Mediaset: Milan willing to close Dybala deal quickly but for €2m less than Inter

By Isak Möller -

Paulo Dybala has ended up on the radar of AC Milan as they are looking for a new playmaker this summer. The recent slowdown of Inter has opened up a way for the Rossoneri, a report claims. 

This morning, Gazzetta Dello Sport (read here) reported that Paolo Maldini is studying the signing of the Argentine star. The report even stated that contacts are expected to take place soon to probe the situation.

Mediaset (via MilanNews) add that Milan are willing to close the deal for Dybala quickly, which could work in their favour. However, they are only willing to put a contract offer worth €4m per year on the table, which is significantly less than Inter.

The talks with the Nerazzurri may have stalled but they are still willing to give Dybala a salary of €6m per year. It remains to be seen what the outcome of the situation will be, but Milan are ready to pounce if the forward were to change his mind.

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  1. If they get him for 4M a season they are magicians but I don’t think so. That sounds more like a starting position to try and get him for 5M, which would also be a miracle.

  2. The picture on the article says it all, bewilderment. If they pull this off, I’d dub it the great magic of 2022

  3. I would be very happy if this signing goes through, probably be the best transfer show piece of the summer for milan, the guy is an established quality serie A player who had being a real night mare for milan always scoring fantastic goal against them.. fingers crossed to see where it will end up.. I love Milan

  4. There is a reason Juventus let him leave and there is a reason why besides Inter no other team shows much of an interest in Dybala. Media mentioned Roma but that’s only because of Totti comments, Dybala doesn’t fit in Mourinho style of football, plus they already have Pelegrini, Tammy & Zaniolo.
    Dybala style of players, just finesse and skill, are obsolete. Todays football is based mostly on athleticism, physicality, pressing, counter attack, stamina. Dybala doesn’t possess any of those trades. When he doesn’t have the ball at his feet you literally are playing with a man down.
    I’d still take him for the 4 mil because against certain teams that sit back he can help unlock their defenses

    1. Oga na grammar u de speak,,,, take it or leave it dybala will be great asset to Milan if we can secure his services

    2. Chunga you don’t anything about football. You have Messi as the best player in the past 10 years and you write such nonsense. Please, don’t. The reason why clubs don’t want him is because he seems to want to stay in Italy and you have a limited choice since he left one of them.

      Anyway, Dybala is so obsolete that he was the best player of Serie A 2 years ago. I can’t even laugh at you, this is so wrong.

      1. Few things.
        You say I don’t know anything about football but you just compared Dybala to Messi.
        2nd. Bayern Munich changed the way football is played today. You remember when they destroyed the best player of the past 10 years and his barca 8-2. How did they do that? Because they had physical, fast , strong players who pressed Barca all over the field and hit them on the counter attack . How is Milan trying to play.? High press and counter attack.
        Things change fast in football.
        That same best player in serie A from 2 tears was just told by Juventus that he is not needed anymore. They are about to replace him with a 34 year old Di Maria for almost the same salary Dybala is asking.
        Inter put Lukaku as a priority to bring back instead of signing dybala. Lukaku who has enormous salary and they had to negotiate with and pay Chelsea was signed but the best player of serie A from 2 years ago is still on the street without a club.
        According to you clubs outside of Italy don’t want him because he wants to stay in Italy then what is the reason clubs in Italy don’t want him?

        1. Dude, your points are always stupid. Messi and Dybala are same person physicaly. You were talking about how weak players have no place and then you start with that. It is pointless to even argue with an idiot. All the best!

          1. You are absolutely right when you say that it’s pointless to argue with an idiot who thinks that Messi and Dybala are the same person physically. Defenders have hard time getting Messi on the ground, cant get the ball away from him,while Dybala goes on the ground easier than brahim Diaz. Messi is strong , fast and physical , and has unbelievable balance , you just think that he is not because he is short.
            All the best to you too

        2. I dont disagree you need some strong, fast, physical players, the reality is you need all of them. You mentioned bayern, I’m sure, Lewa and Muller, and Goretzka arent that fast or uber physical. Yet they have technique and finess. They do have Kimmich, Gnabry, Alphonso Davies and Sane as crazy fast with technique. You need everything. ManU keep buying all these fast strong players (wan bissaka, Martial, Sancho) and yet it is bruno fernandes who unlocks defenses.
          We got the speed with Leao, theo and Tomori, Strengh in Giroud, Tonali and Kessie (i know he left). What we lacked many times was some flair and technique to unlock stubborn defenses. For the right price i wouldnt be mad at this trade. The question is, can he stay fit?

    3. Well, I would agree that having tall muscular guys on your side it great, but it is not 100% accurate.
      You can use a small skilled player effectively if you give him a physically strong partner in the duo. For example, our relatively small Diaz did well when Zlatan or Rebic helped him to clean up space for maneuvers.
      Strong tall players give you simplicity if they are good enough. But only a versatile team of mixed types of players can do the magic.
      Lautaro does well for Inter, because he has strong partners covering him.
      Real won UCL with lightweight Modric playing at the most important part of the team.
      And so on. You literally cannot use spearmen only. You also need archers, cavalry, and so on.

  5. Exactly Chunga, he would help us against all the smaller teams we dropped points to last season. The big teams, we played well against because the game was open. The teams that are more compact, we struggled b/c we were too reliant on counter and strength. We didn’t have enough “magicians” to unlock the other side. Dybala would give us 6-10 points extra a season (potentially). But I could totally see him NOT starting against Roma-Inter-UCL teams. Anything over 5 mil would be too much.

  6. After he left Palermo what kind of contribution he give to juventus
    Siting down collect money. Divide teammates
    He was never ready.
    He is good player don’t get me wrong
    Max for him is 4.5 to 5 in year. I don’t care what people say.
    Milan is taking gamble with him. No one wants him. He is problem. Juventusi is not stupid to let him go.

  7. Unless Ibra slap him couple times
    That guy is problem.
    Is he good player yes
    Can he replace kaka never.
    Is not to many playmaker around

  8. In my opinion, dybala could be that missing piece, at least he’s better off calhanoglu… We need a magician and I believe Dybala is a better performer….

  9. In my opinion, dybala could be that missing piece, at least he’s better off calhanoglu, we need a magician and I believe Dybala would make a better performer…

  10. I hope everyone remembers Pirlo, who went on to have a few great years at Rubentus after he left and everyone thought he was finished.

  11. Sometimes I wonder the kind of people who comment here, you are in line to get DYBALA and somebody here is saying He is not good enough? I don’t know you guy’s dealer but please say no to drugs……

    If Dybala comes to Milan then this is a miracle, DUDE IS A HIGH CLASS FOOTBALLER and compared to what we have, HE IS A KING.

  12. What we pay what we get. Redbrid only want profit from Milan. Redbrid no money to invest on player. Need pay high interest to Elliott.

  13. What we pay what we get. Redbrid only want profit from Milan. Redbrid no money to invest on player. Need pay high interest to Elliott.

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