Mediaset: Milan have a clear plan regarding De Ketelaere and will not raise bid

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan will not raise their offer to Club Brugge for Charles De Ketelaere for the time being as they have a strategy in mind, a report claims.

Claudio Raimondi spoke to SportMediaset (via MilanLive) and explained how things currently stand between Milan and Club Brugge in the negotiations. He confirmed that the Rossoneri have offered €28m plus €3m in bonuses but that was rejected, with the Belgian side holding out for €35m.

However, it seems that Maldini and Massara have clear ideas about the plan to be adopted. The attacking midfielder has practically promised himself to the Rossoneri, and as such they have no intention of raising the offer.

Instead, they will leverage the 21-year-old’s will and in the meantime hope that Club Brugge realise the bid of €31m including bonuses is a fair offer, and will therefore decide to part with him. Such a waiting game can be dangerous if competition emerges.

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  1. another one bites the dust as Botman, CDK, Ziyech and Sanches go and we end up with Acerbi, stick with Brahim, Low-budget Serie A midtable winger and Douglas Luiz

    1. Douglas Luiz would be an incredible signing, he’d be a solid Kessie replacement – very different player to Sanches though, but arguably could improve the team more, at least would free up Tomali more.

  2. Here come all the chicken littles saying they sky is falling. Acting as if CDK is the second coming of Kaka and if we’re don’t sign him that means we’ll have a terrible mercato and become irrelevant next season….

    1. There are really people saying here that he is the new Kaka… man got 18 goals and 12 assist in 73 league games.. that’s nothing special, he’s maybe a bit better than Salaemakers but nothing more

  3. Just imagine if Rebic, Saelemakers, and Diaz all play to their potential this season, we won’t need anyone. I’d still like CDK however.

    1. I still believe in Saele. Remember in 2021/22 summer mercato, Milan want to sell Leao. But they have a great patience and Leao improve significantly last season. I hope Saele can grow as well

      1. Apples and oranges. I’m talking about yet another failed mercato, you are talking about something that happened despite our last years summer and winter mercato were an epic failure.

        1. Shiva, you OK? Tonali for 20m, Tomori for 28m and Maignan for 13m—epic failure? You sure you on the right teams page my guy?

          1. Tonali Tomori and Maignan all came in the summer 2021 window, double or tripled in value, and won a Scudetto. But OK.

          2. Tonali was already there before that, so was Tomori, we just made it permanent. So really out of 3 only Mike was new signing.

            This is the worst part of winning Scudetto. Everyone is great, everyone deserves praise, players and management can’t do no wrong. FFS people, forget about last season, its over. Check the score boards, everyone has zero points. New season is coaming and the only signings we have are Origi (on free), Assias and Florenzi. If we don’t bring in some more quality, we won’t do shit in UCL, and that is the true measure of greatness. Not Serie Ass, UCL is where its at.

          3. Flossonero, de ketelaere and for that matter berradi and belotti are at the absolute top of realistically possible aquisitions id bring in and i would be greatly disapointed to not seeing any of them arriving but in the end though mmm has proven to know what they are doing so i see no reason to really worry currently as im sure they’ll get the job done one way or the other and yes i agree even if de ketelaere is a dream buy of mine theres no guarantees there either.

        2. how can it be a failed mercato when the transfer window is still open for another month and a half ?

          I can accept people complaining about a failed mercato if thats actually the case when the window finally closes down but that isnt the case is it ?

          Fact is milan has a great amnmount of fans that clearly loves to complain about everything regardless if they are right or not.

          We might also have other plans for a more active january as the world cup could present new opportunities due to the calendar but lets just wait for this window to close down before judging whether it was a successfull one or not.

          1. 100% right on!!
            And let’s not act like a 21 year old from the Belgian league is a sure thing. We’re competing with Leeds United for his signature and not Man United for a reason.

      2. Exactly. You’d think we finished out the top 4 last season and made shit signings. We got Tomori for 28m, Tonali for 20m and Maignan for 13m. CDK not worth 40m when you consider the deals M&M have pulled off. Everybody needs to chilllll

        1. We bough Tomori for 28 mil, and one year later he is worth 50 at least. If Maldini tests the water with 31, wouldn’t it means that the boy worth, potentially at least, more than 31?

  4. Adli, Messias and Pobega are really the new signings. No single player bigger these milan could afford to buy or pay for his wages.

  5. Well… in general I am an emphatic supporter of this Milan board, but this time… well, I think they should make an exception to the rule, make an additional ‘effort’ and increase the offer to cut this fvckin’ deal once and for all for all… in short: I guess we should really make an effort to sign CDK. Of course it’s not the end of the world if we won’t succeed, but it will be undoubtedly a bad sign…

  6. This is the worst part of winning Scudetto. Everyone is great, everyone deserves praise, players and management can’t do no wrong. FFS people, forget about last season, its over.

    New season is coaming and the only signings we have are Origi (on free), Assias and Florenzi. If we don’t bring in some more quality, we won’t do s*it in UCL, and that is the only true measure of greatness. Not Serie Ass, UCL.

    1. Last season’s Milan won’t win the scudetto this year as Inter & Juve are already waaaaay tougher than last year and they’re still both trying to bring in Serie A’s best CB Bremer. So one of them will get even stronger.

      Current Milan can compete for the 3rd spot and nothing else.

    2. Well said. Last season is last season. All of our rivals have strengthened and we have lost one of our best mids in Kessie a reliable backup/starter in Romagnolli and still have no RW or reliable CAM. Yes we signed Origi, Adli and Poegba has returned which is great – but for a club aspiring to win title 18 and make a serious push in CL it’s hardly enough. They are young players and would be unwise to put that much pressure on them. Yes the market is still long – BUT training camp has latest started and valuable time to integrate into the team is being lost while we always haggle over the price. It’s Embarassing. Pioli deserves better. We made 100M from CL and league title yet we have spent nothing thus far. Maybe we will maybe we won’t but every passing day we don’t makes us weaker. It’s sad. I’m sure CDK won’t arrive. Why? Same as Botman. CDK is under contract for another 3 years – Brugge don’t have to sell now (unless in financial peril). So if we don’t meet the valuation he won’t be sold. Same happened w Botman. We always think they player will convince the club to sell. Perhaps if he is in last year of deal he can push a move but w that much term left it seems unlikely unless we pony up the $$$. Feels like we already always beggars and other clubs sign away lol. TY Mr Redbird and Mr Elliot

    3. Right. Because they signed players last summer who were decisive in the Scudetto victory and tripled in value, why should we think they’ll make good signings this time? They probably wont right? We should probably just start supporting another club. You go first, we’re all right behind you…

      1. Lol. What are you talking about. Winning once and sustaining are two different things. Thus far Redbird has done little and they don’t deserve credit for last years success. Don’t be a sheep brother. We have every right to be critical of ownership until they prove to us otherwise and reinforce the squad. Maldini said as much. Let’s see what happens but early signs are not promising

        1. How do you know the sun will rise tomorrow? Because it rose yesterday and the day before. Since M&M took over transfer operations for Milan they have made man good signings. For this PAST experience they deserve the trust of the fans. They have targets in mind and know the value they possess. In other words, they deserve the benefit of the doubt when conducting transfer operations, and as fans of the club, we should support their decisions unless and until they turn out to be poor.

          1. As I said before they bought three players last summer that were key starters in our Scudetto team AND tripled in value. If they say “we will pay X for CDK but no more.” I think their judgment is to be trusted. Now if they have a poor window, then we can criticize them. You can’t be critical of things that have not yet occurred. We must let them work and make their choices and evaluate after that, not before.

    1. Ah yeah, 45/50N, and don’t expect more with this stupid owners, don’t say the deal is closes in September bc if they are rich and have money they would give it now. Both Juve and Inter already got a better squad now and in the future will strengthen even more

  7. So you guys believe that if that was the strategy that Milan would share it with some reporter???? This is just air – no way they have validated this claim with Milan management 🙂 hahahah

  8. Fans must complain. Some fans are like nagging wives that no matter what you do you will never pls them. Signing of players doesn’t guarantee success, big example Barca. Madrid hasn’t signed a galatico for some time now but are very attentive to sign young players with prospect and they are doing marvelous well. Chelsea signed Lukaku last season but he is currently on loan but sold giroud for 1million and giroud had more impart for us. Jadon Sancho, jack grealish, Lukaku, Messi, and all were signed last summer and many people predicted that they will take their teams by storm but what was the result. Donna left, hakan said inter had better players but we were league winner. Madrid was written off severally but they won both Spanish and UEFA champions League. All the big transfer last season which of them clicked. So what we have learned from every mercato is that players are overhyped. Simikan, all disappointed us but kalulu was discovered. So why we are praying for big names we should also pray for luck too. Look at Darwin Nunez let keep our fingers crossed , he may just be another Andy Carroll or coutinho or ousmane dembele or another Messi or Lukaku. Sometimes what you look for outside might just be close to you. Theo, kalulu, Tomori, giroud, were a success last season but fode ballo Toure, saelemerkers, Diaz, bakayoko can pick up and we are good to go. By paper inter and Juve are stronger than last season, but we are not bad ourselves. Apart from kessie and Roma that left we are still intact what if the board would have sold all the stars of last season what are we going to do about it? Pobega and adli has added to our midfield, remember that pobega had a wonderful season and a member of Italian national team so we should pray for luck and less injuries we are not bad ourselves. Origi is here so we are still a force to conquer in Italy. Our players can but improve.

  9. This isn’t Milan’s strategy – it’s newspaper made up strategy lol. No one knows anything until it is official. We were told about like 50 players that are coming by different news outlets. Truth is, no one knows, only Maldini and Massara.

  10. Even 45million is to big. Remember Leicester won league with 22 million pounds spent but man United has spent over a billion pounds and nothing to show for it. Everton, spent more than us last season but still battle relegation. How much did PSG spent last season but we were both league winners, same with man city. Since last three seasons Juve has spent more than us but what has been the impart. Kulusevski was underrated but had better season than his replacement the striker Madrid spent how much last season left for nothing. Aaron wan bissaka is almost three times the price of Theo but Theo is three times the player he is. Maguire is more than three times the price of Tomori but he was antiMan United. Lukaku was more than 80times the price of giroud. De light is 75 times the price of kalulu but is he 75times better than Kalulu. Arizabalanga is the most expensive keeper but maignan is 100times better. Jadon Sancho is three or four times price of leao Is he better than leao? A billion pounds mercato is a not prerequisite for success. Milan has proved it, Lille, Leicester. Why man city, PSG, Barca has proven that money doesn’t guarantee success. Newcastle will be a better example in the future.

  11. CDK is not the second coming yet. A 21 year old playmaker in Serie A is asking a lot. This is not Belgium and Italian defenses are tough to Crack. Many good players from other leagues fail In Seria A because goals don’t come easy.

    Not familiar with the kid but our hopes and dreams don’t start and stop with him.

    1. He’s “not the second coming” BUT your “not familiar with the kid”? LOL. Which is it friend lol. If M&M are that high on him that is good enough for me. Also – It’s not necessarily about CDK per se. it’s about the same fkn thing over and over again. M&M and their team find the talent but then cannot sign because we have no $$$ despite wining the league and making CL. From Konè to Botman. What happened to the “double discounts” with Lang AND CDK?? LOL. It’s comical. Let’s face it these owners don’t seem to want to spend real $$ to improve the squad. What we did last year means nothing. New season, new team – everyone starts over. If we take the attitude like some sheep on this chat that we should just chill because we won last year – are in for a rude awakening. In todays market you must bring in 4-5 new players a year and spend 80-100M IF we want to compete for titles and take the leap in CL with Europes best. Don’t see it thus far and time is running short. Season starts early and WC year means more games in less days. I don’t believe these owners want to win just make $$$ – that is the nature of an investment fund unfortunately.

  12. Mediaset are not reliable. The only i trust are di marzio,anto vitiello,fabrizio romano. I dont believe AC Milan share tactic with mediaset. Too stupid using this media tactic : offer 31m euro while leeds offer 37m euro. M&M also know CDK still have long contract and dont have power to push brugge to sell him,brugge dont need to sell to AC Milan too since they are not on bad finance,better they choose highest bid like lille did to botman

    1. Lille force Botman to accept Newcastle because due to their financial situation, they need to get the offer with the most money. Club Brugge do not need money, they need his talent so they might be reluctant to sell before the Super Cup.

  13. Business is business
    Those players has been spoiled that much
    Evry project has price
    Everything has limit
    Good for them

  14. 31 milion.
    How you kno he can adopt on Seria A
    Look the Diaz one of the promised player on Spain. Where he is now
    Real wanted 30 mil for him

  15. First of all, if we decided to not raise the bid, I think management finally made a right decision though the news has very little reliability.

    De Kateleare won’t go to Leeds for sure. And we, Milan, don’t have to overpay just because some bottomfeeder EPL club wants to play the money game. No one in their right mind would choose Leeds over Milan.

    Reality is, Brugge don’t have to sell. If we need to buy him now, we need to pay a huge sum. Moveover, CDK is a 21 y/o prospect. That’s about it. We don’t know if he will do better in Serie A or if he will live up to his potential.

    If we don’t have the money, we should just step out and let M&M focus elsewhere because realistically we can’t match Leed’s bids, they are gonna go higher and higher upto 50 mil and we won’t spend that much for a prospect.

    Not raising the offer anymore is the perfect decision. Club brugge can continue with an unhappy CDK for next 3 years because he definitely isn’t downgrading himself to a bottomfeeder EPL sh*thole club.

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