Mediaset: Juventus defender gives priority to Milan as loan with option deal is sought

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are looking for a new left-back given the probable sale of Fode Ballo-Toure and one could arrive from rivals Juventus, a report claims.

Milan signed Ballo-Toure from Monaco and he was tipped to be a reliable deputy to Theo Hernandez, but coach Stefano Pioli has never fully trusted him and he now seems to be on the way out after two seasons with the Rossoneri.

According to Claudio Raimondi’s latest for SportMediaset (via MilanNews), Milan are still looking for a deputy Theo Hernandez and the idea leading to Pellegrini continues to gain momentum.

The Bianconeri want to sell him on a permanent deal, while the Rossoneri are looking to try and agree a loan with option to buy deal for the 24-year-old.

The Italian full-back has given his priority to Milan, having spent last season out on loan at Lazio and having been at Eintracht Frankfurt before that.

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      1. Impossible. They were hit with a 200 million euro loss. And even if he went not really a concern or huge upgrade. Their market is essentially frozen regardless.

        1. Yes they are in a 200 mil loss but let’s not forget that they have the Agnelli family as their owner – a super rich family with Elkan doing the business.
          If they wanted to , then they could pay the debt anytime they wanted to. But it wouldn’t solve the FFP rule.
          Yes I get it that for the FFP they should get some money, but let’s be realistic ..they have players that they are about to sell – Zakaria, McKennie, Illing, Pellegrini, Szczeszny
          + new sponsors

          So income is not really a problem.
          Donnarumma will most likely be a Juve player and to be honest…I am kinda jealous of the high quality Italian players that they have

          Thats probably one of the reason why Juve is the most loved team in Italy..they bet on homegrown Italians

          1. Lmao. Then go cheer them on if you love their team so much. What a ridiculously pathetic rant. Also their team is hardly anything to write home about.

          2. Also besides from Chiesa. Which Italian is awesome there? Don’t say Rugani. Most of their Italian base is mediocre. And their better players aren’t even Italian. And someone like Pellegrini had close to zero playing time there.

          3. The most loved team ? im not italian but i kinda thought they was the most hated team in italy but guess im wrong then 😀
            Either way at this point of time i actually wouldnt mind donnarumma joining them as it could be a fun spectacle seeing him getting harassed and pelted with silver coins when meeting us.
            Anyways the only italian player im kinda jealous of them owning is chiesa.

          4. TRAITOR speaks yet again.

            I always knew you weren’t a Rossonero at heart.

            First, you asked us to stop supporting Milan, but that didn’t work.

            Now, you’re practically marketing dead Robbentus to us. You are a Juve fan, caught ya.

          5. You are talking about the same team that has to rely on cheating to win anything? I think your name just about sums you up.

          6. Yes,
            I am life time milan fan.
            Witnessed 2005 finally game again Liverpool. But starting not to like milan, since they have 11 foreign starting players.

      2. Loan with an option to buy probably. They can’t buy him outright this year. PSG have let him sit too long and it effected his value.

  1. The last decent signing I remember ever getting from The Old Crook was Inzaghi… or if there have been others I can’t remember them.

  2. Juventus doesn’t even have many Italians starting for them. I can’t believe the level of ignorance on here. Besides from Chiesa, none of their Italian players are anything special. In fact Juventus has less Italians now then they did five years ago.

    1. Chiesa , Locatelli (really good CDM) ,Rovella (big talent), Miretti (talented midfielder with potential)
      If they buy Donnarumma then it will be another good italian in their squad

      a honorable mention should be Bonucci even tho I don’t like that player and he is about to leave Juve

      No need to be butthurt. I am just an admirer of Italy and their football. If you like this team of Milan right now with an owner who has is making a ,,moneyball” team then go on.
      I am not someone who is blindly persuaded by some signings even tho some of them like Okafor are good.

      1. None of their players are great, except for Chiesa. I loved Locatelli when he was at Milan, but he never turned into the Pirlo-esque regista we thought he might. And Donnarumma, sadly, has become kind of a liability with the way football has gone in the last two years. Teams want keepers who can pass, who are good with their feet, like Maignan and Onana. Donnarumma, as talented as he is, puts pressure on his defenders when trying to pass out.

        The most talented Italians right now imo are Barella, Tonali, Bastoni, DiMarco, and still Verratti. I understand why we let Tonali go, but it’s still a shame. I think great teams benefit when they have homegrown players who also dominate their national team. Think Maldini, Pirlo, Gattuso, Nesta and Inzaghi. Or Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Villa and Pedro for Barca & Spain.

      2. Lmaooooooo Chiesa is the only one.

        Locatelli gets owned even by Krunic. Never mind if Bennacer plays against him lol. What an ineffectual player. Rovella will never play, just like Pellegrini. Miretti is just mediocre.

        No not a moneyball team. They made investments of young and talented players. Again, if you like watching Juventus go watch them. They’re young Italian players don’t even play.

        You’re just ignorant. And your name fits well. Okafor while good isn’t even the best of the signings we did. Clueless you are.

        1. If you think that Krunić is better then Locatelli then you are deluded.

          Bennacer? Watch the game against Chelsea..he was deleted..worst player of the game if I don’t count Tomori who got a red card and to be honest he is just average. Arsenal offered 50 mil for him – he should be sold not Tonali

          If you think that moneyball doesnt mean being a feeder club then it’s really bad with you.
          Sometimes I am ashamed of Milan fans like you. You are clearly the type of guy who forgets to breath and die.

      3. Personally i wouldnt even want locatelli back if we could get him for 20 mil so they can keep him,

        Bonucci isnt he on his way out of the club ? has seemed so and his 35-36 or something so they can keep him as well.

        Im not blindly persuaded either by transfers even though i think we haver done pretty good on paper but the players you brought up are freaking dumb examples.

        1. All I remember is Locatelli getting steamrolled by our team time and time again. He just gets shoved easily off the ball. Even Krunic made him look bad.

          1. Absolutely the matches against us he hasnt really looked impressive but obviously he might do better against other teams but im certainly not losing any sleep on the grounds that we sold him.

        2. Chiesa on his way out too, he is not happy with alegri defensive tactic and alegri used chiesa out of his best position. Bonucci excluded from their squad. Locatelli are mediocre player that even scared compete with montolivo & biglia ( both are old player ) so he asking management sell him to sassoulo ( cost 12m euro)and he ends up at juve ( cost 35m euro ) , locatelli are far below tonali quality so i agree with you martin . The rest rovella ,miretti are just bench quality , nothing special

          1. I heard that a saudi club had offered him 20 mil a year or something but he refused to play there which i wouldnt blame him but who else has tried to buy him ? Personally i would love to see him in our shirt but its not like we are in a dire need of him joining us at this point of time but i always liked him since his days in fiorentina.
            Yeah the fact that locatelli demanded to be sold to speciffically sassuolo didnt give us much leverage as we could propably have gotten more as atalanta was also interested in aquirring him so that really doesnt help much in my view of him. Overall i agree he hasnt developed as hoped and id deffently prefer tonali any day over locatelli.
            The last two players might develope further but yeah as things stands nothing special either,

          1. Thank you very much for the kind words. Opinions can vary and is see no problem in that but i have mutal respect for you as well.

    1. Butthurt because I like Italians and teams that have some national(italian) player in them?
      You know there is something called respect towards other teams.
      I am not some braindamaged hooligan that has to automatically hate someone or something just because it’s a rival of the team that I cheer for.
      So no offense but grow up

      1. Juventus doesn’t play many Italians. They are even less Italian than five years ago. Yes you’re clearly brain damaged.

        1. They are implementing those Italians. If you would read some news then you would know that the midfield should be build around Rovella and Miretti in the future..
          You are clearly clueless and just a bitter hater nothing more. Or as you would call yourselfn- braidamaged ape

          1. Except they aren’t. Pellegrini was signed and doesn’t even start. Most of their starters aren’t Italian. Rovella won’t even play. The second signing they did was an American-Liberian, Timothy Weah.

            Miretti is painfully average.

            And now you’re getting a bit racist calling me an ape? Wow. I didn’t expect any less from a Juventus fan.

  3. If we’re going to sign him why don’t we just sign him?

    Anyone ever actually been “loaned” to a competitor in their career?

    I was loaned to a client once. You never feel part of the business so it makes it hard to fully integrate which hinders your development.

    Let’s just back these guys 100% and plan for a situation where they’ll be at the club for years.

      1. Don’t ever let go of your rage…it’s honestly hilarious seeing how angry you are about everything. Maybe that’s the one good thing about the transfer market…

        The reason I am pointing out what happens in real life is to highlight how unusual football is (including compared to most sports) and in turn that might encourage people (obviously not you) to question these things.

        1. You literally said loan deals don’t happen between competitors. It happens all the time, especially in the Serie A and Premier League.

          What rage lmao? It’s honestly hilarious seeing how wrong you are about everything.

          Maybe stop posting while you’re drunk.

          1. Ok maybe English isn’t your first language and you’re just not following what I’m saying.

            I’m not saying that loans don’t happen IN football.

            I’m saying loans don’t happen OUTSIDE of football.

            And the reason I’m comparing what happens IN football to what happens OUTSIDE of football is because I want to show how unusual football is.

            People like to talk about football as a “business” but businesses don’t loan their employees to their competitors. Businesses generally try and retain staff not trade in them with their competitors.

            So we should question why this is considered normal in football.

  4. ACM can try loan with option to buy. If he is bad then return him back to juve. Dont do straight purchase for rotation player

  5. Try to get valentin barco from boca juniors. He is young and will be a reliable LB for the future. He will learn alot from theo.

  6. it’s funny guys you know each other just by comments on some website. Get over it and go live a little guys. don’t look to be troll at every opportunity.

    Regarding the article, Cambiasso is better. Though this name give me chills and not in a good way

  7. The most loved team in Italy is Milan. Not the one that got caught again cheating and this team cooking the books. They should have been relegated last season.

    1. Good point.

      Also I don’t why Calabria, Florenzi and Kalulu can’t play on both sides.

      There are nearly as many examples of right footed left backs as there are left footed ones including famously Maldini!

      1. Calabria just got injured again and wont even play anymore preseason games. Florenzi has even more fitness problems and just got back after an extensive injury.

        Kalulu can play as RB, hence why Milan aren’t signing anymore RBs.

        Also Calabria and Florenzi as LB just doesn’t work out as both aren’t effective there. And Florenzi is simply not in good form anymore.

    2. He’s not ready to be a regular starter at a top club so he can go to somewhere like Salernitana and play, or come to another top club and challenge himself to compete with one of the best left backs in the world.

      He hasn’t signed yet so the choice is still his.

  8. Juve have a good player in Fagioli he is young promoted from the development he could surprise many people this season

    1. Lmao go cheer on your team that got deducted ten points for lying about how much your players are worth. And juve barely has any Italians. Cheating losers

  9. A loan is good, now loan Bozzolan out and assess in a year. Bozzolan is the best player in the Primavera in my opinion so hopefully Pellegrini is the perfect stop gap.

    1. Most players that get loaned out don’t get played.

      One of the only youth players to have made it is Calabria who we never loaned out.

      Why is it that every other team sport can develop players without loans?

      1. I agree entirely. I wouldn’t actually sign anyone and just promote Bozzolan – I’ve said many times on here.

        My comment is in the context of how Italian clubs operate, but in a perfect world I’m with you all the way.

  10. Calabria can’t play as LB. Florenzi can barely play without getting injured.

    Calabria just got injured himself and has many fitness problems.

    What’s the problem with signing an actual LB to rotate with Theo? Is it really that big of a crisis, Mr Hair Lice?

    1. Every signing is disruptive to existing players, reduces game time, reduces consistency.

      There’s such a thing called muscle memory.
      It’s how you’re so good at computer games.

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