Mediaset: Milan could sell one of centre-back duo to make room for N’Dicka

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are willing to listen to offers for both Fikayo Tomori and Pierre Kalulu this summer, a report claims, which would make room for a new signing.

According to a report from SportMediaset, one of Tomori or Kalulu could leave in the summer to finance the incoming transfer market led by the new duo of Giorgio Furlani and Geoffrey Moncada.

The proof of this is the Rossoneri’s interest in Evan N’Dicka, who is set to leave Eintracht Frankfurt on a free transfer given his contract is about to expire. Milan have entered into talks with his entourage, despite the fact he has a verbal agreement over a five-year deal with Roma.

It seems that Kalulu is the more likely to leave, given that in the last part of the season was often on the bench giving way to Malick Thiaw. He arrive arrived on a free transfer and would guarantee a substantial capital gain, while Tomori cost €29m.

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    1. Are you kidding? Tomori had a horrible season and can be linked to the root of almost every single defensive slip up. Tomori gotta go

      1. They won’t sell him, I can guarantee that. There must be a reason why Tomori wasn’t dropped even after repetitive errors and Kalulu after 1 bad game was never starting.

        1. Kalulu one bad game lol, are you serious ? He was a disaster and we conceaded a goal in 99% of the cases when he played as a CB. Our defence stopped leaking goals only when Kalulu got benched. Tomori didn’t had the best season but he was still miles ahead of Kalulu.

          1. When Milan was playing 3 CBs Kalulu was far better than Tomori. He was also injured for 3 weeks so he lost his form.

      2. Disagree. Tomori had a below average season. But kalulu who was great last year had an awful season. Every single game he played he caused a goal or almost did.. huuuge step back for Kalulu this season.

  1. But kalulu can cover on the right and the center and is 21. tomori has been a disaster all season long. It’s stuff like this that convinces me these guys don’t know what they’re doing

  2. They are looking for problem where there is no-prob, our CB line with kalulu,thiaw,tomori,kjaer doesnt need any reinforcing ,they are selling player just to make money and bring in a free agent. Risky.

    1. They are looking to generate capital from a sale of a CB to fund improvements elsewhere, and replacing that CB with a free transfer. I’m not necessarily endorsing it, but it seems pretty logical.

      1. It’s a good move for the greater good. We need to make some profit for as you said to invest elsewhere. As much as i like Tomori if good offer comes and we get Ndicka for free that’s good business.

  3. Better still, loan Kalulu. As much has his confidence and composure level has dropped, I believe there is room for much improvement.
    He still has age on his side.
    So, I would rather have us loan him instead.

    Do we have plans for Calabria’ backup?
    By the way, what is Gabbia still doing in the team?

  4. Tomori is English and got snubbed for the English Squad at the World cup. We all know how good he was and how other players like Harry Maguire or Eric Dier were favored, even though Fik is much stronger.
    My guess is that he will leave if he doesn’t get calls from England for the Euro. We could easily sell him for 60-70K to Manchester United for instance.

    I don’t want this to happen but… With Malick being a replacement and Pierre able to play both RB and CB, it would be the least bad option.

  5. Think any of them could be able to be moved on, it’s the area of the pitch where we have strength in depth so if some capital gains can be made in order to invest in the attack then it would make sense.

  6. Kalulu didn’t have a great season. But he led Milan to a scudetto and he’s useful as a right back. Especially with Florenzi picking up a lot of injuries.
    And what’s the message to other players if you’re getting sold after one lousy season.

  7. It’s Simon Kjaer that should be the obvious candidate, he is a liability, slow and injury prone, the remaining defenders have a lot to give, they have not peaked, with the addition of Ndika , we are set for another 5 seasons.

    1. First of all, have you ever seen Ndika play? Every time I have he has been awful, don’t understand why anyone wants him. Second Kjaer is by far the best defender Milan has. Being in the right place at the right time and knowing what you are doing is far more important than being fast enough to hopefully make up for your mistakes. You can’t have all young players, somebody with experience needs to be around to help them grow.

      1. “Second Kjaer is by far the best defender Milan has. Being in the right place at the right time and knowing what you are doing is far more important than being fast enough to hopefully make up for your mistakes.”

        Video gamers don’t realize that. The only attribute that matters in video games is the pace and Kjaer lacks it so he must be an awful footballer. Right?

  8. Sell Tomori, keep Kalulu.
    Kalulu can play both CB and RB. If you sell Kalulu you ll have to sign another RB because God help us if we gotta rely only on Calabria and Florenzi

  9. Tomori and Kjaer are our backline and dressing room leaders. Kalulu can play RB, we cannot rely on Calabria all the time and especially not on Florenzi. They are only pushing for N’dicka cause he’s free and can make a lot of money off him in a season or two. We need Theo’s understudy.

  10. Tomori is in bad form.. so logically selling tomori makes sense. But it means less profit for our Gerry.

    Kalulu = $$$$ even if it means the squad will be much weaker.

    1. It’s not about profit for “our Gerry”. It’s about profit for the club to finance other moves. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

        1. You cannot use owner money to your club unless you have strong position in FIFA or UEFA like PSG . See juve ? Even they cannot escape from FFP . Stop thinking like using owner money or manipulate FFP

  11. An underrated opinion: Sell Gabbia..

    The bigger picture: Tomori is our regular starter, and knows the league, very well! I don’t know, if it’s worth risking, to sell our regular starter, for a player who doesn’t know the league.. Kalulu can play, both RB and CB, if we sell him! We will have, to sign another RB, we can’t rely on Florenzi to deputise Calabria..

    1. You’re not gonna get much for Gabbia. You’d be hard pressed to find someone willing to sit on a bench so much with better quality. And there are the dreadfull home grown quotas.

      Tomori, Kalulu and Thiaw all will demand minutes next season. You can live with 3 starters for 2 spots with some rotation, But with Ndicka on board someone needs to go. And Thiaw just got here, so he will stay at least another year.

      The point is to raise some mony and keep the squad quality more less the same with a Bossman signing.

  12. Sell Tomori. He’s had a bad season and was at fault most times for the goals we conceded. English clubs will pay a lot for him.

    Kjaer contract expires this season so he will leave regardless.

    1. Kjaer? might be Leaving for ..

      … FREE?

      OH MY GOD. THAT’S BLASPHEMY HERE IN THIS BLOG NOW. You should get fired like right NOW for even THINKing something like that lol

      WHAT. HAVE. YOU. DONE.. ZionTrain? LOL

      1. Man, you’re a bit dense aren’t you? Kjaer has minimal value at this point. It’s not comparable to letting Kessie, Donnarumma or Calhanoglu leave for free.

        1. You take sarcasm wayyy too seriously. Calmate, calmate my friend.

          So, you think Maldini told Kessie and hakan that heyy I won’t renew your contract so you guys can leave for free? or did Maldini want to renew them till the last moment and it didn’t happen cause Furlani and Gazidis co won’t agree to pay the deserved salary these guys wanted? Why would a SD want to sell the best players in his team?

          From what it looks like we are just gonna tell Kjaer you can leave for free under Cardinale who thinks letting players leave for free is a Carnal sin now according to some fans, right?

  13. Considering that Cardinale told Maldini to make money by selling, it is a very reasonable decision to sell CB and replace him with a free player to try to make money to strengthen MF or FW.

  14. If they can get top € for Tomori they should take it. I got a feeling he will become zapata 2.0.
    Mistake here and there and before you know it Milan droping points left and right and the dude will still play 90min week in week out..

  15. Kalulu was better than calabria for most of the season playing rb. Keep all the defense. Maybe sell florenzi as he was injurd too much. Great set piece taker though which we lack. Sell origi, rebic, messias if they want ndicka and maybe kjaer. This mercato looks worrying again. Kamada put on hold is complete madness.

  16. We have surplus in CB and we need fund for striker or RW . The best are selling Tomori to EPL club for big money 60-70m euro ( sign ndicka free for his replacement) . Kjaer & Gabbia only value for small fee ( not worth to sell ) . We need kalulu to cover RB because calab & florenzi injury prone

  17. you got it mate,Kjae is the most experience of them all, he’s position is far better than being fast, how fast is Van Dyke?
    Is Evan Ndika better than Tomori?

  18. Oh boy… Here we go…

    I just wanna mention something: 140m from gate receipts, 100m from CL, 100m from TV rights due to finishing 1st, not to mention sponsors, merchandise or any other income…

    How much does it cost us to run the team per season? Is it more than 350+ millions?
    I doubt it. Can’t they invest these money ffs?
    Must they sell starters in order to fund their…pockets? Ehmm I ment the transfers!

    No, this ain’t Dortmund or Ajax.


    1. You forgot they need money to build new stadium. Every club in the world selling player starter like liverpool sell coutinho more than 100m euro ( he is key player) so they can buy Salah,Mane ,Robertson and they success. Manc city the oil club selling player too like gabjes,sterling and now they want sell cancelo next summer. Real Madrid selling CR ,Casemiro for big money . There is nothing wrong selling your starter if you are surplus on that position, remember Real sell Casemiro because they have carnavinga & tchouameni ( Case was starter in their glory winning CL ) . We have Thiaw,Kalulu,Kjaer and maybe ndicka ( tomori replacement ) . We can get minimum 50m euro transfer fund if sell tomori to EPL ( he is home grown there) and we can use that money to fund striker or RW purchase

  19. Evan N’Dicka can play as both a centre back and a left back what are you guys talking about?

    He most definitely would be a manageable substitute for Theo Hernández how be it they are very different players,

    He would also be a very nice addition if the Coach intends to use 3 at the back for tactical or formation change.

    you don’t need to sell Tomori or Kalulu it’s Ballo-Touré who should leave.

  20. Sell tomori keep kalulu,kalulu is more of utility than tomori he can play any role in that defence which tomori can’t play

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