Mediaset: Milan make their stance on left wing hierarchy clear – two to stay one to leave

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have made their choice for the left wing department as Jens Petter Hauge is closing in on a move away from the club, a report claims.

Heading into the summer window there was doubt about the future of both Hauge and Rafael Leao, with the former having arrived in a deal from Bodo/Glimt last year but failing to get much playing time, while the latter has struggled for consistency during his two seasons with the Rossoneri so far.

According to the latest from SportMediaset (via MilanNews), the management have made their thoughts clear on the hierarchy for the left flank. Hauge is destined to leave the club with Eintracht Frankfurt closing in on a deal, while Leao will remain in the Rossoneri and will be available to Pioli, but will be called upon to prove it is the right decision.

Meanwhile, it goes without saying that Ante Rebic will remain with the Rossoneri too and will likely be the starter on the left of the 4-2-3-1.

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  1. nonsense….all because of this dumb Pioli…Man….you guys are destroying the club, where the heck capital gains went when Donnarumma and Hakan left for nothing..? why the heck do you keep deadwood like Krunic, Samu, Lazy leao and letting them play but you don’t let Jens peter play? why do any young talent want to come to our club and play under s..t coach like Pioli… Disgusting with this Milan…neither we trusting young and talented players by giving them chance to grown nor are we are buying the best players.. we are just stuck with deadwood besties of Legend Pioli and Mr. Maldini

    1. Regrdless whether you disagree with milan potentially selling hauge or if he particularly hasnt played as many minutes for us like you and others would have liked him to do you simply cant say milan isnt giving young players a chance to play because before januarys addiitions this year we had the youngest of all the top 5 league teams to my knowledge at an combined age of 23 point something. Team has also improved a lot compared to recent years both how we play and the 2nd place we achieved and on top of that we broke or equaled a lot of records in 2020 both in italy and europe so either you are giving an uninformed assessment or simply doesnt care about the truth,

      1. It’s not about the better record that pioli achieved So far with Milan. If we’re talking record pioli is better as Milan fans we need trophy and how to deploy Best player on the field, anyone remember when Don Carletto put Andrea pirlo as Deep lying playmaker and combined Rui costa ,Rivaldo, seedorf. We won the UCL at that time, how about pioli ??? He choosed Krunic over Hauge during Europa league. I believe we do not need the fifth midfielder. And I’m pretty sure that the time of pioli with pioli won’t last longer. Like What he did with Inter , fiorentina, and lazio

        1. LOL. “anyone remember when Don Carletto put Andrea pirlo as Deep lying playmaker and combined Rui costa ,Rivaldo, seedorf. We won the UCL at that time, how about pioli ???” You’ve got to have those top players first, moron. Man, people are ridiculous. We just qualified for the CL for the first time in 8 years and people are acting as if we’re going to spend 300m Euro and sign Messi, Haaland, etc. Real life isn’t Football Manager or FIFA.

          1. I don’t expect the club spend that much money to sign super star to win everything, but develop player to be super star. Milan got seedorf, pirlo and Dario Simic from inter who were not success in their previous clubs. For pirlo, his first season in Milan he was deputy of Rui costa then the second years carletto put him as metronom . For seedorf , inter put him as right wing but carletto put him as Attacking midfielder. Even at that time Milan had Fernando Redondo. Milan signed Those three players Pirlo , seedorf and simic from inter as part of swap deal of Andres Guly , Thomas Helveg. I don’t say that pioli won’t win anything but the time show us… about leonardo when he was the head coach, the second years at Milan he Asked the management to buy some new players , but the club refused it So leanardo stepped down as Milan coach.

        2. Anyone remember when we had Dida, Maldini, Stam, Nesta, Cafu, Pirlo, Seedorf, Gattuso, Kaka, Shevchenko and Inzaghi? We won everything that time. How come this idiot Pioli didn’t win the CL last year? What a loser that Pioli.

        3. ofcourse milans succes will be equated with trophies and not just good runof form but nevertheless the team has improved a lot in the last year and our records broken proves that, As much as i love and appreciate ancelottis contributions i dont rate milans greatness compared to the 00s but the late 80ies to the early 90ies as that was some teams that exceeded beyond the qualities of ancelottis teams.

    2. How more chances do young Leao needs to prove himself? It’s not about youngsters given chances, it’s about not giving JPH more chances. This is your point, I believe. And I agree! Lazy Leao knows he will be getting chances because of his talent, something that is preventing him to explode. I would prefer selling him instead of the humble Norwegian

      1. not really what he said though but sure i wouldnt have been against giving him some more chances to prove himself but the coach and the team nevertheless got us a 2nd place and did well beyond expectations so regardless whether hauge stays or not the fans really should start giving the coach and management some slack as we can thank them for where we ended last season, Evern i would like us to keep hauge but the management are in a pickle to balance the economy so they actually need to scrape by. If we doesnt get a right wing people will complaint if we doesnt get an cam people will complaint if we sell hauge people will complaint so where do we then get some cash if clubs isnt willing to pay 30 mil for leao ?

        1. Sale Krunic , Castillejo and our captain Romagnoli before we loose him for free. If we need some player for right wing and CAM , the club can give more time to play from primavera. Anyone remember Leonardo as Milan headcoach???

          1. if romagnoli wont renew i would be fine skipping him out of the club amongst the other you mentioned otheriwse id keep him but i doubt that those sales would fetch that much to be honest. What about leonardo ?

      2. I Totally agree with that. Milan wants to keep leao Because jorge Mendes couldn’t find suitors for him. Spending 25-30€ M for player like leao just kind a waste money, Buying Jonathan Ikone is more reasonable for dortmund rather than lazy leao.and one more reason , pioli loves player with inconsistency like him

        1. What do you know about what’s going on behind the scenes? What if nobody wants Leao? You can’t just snap your fingers and have some club pay whatever price you want for a player you don’t want. It could very well be that there is a market for Hauge, but none for Leao. The club needs money to plug other holes. So it might have to be Hauge. Then blaming Pioli for not playing him. Was Hauge exciting at points? Yes. but I also recall he doesn’t do much defensively, and sometimes does not run as much as he could. Maybe Rebic does that?

          1. As a fans No ones know everything that happen on training ground or inside the locker room. Not only Milan, even big Clubs such as Madrid need revenue. The last time Hauge played for Milan was the game against sampdoria after that he was on the bench. If we’re talking about suitors to Milan player, last season there were some suitors from italian clubs and Germany club for Krunic but maldini seem refused it. If management need some cash they can sell him, and spend it for january window transfer or at this time to get a new player

    3. For Rafael Leao Milan payed 30 mil and if they sell him will be a max 20 so they rather sell Hauge because on 12 mil will be a +7 from the buy.
      Elliot is business not sport.

  2. What’s the need rushing to sell Hauge for just €12m while he could be sold for €50-60m after a successful season. Why not have all 3 of them and just buy one LW and forget about getting a new MF and use Pobega instead.

  3. The more upsetting thing is that they still have not addressed the biggest weakness from last season which is the right wing. They cannot go another season with Saleamakers and Castillejo on the right and seriously expect to contend. Hauge can’t play on the right? Not to mention they still have not replaced Calhanoglu. Milan being cheap. Right now they have a worse team than last season.

  4. I told you that a few days ago to a journalist, you have no idea, I don’t know where you get the information from but it is very weak and everyone knows what you are writing, you could have said something nice about Hauge and his game when he came to Milan and how Pioli managed to spoil it all because he put Hauge on the bench and he was the best on the left in October and November 2020. Of course stupid Pioli had to spoil it because he doesn’t know what a good player is and how to use him, .The new season will just show how much Pioli will stay in Milan, I give him until October and he will be fired.

  5. Is it possible that Hauge Can’t play pn the right….. why is pioli not thinking of playing on the right or at least giving it a try.

  6. I used to criticize Pioli alot too, but then I relaised something.

    There is a training ground, and these guys get a fair share of looks from their coaches.

    Pioli deserves credit. He took a tired and. Second rated Milan with a bunch of kids to a second place finish and good record. The only reason you can say these guys can’t play for Milan is because Pioli made Milan competitive again. Can you remember not long ago when suso was our best player. Freaking Suso. That was just Last 2season guys. Trust the process and the coach. Doesn’t always make sense. I love Hauge, I was rooting for him. But I have to trust Maldini and Pioli.

    Also , Krunic salary is team friendly, and he can play multiple positions. Making him our Ji Sung Park, utility and reliable also content. Any coach will want that.

    Honestly. If Pioli has made a wrong decision and I agree he has. His right ones are more than the wrong ones at the moment. And for that reason. I will give him the benefit of the doubt

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