Mediaset: Kamada offered to Inter amid frustration over Milan stalemate

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have put talks with Daichi Kamada on stand-by and his agents have offered him to rivals Inter, according to a report.

As per the latest from SportMediaset (via MilanNews), the future of Kamada – who is officially a free agent after his contract with Eintracht Frankfurt expired – is still uncertain despite suggestions Milan are were scheduling his medical.

The Japan international does indeed have an agreement with Milan over personal terms but the Rossoneri have put his arrival at Milanello on hold as they only have one slot available for non-EU players.

They would like to sign Samuel Chukwueze from Villarreal for the right wing, which would exclude the signing of Kamada. His entourage have thus offered the 26-year-old playmaker to Inter.

For the Nerazzurri he could be an idea if they were to miss out on the signings of Davide Frattesi and Lazar Samardzic, who are the top two targets for the midfield.

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    1. Those are the rules. We signed Loftus-Cheek who is nonEU. Brexit and all. And we are interested in Chukuweze, who is also non-EU. I think Chukuweze is a better idea.

  1. This second window is turning out to be one huge nightmare. Wake me up when the season starts…. 🤦🏽‍♂️.

  2. We seem to be switching to a 4-3-3 given the names we’ve been linked with in midfield, so it seems like the Kamada idea has been shelved. To that end we can now move for Chukwueze. No problem.

    1. It’s also bureaucratic. We are limited to two non-EU players. Management seems to want Chukuweze more than Kamada. And we can’t sign both.

  3. Commentator: Barella, who was subject to a bid from Newcastle in the summer passes to Kamada. Kamada unkeashes Thuram in space who deals the derby victory…..


    1. Commentator:
      37 year old Dzeko sends Tonali with a dummy to buy him cigarettes while he scores and gives inter 2- 0 lead in super copa. Same Tonali, who unlike Barella, ran for the Newcastle money.
      Don’t have to fantasize, this actually happened

      1. Let’s chastise the kid for getting triple his current salary. If anyone says they wouldn’t leave their current job doing the exact same thing for 3x the pay is a liar and a fool. He has no loyalty to a club nor more than a club has loyalty to him. Look at almost EVERY professional footballer and leaving their childhood club.

        Legacy players don’t exist in modern football and clubs are a business to be ran. If Carnidale is so serious about building a stadium to increase revenue he has to finance that and you don’t get cities or provinices to finance your stadium deal like they do in the United States. Arsenal, Tottenham, Juve, etc all paid for their stadium and suffered through the financial hardships (on and off the field) while they paid for the stadium, but most have been better off in the long run. It’s about building sustainability not immediate impact.

        1. Exactly. 💯 well said. Fans expect loyalty from the player and call him “greedy” – but do not ask for that same loyalty when the club puts that player up for sale LOL. Fans forget it was Milan who entertained offers for Tonali. They could have easily said “we are not a selling club, therefore, Tonali is not for sale” BUT they didn’t. We didn’t “need” the $$$ – 120M from UCL sitting there untouched thus far.

          Lots of Jealous donkeys on this forum

        2. No one is chastising anyone.
          I just point out what actually happened while the other person is fantasizing of inter scoring goals vs Milan in the derby.

          1. I’m not fantasizing, why would I fantasize about an Inter win…I’m just drawing up a potential scenario with missed targets for us who could bite us in the rear next season and it would suck so badly. But at the same time, points out the lack of direction of our current transfer campaign. Ooof did I need to explain the sarcasm? Ur killing the joke

            Why does everything have to be so serious lol
            I literally have a popcorn emoji right afterwards

          2. Right Milan fans spends like dreaming about a loss because they lost out on overpriced Thuram and apparently the best midfielder in the world Kamada, You are ridiculous

  4. isn’t pulisic also non euro? and what idiot decide to sign mediocre loftus cheek who has never been a consistent starter for 20m over kamada who is one of the best mids in bundesliga and was key in winning europa league for free. So Moneyball decided loftus is english so he must be better than a japanese

    1. He has a Croatian passport. But I have to agree for Loftus Cheek, he is either injured or in bench warming form.

  5. Just commit to signing him Milan and find a new right-winger.

    If you can’t find a decent u25 right-wing anywhere in the EU for under €25m then what is the scouting team even doing?

    We need a Diaz replacement in that squad at some point, so unless you’ve got many other affordable options then get it done please.

  6. Totally understandable. I’ve heard Roma wants him. Last season we chose Origi over Dybala aso that Roma got Dybala and this season we’re choosing…well we’re not even sure what we’re choosing but definitely not Kamada for free. At this point Roma should pay us for making their signings possible. A lot of people saying they don’t care about Frattesi because he always preferred Milan. Yet Kamada always gave priority to Milan and waited for us longer than any other player would have and we did absolutely nothing about it. Also a free transfer. I understand this was Maldini’s target but it was a very good target in any way you want to look at it, Maldini also wanted Loftus Cheek and we got through with that deal but opted out of this one which as as necessary after Diaz’ departure , if not more considering that it would have been a free transfer. Very strange move from the management that I have no doubt we will regret next just like it was painfully obvious from the get go that not signing Dybala last Summer when we had the chance was an awful move.

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