Mediaset: Milan expected to discuss Belotti with Torino – the player is open to Rossoneri move

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are expected to discuss striker Andrea Belotti with his club Torino in the summer, according to a report.

It is now seemingly common knowledge that Milan are in the market for a new striker this summer given that the injury problems Zlatan Ibrahimovic continues to suffer shows he cannot be solely relied upon to lead the frontline, especially when considering the struggles of Rebic, Leao and Mandzukic in replacing him.

According to what SportMediaset (via MilanNews) are reporting, tonight’s match between Torino and Milan will not only be on the pitch but also on the market. Belotti has been linked to the Rossoneri for some time as a possible option for next season, especially considering his contract expires in 2022.

He has been a Milanista since childhood, and il Gallo would not disprove of a transfer to the Rossoneri, but the negotiation is not easy and the parties will talk again in the summer.

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  1. abanjo2003 says:

    EITHER HIM OR Vlahovic. No Scammaca/Edouard. PLEASE

    1. qwerty says:


    2. Martin Bernhard says:

      Id gladly take scamacca but a dream scenario would be to have both belotti and vlahovic upfront that would be a scary pair complementing eachother very well. Yeah i know it wont happen but i’d also take either of belotti or vlahovic with open arms but vlahovic seems very unlikely to happen as milan isnt gonna splash 50-60 mil on one player currently.

      1. abanjo2003 says:

        I think we could try for Vlahovic. Given that UCL money we should definitely try out for Vlahovic.
        Otherwise Belloti will be a good match too as he has been performing good for years now and will enter his prime soon.

        anyone of the two shall be good

        1. Martin Bernhard says:

          Money and quality wise if we can get belotti for around 25-30 mil due to his expiring contract it would make far more sense in my eyes to buy him instead compared to paying 50-60 mil for vlahovic. Obviously if we could strike a deal reminescent of the one juventus got for chiesa well then absolutely but i highly doubt such formula is a posibility when he apparently has several interested big clubs waiting around to strike a deal.

          Milan get around 60 mil for qualification to my knowledge and we still has to pay 15 mil to brescia to finalize tonalis complete sale which we paid ten for the loan. Add to that we need to buy tomori 28 mil so that is already 43 mil. Add to that we need new additionsfor right wing or atleast we all hope so. We either need to buy meite or find another solution. We need a left back as wel. We might also need a new cam if calhanoglu leaves or for that matter diaz returns to madird so seriously doubt milan will dig down that deep in the pockets for one position when we need to cover this many positions and the current financial situation of the sport. Anyways guess we can always hope that the club invests a bit more than what has been the case this year 😀

  2. Rossoneri says:

    I like belotti but to be honest neither he or Vlahovic can fill the shoes of Zlatan.
    Maldini should go for Lewandowski or at least keep an eye with his situation or benzema.
    We can have a young team but the striker must be mature goalscorer who is used to playing in big games.

    1. Martin Bernhard says:

      Belotti has proven to score goals and assisting consistently for a mid to bottom team for the last 5 years so i strongly disagree. In regard of lewandowski who undoubtedly would be a scoop but its unrealistic that we would be able to afford his salary and same can propably be said about benzema and then there is the fees so dont see either of them as realistic targets.

      1. abanjo2003 says:

        lewa won’t leave Bayern until 2023(contract ending) and Benzema is too committed to Real Madrid. I seriously doubt we could afford there salaries and also they are aging. We should try to. afford some young stars and that’d be good.

        1. Martin Bernhard says:

          I would always love to see lewandowski join us but yeah its a castle in the sky for now atleast but you never know when his contract expires but still then i would imagine he would have enough offers to demand a higher wage than we currently pays any of our players.. In regard of benzema id actually prefer us getting belotti or for that matter vlahovic even if i deem the last one unlikely this year.

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