Mediaset: Ibrahimovic’s former team-mate now in pole position for Milan job

By Ben Dixon -

Reports in the past few days have thrown several names into the mix regarding who will be the next AC Milan manager, and one candidate is quickly gaining favouritism, and a report has claimed he is now in ‘pole position’ for the job.

There are few certainties about Milan’s future right now, but the glaringly obvious start of that future is a Rossoneri side without Stefano Pioli at the helm. A decision has been coming for several months after the Italian manager was close to losing his job in the early stages of the season, and following three horrific losses, the writing is on the wall.

Perhaps it is a case of the side needing new ideas and a new form of inspiration and innovation. However, the two losses to AS Roma and the surrender against Inter have shone light on the situation’s severity, and now the management are forced to play their hand.

As such, the management will evaluate every credible candidate, and one that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is pushing for is former teammate Mark van Bommel. The Dutchman has been approved by Ibrahimovic, but he still needs to be evaluated by the other staff.

SportMediaset (via MilanNews) have reported that van Bommel is now the favourite for the job. Conte had long been a favoured prospect, but given concerns about the finances required for his signature, other options will also be looked into.

The current Royal Antwerp coach plays a similar system to Pioli, meaning an overhaul would not be required, and the Dutchman would come into the job ready to implement his ideas and then invest in the squad, not the other way around.

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  1. This is the best outcome for everyone, Conte would never work, we fans need to understand the management we have, and the policies they have, at most Conte would spend two seasons, which would be chaotic for the fans, the club and the players, he would have burned the whole house down.
    We also need a Coach who will give youth a chance, and the management would be able to get good young players for the club.
    Conte’s record in Europe is awful, meanwhile Van Brommel has Italian and European experience, he has been part of 4 great clubs , PSV, Barca, Bayern and Milan, and he has won trophies with each, he is a fighter, and he is matured and a modern Coach, he knows Milan well, speaks Italian, he is a Milanista, and he has guided a small Belgian team to a treble, definitely with patience and guidance, he would be able to build a great team.
    If you look at our squad, we have good players who need to be guided to the next level, which Pioli couldn’t because of his myopic way of thinking, Van Brommel will definitely look at our youth players, promote some like Simic, Coubis, Barthseragi, Zeroli, give players like Alexis and CDK a second chance as they are good players, assess Daniel Maldini , Lazetic and Colombo, then we could buy one striker and maybe a midfielder and defender, with this, we could begin a new dynasty without overhauling the whole team, all we need is a very good preseason, and his tactics and style will be embedded in the team, yes to Van Brommel…

      1. Conte always asks for a lot of money to be spent and not always his buys pay off (e.g. Valentin Lazaro)… almost buried Eriksen on the bench, even though he requested him, and Eriksen was a big player at the time.

        He also asks the club to get rid of some players that he considers not part of the project or disruptive (sold Politano, Icardi… gave away Nainggolan for free, even though he was bought a year before for 38mill, Perisic was loaned to Bayern where he won CL, etc)

        He also likes to claim all the glory and point the finger to other people for the problems, and he has no qualms at dropping everything and leaving (Inter paid him 12 mill even though he was the one that pushed to leave. He did that because the club had spent a lot of money in the prior two summer transfers and wasn’t planning to spend a lot more after winning the scudetto )

        The point is that if Marotta hadn’t been able to sell Lukaku for 113 mill (highway robbery imo) and Hakimi for 68 mill, Inter would have been in very deep sh!t financially.

  2. Van Bommel was sacked by PSV after a year, and by Wolfsburg after a few months. Yeah, he had a great season in Belgium but that is a much easier competition than the Serie A and UCL where Milan are supposed to advance as much as possible. He might do very well at Milan, but his experience so far is too little to give any guarantee.

  3. Roger if Benfica release him, the best would have been Oliver glasner incredible what he is doing in palace. If the coach needs to speak italian the opportunities are very limited, de zerbi not to av for us

  4. You have Flick, Zidane, Klop, Tuchel, De Zerbi, Motta, Xavi and even Gasperini. And you look only at managers with average records. Im sure that we can get one of this other managers who have way higher ppm.

  5. Fans need to understand the reality in which the club operates on, they know all these coaches, but have chosen this direction, is De Zerbi available.?
    Gasperini is a good idea, but is he available..?
    Xavi would have been very good, but it seems he will stay in Barca, Klop wants to rest for a year, Tuchel and Flick are not what they want.
    The club is moving in a different direction, and they understand Van Brommel right now is the best option that would be cost effective, within their budget, and will be ok with the squad and the various additions they will make with the budget they have, we need to understand our financial situation , which is good , but the club understands that they need a cost effective option, that will not be financially reckless,spending loads of cash on salaries and coaches and player purchases does not lead to success,just look at Chelsea, PSG, a blueprint , and a sensible plan is required, Man city created an Eco system around the club and the Coach before they were able to succeed, this is what we need.

    1. Just listen to yourself… You’re talking about budget options and best for cost effectiveness… That’s not the kind of language that works class clubs and their supporters use! If Milan want to be the best, or even compete with the best, they need to spend more on both players and coaches. No true Milan support would accept this “budget-friendly” nonsense.

    1. The club gambles on players with potential and might gamble on the coach as well?

      All considered, if we sell Leao in summer it means that Conte will be the new coach. Conte might be the new coach even if Leao doesn’t leave (hence the request to buy a midfielder and a defender) even though we have no idea whose place they’ll take

      Here’s a crazy scenario under Conte

      new GK
      Tomori new DC Thiaw
      Calabria RLC new DM Reijnders Theo
      Pulisic Leao(or new striker)

      Kalulu Kjaer Gabbia
      Chukwueze Musah Adli/Bennacer Pobega Florenzi
      Jovic (or Giroud) Okafor

      If Saele is not bought by Bologna, it’s possible Conte would sell Chukw and keep Saele. Also it’s very likely Conte will push for a sale of Leao to get a physical striker (wouldn’t be surprised if we go for Lukaku). He might push to get rid of Jovic as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if Calabria and Florenzi are given away as well.

      So all considered, Conte would come as coach, Maignan and Leao would be sold, Theo might stay, Chukw might get sold as well, new CB and new DM would get bought, Lukaku or another striker would come as well (loan or bought).

  6. The difference is we have tried them all, only iwahinking of Seedorf,he is a walking encyclopedia of football knowledge,but right now Van Brommel is the best among the people you mentioned, eis curtly working, and has already asked success as a coach in Belgium …

  7. Why not just appoint Gasperini.

    Look how he create Atalanta until now. Even Liverpool has been defeated in this Europa League, and in CL they smashed Liverpool too in the past.

    I know he still can not bring Atalanta to be Serie A champion. But, his style of play was one of the best for me, and he can bring out the best from unknown players too.

    But don’t know what is the mind from management. Why looking far2 away and gambling for coaches.

    I think with this Milan squad now, Gasperini will maximize them all.

    1. True. Gasperini can work with limited resources and integrate young players into his tactics. This is the reality we have now. We are limited in resources in every single department we have but we have good players and academy boys.
      I would also consider signing Tiago Motta.

  8. Mark Van Bommel has a very unimpressive and limited CV. He only achieved success in the easy Belgium league; was a disaster in The Netherlands, and he is not very experienced. No experience coaching a competitive UCL team whatsoever. What a gamble! His CV is not one that is compatible with the importance of AC Milan.

    This is going sideways. Van Bommel is not better than Pioli.

    Ibra is being biased; Van Bommel is his friend and former teammate. This doesn’t mean that he is a good coach. For me, he is a mediocre coach, like Pioli. I hope Cardinale doesn’t get himself influenced by this silly idea from Ibra.

    @Usman Yusuf = “he has been part of 4 great clubs , PSV, Barca, Bayern and Milan” – as a player, not as a coach. I have no doubt that he was a good player. I have profound doubts that he is a good coach. “he has guided a small Belgian team to a treble” So what? It’s the Belgian league. Serie A is a very different and much harder animal.

  9. I love van Bommel. I loved him on the pitch. But… What has he done on the sideline? Nothing really. Even Abate has more merits and is “equipped” to do better.

    As much as I love the idea of van Bommel guiding Milan into success, I don’t honestly see it happening. Why the f*** is the management risking the future for a few million euros? The head coach is THE most important thing here. Without the right choice we’ll have another “year zero” ahead of us. Probably multiple ones. Don’t f*** this up by taking a risk. Hire a guaranteed successor. van Bommel isn’t one.

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