Mediaset: Milan pushing for Milinkovic-Savic and aim to include counterpart

By Oliver Fisher -

Lazio have set quite a high asking price for Sergej Milinkovic-Savic which AC Milan hope to bring down by including a player going the other way, a report claims.

According to Claudio Raimondi in his article for SportMediaset, Milan are aiming for an ambitious transfer window and that is why they will at least try for Milinkovic-Savic as a potential reinforcement for the midfield.

Although he still has only one year on his contract, Lazio continue to value him at €35m, but the Rossoneri would be willing to include a counterpart in the negotiation such as Ante Rebic to bring the cash sum required down.

However, the source also mentioned that the amount competition could raise his price and thus make him disappear from Milan’s radar.

In addition, Lazio president Claudio Lotito tends to only work in cash which means it is almost impossible to insert a player in the deal and reach an agreement.

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    1. Me too, that’s the way to go. Add Retegui, scammaca or scalvini . We also need Italian marks on the team to catalise the spirit.

  1. honestly 35M€ for such a player is a bargain.. Expensive? If it wasnt for the contract situation he’d go for 60M€+
    If they ask for 35M€ cash you give it, smile and say thank you. none of that 2-3 months negotiation to get 3 mill off. just give it and move on

    1. Perhaps, but you’re ignoring the issue of our budget. The fact that SMS is ultimately “discounted” due to his contract is irrelevant if you don’t have the money to pay the discount. And given that we need a right winger and a striker more urgently than a central midfielder, w’re not going to “just give it”.

      1. budget is what it is. If its 50M again giving 35M for SMS is a good idea. He is the type of player who elevates the whole team.
        So you get SMS (35), Kamada (free), Arnautović (low fee). 2 more guys who are mentioned are Asensio (free) and old Sharawy (free).
        By selling dead weight they could actually made a profit in the end. Rebič, Origi and Adli should net at least 20-25M€.
        Also since benacer is out till nov-dec Milan does need a CM. If i’m not mistaken the african cup is after new year, benacer will probably be gone for a while.

      2. You can loan striker like balogun,scamacca,hugo eikitike or sign free transfer striker like marcus thuram. For RW i think maldini will go for free transfer like adama traore or other loan player. The big problem are SMS will take CDK place and that will wasted AC Milan money on CDK . We must sell or loan CDK first

        1. I don’t think that CdK will be sold or loaned. He will stay for sure. I mean SMS is more a CM than a AM. While CdK is a AM but can play as RM aswell. So you are comparing apples with bananas.

          And before you write: ,,duh SMS can play AM ” yes but why would you put him into a position where he isn’t as good as on his original?
          CdK has everything he needs to success. Only his confidence is missing and it will come for sure.

  2. Rebic 7-8 mio
    Pessina 7,5 mio (sold to Monza)
    Origi 6-7 mio
    Balo Toure 5-6 mio

    total 25-28,5 mio

    add 5-7 mio to that an we have the money for SMS the best CM in Serie A, a solution for next
    4 years!

    1. Sure, but until those sales actually happen it’s speculation. And the club isn’t going to spend 35m first speculating that they will later be able to sell those players for the money you just listed. The sales would have to happen first. SMS will be gone by that time.

    2. That’s some optomistic pricing imo.
      Rebic, we be lucky to get 5m given his form and injuries
      Origi is on a huge contract, so honestly just getting him off the books would be a win

      ballo toure – 2m

  3. In as much as I want SMS, I think it’s exorbitant to pay that sum with a year left on his contract. No club will pay such with a year left except PSG, and maybe Chelsea. A swap and a few millions might make sense

    1. If he would have 5 years of contract with his current value at 60 mio, let’s say he would be still available for whatever reason for 30-35 mio, would that change something? No, his worth 60 mio and we can have him for 30-35. Pioli knows him, he has enough experience in Serie A and guarantees 20 goals+assists per season!

  4. If AC Milan have budget 70m euro , just pay cash 35m euro for SMS, skip if above that amount. If you buy SMS ,you will have versatile player can play as AMF,DMF,CMF. And best part dont need adaptation like CDK .But if you buy SMS ,where do you put CDK ? Your 35m euro investment on CDK will be wasted. So i can only say : SMS only come if CDK & adili get loaned to other club or sell permanent

  5. To be honest I am against this deal. He is a player in decline and 35mil is a big price to pay for someone whose value is dropping consistently every season. Don’t get me wrong, he is very effective as he is now.. but a player with an attitude who is in decline is gonna be worse than a nuke in a dressing room full of young talents. We need less toxicity and more optimism and enthusiasm. Just a clear note.. NO ONE Else is serious about SMS. We are bidding 35mil when no serious competition is on. It’s a loss.

    Just my two cents. Perhaps a loan swap between CDK and SMS is better option. CDK will get some regular playing time rebuilding his confidence in serie a, we get to utilize the best of what’s still left of SMS in him. Win-win.

    1. SMS is only 28 years old. He will be in his prime as a footballer for at least 2-3 years if we sign him, and he can play every midfield position and Pioli was his mentor at Lazio! For 35 million there is absolutely no reality where Milan should not go all-in on signing him. No way…

    2. decline, right.. At 28yo he still has 5 years of football in front of him, minimun. And 35M is cheap for that quality he has. A WC midfielder for 35M€. pppffff
      And i never heard of him having an attitude.

    3. The fact SMS has stayed at Lazio so long is a very clear indicator of a player who loves and respects the team he plays for. I have never heard any question about his attitude.
      You shouldn’t invent slanderous remarks

  6. For me simple, we need him!!
    Origi and Pobega plus £15m cash

    Would make up for the lackluster season we just had!

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