult to suss out for ESL people because it’s inferential.

        2. What is confusing you ? In the second sentence it is explained that they do stuff to keep the enthusiasm in the fans, thats how you sell stuff and rise the stocks. There is nothing without the fans. Try to look at stuff more objective instead of just with emotions pal. For more detailed explanation read Momo comment below.

          1. “Schooled Me” 🤣🤣🤣 I bet you’re fun at parties. LMAO!!! Whatever you have to tell yourself.

            Make sure to include the link where you schooled me so it can be used as a teaching tool 😉

          2. @Rossi hard times for real Milan fans this hedge fund doesn’t represent our history and never will the biggest disappointment for me was not even Maldini getting sacked but watching his friend Ibra jump right in and replace him this new organization has no morals and I just can’t support them…Atalanta were fun to watch the other night brought Back memories of past glory that we will never see again especially with this lot, next up they will hire the cheapest coach available sell Leao Theo Mike and sell the reason why to idiots like ACM1899

    2. This is sort of a dumb comment. They’re replacing pioli because the team didn’t perform as well as they expected. If they are happy with the status quo then why not keep Pioli?

    1. Motta with one year of top flight experience and zero experience managing a UCL club….
      I really don’t know why people so high off this guy from ONE season.

      1. He is promising mate. High risk with posible high reward. If you can’t get top coaches this is the way to go. Finding one before he exploads.

      2. This is Motta’s 3rd season in Serie A. He coached both Genoa and Spezia and they played really attractive football.

      3. Sacchi, no experience beyond Serie B when hired. Capello, no first team experience of any kind when hired. Allegri, mid-table with Cagliari when hired. Guardiola, one season with Barcelona B. The list continues.

  2. “the desire to compete with what the club will be able to make available to him. There will be no crazy requests but total flexibility, so he ticks all the boxes.”

    No different than what Juventus, Bayern, Liverpool, Barcelona, Chelsea, Man Utd are doing. Instead of going for overpaid, proven winners and petulant crybabies who think they are bigger than the clubs like Conte, Mourinho, Allegri, Tuchel, Zidane, they are signing coaches that will do with whatever the club gives them.
    Juve is hiring Motta while Conte is begging them to come back and Zidane always said he wants to coach them.
    Barca let go of Xavi because he ran his mouth and hired Flick.
    Liverpool signed a coach from the Holland league, after they tried for Xavi and Sporting coach.
    Bayern is hiring Vincent Kompany, who got relegated over a proven coach.
    Man Utd and Chelsea are fighting who is going to sign a coach who was in the premiership last season.
    They weren’t even interested in signing those “proven” coaches.
    Interesting, but only Milan is portrayed as to be looking for a “YES MAN”.
    Motta was my choice. Management was holding on to Pioli and Juve stole him.
    When it comes to the other names there isn’t much difference from 1 to another.

    1. So basicly they all signed promising coaches, and in Barca case a proven good coach. While we will sign a proven average coach. Who by the way just lost his 3rd spot in France to a much smaller club.

          1. Speculative is that he wouldn’t have won 3 too. Nothing is written in stone, but facts say that better coaches have better chances of winning. Btw you didn’t explain anything so far lol. Im still waiting for your special objectivity theory according to which you have the right to constantly mock Milan fans and call them names just cause they have their own opinions.

      1. Well that’s what happens when you are trying to hold on to something that was already past his due date.
        Management, just like majority of fans were for Pioli to stay. When some of us were talking up Motta, most people in here were telling us how Pioli is better than him. While Milan was doing that, the other teams snapped up the more promising coaches.
        And what makes them more promising, outside of Motta?
        What would you say if Milan hired Kompany who got his team relegated, if you say Fonseca lost 3rd spot in France?
        Coaching in Holland and in top leagues isn’t the same. Just look at Ten Hag, who achieved much more with Ajax than Slot did.
        Coaching in premiership and in the EPL is a different beast. Most promoted teams get relegated right away.
        Fonseca isn’t my choice but he is neither worse nor better than the other coaches, outside of Flick.

    2. There is a difference between getting an overpriced top coach like Mourinho and getting promising young coach like Motta (Juve)/Farioli (Ajax)/De Zerbi or even Kompany (38yrs old), because these young coaches give you a hope, they are promising that maybe they’ll turn out like Xabi Alonso did.

      Milan instead went for overpriced and “experienced” coach, with long-experience of not winning anything. I don’t see any prospects in him, if he failed to win anything interesting in past clubs, why suddenly he would win anything in Milan?

      Not to mention that you use word “overpriced” under the article that says Fonseca would get 4.5mln euro NET… paying him such money is wild.

      1. Ha ha ha. You think 4.5 mil is overpriced?
        The Conte’s , Mourinho’s, Allegri’s etc make at least 7mil a year and more.
        Fonseca is only 51, Slot is 45, De Zerbi is 45. Motta is the youngest at 41. Fariolli isn’t ready to coach Milan.
        What hope does Kompany gives you? He was relegated.
        Also, what does it mean failed to win anything interesting with his previous clubs? He is waaaaaaaaaaay more decorated than any of the coaches you mentioned. His got 7 trophies. Pioli had none before Milan and he will have only 1 after Milan.
        Fonseca didn’t win anything at Roma, neither did Luis Enrique who then went on to win everything at Barca.
        With better players you have better chance to win. What did you expect him to win with Roma or Lille?

        1. 7 trophies… but you forgot to add that in Ukrainian league which is nowhere near serious football. Not to mention these trophies were won with Shakhtar, which is low-level equivalent of PSG in France, they have 3x times bigger budget than second best team in the league. It would be ridiculous NOT to win something with such huge budget.

          Answering to the first question – yes, obviously paying that money for such mediocre coach is wild. Saying that again what others already said – all of the other coaches are promising, Fonseca is not… And it’s not that “Fonseca is only 51” as he is already coaching for 17 years.

    3. The reason most of these names you mentioned are not hired is not because they “overpaid crybabies”. It because they are outdated (Mourinho, Alegri). Zidane hasn’t shown anything tactically. Tuchel is different story and it’s unlikely that he stays without a team from long time. Only Conte falls under this category – and even him might find a team soon.
      The main common characteristic of the newly hired coaches is that all of them are PROMISING. And yes, this comes with risk.
      This is exactly what we didn’t do. Out of all reported names we pick the most conventional, the one who’s proven to be “just ok” – so far.
      “He won’t be a disaster” – what a reassurance.

  3. Only Milan and Napoli are competing in CL Serie A without debt. Still, they manage to destroy and demolish everything that was involved in that scudetto CL dream…

    I’m heartbroken, rumors links Theo, Mike, Ben and Leao away from the club.

    We had a core for 15 years, everyone left because salary caps. The club is making millions the San Siro was always full.

    What’s the excuse Gerry Cardinale, Gazidis, Moncada, Zlatan? Oh Pioli? OK, this is Giampaolo/Gattuso all over again, worst since Pioli is an awarded coach, champion, legend!

    Fonseca In, Cardinale/Zlatan out!

    1. I forgot one crucial detail.

      Sacking Pioli and not paying his contract is a huge mistake, we are sending him for free to Napoli.

      1. Right, because by your financial acumen let’s keep a coach on the books and pay wages for another year just so he doesn’t coach Napoli? LMAO!!!

        I can’t with these people, I swear…. 🤣🤣🤣

        1. So why are you? These people don’t insult you, they comment on the article yet you are the one turning to them and commenting and mocking them. You don’t like their disapproval and negativity? Move on. Besides, go and check other media and social platforms about Milan and read comments there, you’ll quickly find out that there’s majority of “these people” which includes me as well, that disapprove the way this management operates.

          1. You don’t count nor are you the majority. As you have shown time & time again, you’re a hypocrite, your arguments are nonsense and easily refuted.

          2. @uberhulk sorry but you seem like an !mbecil, read again. I said there’s majority of people who don’t agree with this management and their decisions taken. And it’s evident if you go and check comments on other social and media platforms (facebook, IG, Reddit, football news sites, blogs etc.). And I am one of them. We comment and we dissaprove. You comment and mock and insult us because of our opinions. You like what’s happening and you support it? Fine I don’t care, it’s your view and your opinion. I don’t mock your opinion on that. But you lot do it all the time.

  4. Can please someone explain to me what’s the problem with foncesca? How many times did Roma make it to the top 4 after he got sacked? Exactly none that’s even though they had a better team. Not saying he is the best option but you guys make him seem worse than he is. Also he had the same point average in 2 seasons at Roma as Inzaghi in his 4 seasons at Lazio.

    1. He is not terrible. But also not great. He is just average. Just like in the past for example Giampaolo was. Is this something that you want as an AC Milan fan? Or wouldn’t you prefer a proven coach that gives you hope to win Scudetto?

      1. Other than Theo, Leao, Maignan, and Pulisic please tell me which of our current players would be a starter in the Serie A, Premier League or Spanish league fighting for top 3. People here are just delusional they think we have a team that can win the Scudetto every year. So in total this team is still missing 7 players if you do the maths and let’s face it Italian teams don’t have the money to spend big. So our only option is to develop younger players and believe it or not Foncesca is great at doing that. In 2-3 years this Milan can have good young squad that can win the league and reach the semi of the champions league.

        1. Starter in Serie A top3?

          Easily: Maignan, Theo, Reijnders, Leao, Pulisic, Giroud
          With good form (which is coach responsibility as well): Tomori, Bennacer, Loftus Cheek

          I think you underestimate current squad that Milan has. Milan’s squad is valued 2nd in the league, just after Inter. And that’s kind of my point – squad is good, but is still a bit behind Inter. That’s why only difference Milan can make in Scudetto race is hiring a good coach that will suprass the gap in the squad between Milan and Inter. And you get an average yes-man instead, who can’t make a difference. That’s the problem.

          But hey, maybe you are satisfied with thrilling race with Atalanta or Fiorentina for top5, then good for you. I’d be thrilled to see Milan win.

          1. Hahaha as if Liverpool would play Loftus instead of Mc alister or even Eliot and also this is RLC best form not sure what your saying. Bennacer wouldn’t even be a starter at Atalanta. Tomori is debatable but yea still what about the rest of the players? We still missing many to make it to the top. Kids here think because we won the league we have the best team in Europe lol.

  5. New one here, hi to everyone.

    I believe that the team lacks of intensity.
    The problem with pioli was he wanted to play as Ancelloti with players that arent champions, and failed in it. Besides of Leao the team was very slow and predictable and you can notice that cause everytime Leo was a Ghost the team was horrible.

    In my personal opinión, i strongly believe that management Is making a big mistake “If they want to be champions”, Fonseca Is no tan upgrade from Pioli. What ACMilan needs Is a Coach with caracter that can transmit that energy to players that can become top champions but at the moment none of them are.

    I would like to see Klopp, Conte or Gasperini for the caracter and energy that gives to his teams.

  6. All this is just smoke. 4.5 for Fonseca 😂
    Our new coach is De Zerbi. He checks all the boxes. If they hire Fonseca when De Zerbi is available and they let Motta go to Juve then it’s going to be riot in Milan. I am telling if this management want the fans to have faith in them that they are serious about Milan then they have to De Zerbi on that’s the only one that can take Milan to next level

    1. De Zerbi, whose Brighton finished 11, were smashed several times, including by Roma, and had a -7 GD? How many Brighton games have you seen to come to the conclusion that RDZ is the chosen one?

  7. Coach in place before the window opens and plans can be drawn up for the Mercato.

    Conte plays 352. Replaced by an average (then) Inzaghi from Lazio. Couple of years getting the right players in place and now Inter has a second star.

    Inzaghi went from Immobile and M-Savic to the inter roster. Fonseca will have far far better players.

    Pioli proved tactically inflexible. His rotations for Euro were strange. He had some serious hurdles as well like all the injuries to the defense. But in the end, he didn’t measure up with a pretty great roster.

    So there is much to like about Pioli. Man management, class act, etc.

    So seems to me hiring a similar profile after extensive study to ensure the differences are there makes sense

    I’m looking forward to see how we evolve on the Mercato and during the pre-season.

    Too many here seem to think success stops at the coach. The culture of the org comes from the top. So refusing table flippers like Conte and Mourinho is a strong statement about the culture of no jerks they want to build. The similar profile is a strong statement that the existing project is supported and we should expect to see key holes to get plugged in the starting 11.

    Forza Milan. Grazi Pioli. Forza Fonseca.

    1. “Too many here seem to think success stops at the coach.” Exactly. Fonseca with Milan’s players in 2024 in a stable environment and after a strong mercato is obviously a different beast from Fonseca with Roma’s players in 2019 amid total chaos. A coach can only utilize what’s in front of him so I really don’t get what all the wailing is about.

      1. Yes like Graham Potter utilized his chelsea squad or flick with his German squad at the 2022 World Cup…am skeptical about fonseca, desperately hoping he comes through for Milan

    2. Im not necessarily convinced by him and amongst the coaches that has been mentioned in regard of a job at ac milan he is fairly low on my list but there are some positives and you already pointed one of them out and that is the continuation of the project as he uses the same formation as pioli which should make the transition less troublesome. Secondly he has proven to work well with young players which could be an advantage in regard of incoorporating some primaveras in the first team. In the end we will see who we actually ends up signing but im just relived that we apparently wont hire conte who i rather dislike as a coach even though i quite liked him as a player.

      1. I favored Xavi H and when he came available, Pochetino.” I felt both had the experience to wage the campaign on three fronts with sensible rotation and priority.

        Even tho I favored them I was still not convinced.

        I’ll need to see results when the injuries happen and we are battling UCL, Serie A and the Copa. Only Fonseca can convince me now because only he will endure the rigors of the coming season.

        So I’m completely with you @Martin.

        But after 100m spent last year and holding to treating Pioli with respect through the antics of the Curva, etc. I will support AC Milan and it’s leadership.

        Forza Milan. Grazi Pioli. Forza Fonseca.

        1. Xavi would indeed have been an interesting choice and i would definitely support that move as well but i think he got sacked for being outspoken and not sure that it fits the bill here because i suspect one of the main reasons why maldini was fired was because he uttered himself in the media in regard of heavy investments right after our loss against inter in the cl. Thats at least what i think generally sealed his faith and he is at least born and bred milanista who has played the most matches ever for the club. Xavi can and could have been great but i agree there is really no guarantees and that is regardless of who is hired but i would be intrigued nevertheless.

          I would gladly take de zerbi, motta or concecao as well or even keeping pioli for another season if we against all odds could get klopp or some capacity in that vein in one years time.

          Results will always be the most important thing for me and if fonseca can come and bring that and make the team and players grow im also fine with that in the end so i will support the man IF he actually arrives. Hopefully our injury worries will also improve but we havent had a good track record since the days of meerseman and even towards his end at the club in the physio which happened in 2013 if i remember correctly we had been battling with injuries for years so not convinced that the solution to that will automatically come there even if this years injury woes have been beyond extreme.

          I see no reason to combat the ownership currently either but that will also depend on how they act in the market this summer, will they sell stars en mass ? last years money spent was kinda inflated due to the tonali sale even if it now makes more sense milan sold him they had already earned over 100 mil the last year in cl so i sorta expect something better because basically they only invested 30-40 mil on top of that sale.

          That nevertheless doesnt make me think that the ownership doesnt try to look for our interests but they kinda need to tale some kind of leap in moving forward,

          1. I’m infatuated with Motta, but so many here yell about “ambition” like it’s a.switch to be thrown.

            Motta is not a switch. He will have to learn how to handle European football. Such a first time discovery is mentally taxing, but also emotionally as he has to live with the mistakes he will make as the new guy.

            Poch is a switch. He and his staff come ready made for managing on three fronts. They will know roster holes and profiles to plug them. They will have metrics on players and know when to rest them. Etc …

            Xavi intrigued me because he has some of that, worked successfully in a dire economic environment and played nice football.

            I don’t get the love affair with De Zerbi other than he is Italian. Indeed if I want the Brighton Brand of Football I hire Potter who has been available all this time. He built Brighton. De Zerbi oversaw it losing momentum.

            What I am sure of is that the amount of research that went into Fonseca was legendary. Clubs don’t pay 4.5m per year for someone based on YouTube reels. They went through all sorts of psych, background and references. I don’t have access to any of it and would likely only understand half.of it in the context of program evaluation.

            On the sale of Tonali id like to offer that he was sold as a capital gain. They simply could have pocketed the money and shown a bigger revenu & profit. That was _their_ money and they spent it to improve the club.

            I suspect the same this summer and hope we can cash in on Mike myself. Love the guy but he is too unreliable due to injury.

            As far as the rest of the core, I am very curious to see if we can play with the character of the Scudetto season. When we were down we played harder. This season and last was too much head hanging and that is on the players IMO. If I don’t see the grinta mentioned here, then sure I’ll sell an asset that doesn’t fit the profile for one or more that does.

            Regardless I’m excited for the .mercato and the friendlies! Hope to be reading more of your thoughts!

          2. “I see no reason to combat the ownership currently either but that will also depend on how they act in the market this summer, will they sell stars en mass ? ”
            This is I think the most important (and worrying) part. If they decide to sell Theo, Leao and go for some unproven players from the french league, unfortunately we’d have to conceide that the management’s amibition is at most to qualify for the UCL to make money.
            If on the other hand, they renew to Theo and manage to get let’s say… Sesko, Fofana, Hojbjerg,…. we will have to admit that they’re pretty serious about getting Milan back to the top and that for some reasons Fonseca was thaught to be the ideal coach for that.
            I seriously hope it’s the latter.

          3. First of sorry for the late reply but needed some sleep.

            I really dont think any coaches offers guarantees regardless of their names and credentials but sure you can argue that a guy like pochettino comes with greater chance of success than some of those mentioned. If he fails though then he comes at a bigger risk and cost than for example motta or de zerbi.

            Id take de zerbi instead and has no interest in potter to be honest but i understand your assessment,

            Well im sure they are doing their job in regard of scouting for the right one that they believe will fit their setup the best. But im fairly confident to say that all clubs basically does the exact same in regard of stats and personality. Same goes for players.

            I can understand that its their money but as i see it all owners are only custodians for the duration of time they own the club. By selling a big star the club losses assets and reinvesting that cash is the bare minimum to expect and as i said we actually earned over 100 mil in cl that year, playing for a full stadium all year + we had doubled several of our advetisement deals to arund 30 mil each, That doesnt witness about an ownership that is especially generous towards the fans who are the ones who in the end pays the bills. I can nevertheless live with a sale of mike and maybe bennacer due the the frenchmans seemingly high demands and bennacers injuries and also high salary. If they start selling theo ill view the ownership in a completely different light.

            In the end its not like i expect them to invest insane number but they clearly should be able to invest 70 mil on top of any sales compared to the current 30-35 mil.

            The players are definitely also to be blamed and the failure in cl ill pretty much put on leaos and girouds shoulders for missing some absolute sitters that would have made us otherwise progress.

          4. Giga94 i can live with a sale of mike and maybe benacer but if they completely dismantle the left side that would indeed be absolutely worrying.
            Yeah they should indeed build on what we have and not dismantling it every year to potentiallly take a leap. Stability and cohesiveness within the squad is an important factor to succeed.

          5. I’m in US @Martin and have no expectation of immediate reply. No need to apologize.:)

            I appreciate the perspective and look forward to more analysis when we have more facts in hand this summer.


  8. Basically, AC Milan has hired a coach that has never won anything important, a mediocre coach: not good but not bad either. I am sure that Red Bird is going to sell all the important players if the price is right: in two years Theo, Leao, and Maignan will be sold.

    Mediocrity is the goal of Red Bird. We should stop watching games, buying tickets, and buying merchandise.

    Red Bird cares only about the money!.

  9. I found a little bit of info here about how Fonseca plays:

    This seems pretty good to me, though I’m not sure everybody is going to be a clean fit. And to be clear, I’m not really that much of a fan of ditching Pioli. Yes, he’s lost a lot of games to Inter, but so has everybody else the last few years. And I feel like Inter is going to crash and burn at some point soon here — too much turmoil at the top for it not to trickle down. I think the Milan side we have now is good enough to win a Scudetto, with Pioli at the helm, with a little bit of luck and a new number 9. Yeah, I might have a few other comings and goings (another RB/LB or a better 6 would be nice). But this squad and coach are not far away and I worry that swapping out a good hand in hopes of a great hand isn’t necessarily going to work out for us.

    Fonseca’s played a lot of 4-2-3-1, but he played 3-4-3 at Roma (where he didn’t have much success). The existing squad is set up well for 4-2-3-1, but 3-4-3 seems iffy unless we play it cockeyed with Leao high and wide left with almost now defensive responsibilities with Theo in a more defensive wingback stance behind him. That could work OK, but I don’t know who is really a natural at LCB — I guess that’s Tomori?

    It also says he likes to play a high line and counterpress. Milan’s press has been pretty bad this year, due to Leao’s lack of effort and Giroud’s lack of mobility up front.

    On the whole, it looks to me like maybe we’d be better off selling Leao if a big offer comes in.

  10. THE CURVA SHOULD PROTEST – CARDINALE OUT. He does not care about the club, he just care about the money, the reason the club chose Fonseca is financially. 1. He does not have a huge wage like the top coaches around. 2. He will not demand players. He will stay at his post without complaining and he just do what they tell him to do. If they were smart they would have chosen one of the rising stars coaches, like Juve did with Motta, he did a miracle with Bologna imagine what he is going to do with Juve. Or De Zerbi and many more. Another thing to consider and the big mistake the club is going to do if they choose Fonseca, he will be sacked after a few months. Time will tell. But Fonseca is not the coach that we hoped to have. As long we have Cardinale we have to get use to it to see our Legend Team doing less and less in the champions league.

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