Mediaset: Milan raise offers for two major targets as Man Utd join striker race

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan have increased their offers for both Yunus Musah and Mehdi Taremi but Manchester United have joined the race for the latter target, a report claims. 

As has been reported by Sport Mediaset (via Milan Zone on Twitter), the Rossoneri are moving forwards in their efforts to sign both Yunus Musah from Valencia and Mehdi Taremi from FC Porto.

The offer for the American midfielder has been raised by Milan to €18 million and it could be closed within 48 hours. That would allow Milan to take Musah on the pre-season tour to the United States.

The Taremi deal would be more expensive as Porto want €30m, whilst Milan have offered €20-25m and bonuses. The issue is that Manchester United have also entered the race for Taremi and they will be able to offer both Porto and the player more money than Milan.

It seems more likely that Musah will be the next Milan signing, rather than Taremi.

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  1. Alex Jimenez, a full back born in 2005 is closing in on a loan with option to buy move from real Madrid. What do we think about this one? Not heard of this guy before

    1. Don’t know, maybe for Primavera? So when he finally go to main team he can be home grown.

      If we really sign Singo I’m not sure this kid will get playing time. We still have Calabria, Florenzi, and Kalulu that can play right wing.

  2. Taremi turn 31 today. Why invest that money on someone that is not for the future. Hopefully someone else takes him. But why can we not buy a proper right winger.

  3. Before we sold Tonali, there was supposed to be 35Mil for the transfer budget. that means we should have a total budget of close to 110Mil to spend.
    Stop wasting time with Taremi now and go toe to toe with Inter for Balogun. According to reports they have offered 34.5Mil. If nothing else, it will push up the price that they have to pay….

    1. Exactly invest in a younger and more dynamic centre forward and I hope Man Utd outbid Milan for Taremi. As I am not sure what’s the obsession by management for a 31 year old that plays in Portuguese league at that price.

    2. not like arsenal watns 58M for him.. they wont sell cheap. and that is what 35M is in this case. Cheap offer

  4. Taremi is proven with some crazy stat (+40 goal and assist in Primeira + CL!) and can play easily until 34 at high level with his playing style. He ist super intelligent and wins balls back, opens spaces for others and have great late runs. I’m for him 100%

      1. Ok, where did the other alternatives played with what stat?
        Also, he got 5 goals + 2 assists in last CL.
        Be realistic!

      2. @Giga94, yes in Portuguese league lol. What do you expect? Do you think we can afford a player from la Liga or premier League who has 40+GA stats like Haaland or Vinisius? 🤣🤣🤣
        25 mil is a decent offer for this Persian dude, not more

  5. Skip if 30m euro taremi asking price. He is already 31 this season . Might as well use that 30m euro for samuel chukwu fix RW position

    1. Chukwueze is not happening. Some simple math: 64m for Tonali (yes, there are bonuses but that is not money in the bank) plus 35m original transfer kitty = 99m to spend. RLC cost 16m up front, Pulisic cost 20m up front, Reijnders 20m up front. Musah is now at 18m. If Valencia accept that, then total up-front spend will be 74m. That leaves 25m for two positions where the players we want have been quoted at anywhere from 30m to 45m. It’s not enough for both a striker and Chukwueze.

      Given that we will most likely play 4-3-3 and that Pulisic, while being right-footed, had his best professional season at RW at Dortmund, I think our winger market is closed and what’s left of the transfer budget will go to striker as it should given the budget and lack of options there. Leao will start on the left, Pulisic on the right, and if Leao is suspended, injured or in need of a rest Pulisic will slide over to the left and one of Messias and Salad will start at RW.

      Even if we sell Origi, Rebic and one of Messias or Saladmaker, it will probably generate no more than 20m. Still not enough for Chukwueze AND the striker we need. Even that is unlikely as Rebic and Origi seemed determined to sit on the bench and collect. Thus whatever we have left after Musah (probably 25m) MUST be spent on a striker as that is where we will have the greatest need. Porto is asking for 30m for Taremi and we’re at 20m. Seems likely we’ll end up in the middle for that 25m. There is also Dia who has a release clause at 25m. Then our market will be close save for whatever outgoing we can manage.

      1. Hey Vero. This is the most sensible review I’ve seen. Summaries our situation in just a few sentences .
        Couldn’t have said it better

      2. Well said,
        But still suspect that a RW will still arrive.

        It will be a huge risk to have Pulisic as the only capable RW in the squad, given his injury antecedent, any injury would return us to having a weak starting RW we have suffered for a long time now.

        I feel Pulisic will be a joker in the attack for Pioli as he is capable of playing anywhere upfront, covering for Leao, the RW and even Giroud.

        A few sales added to the remaining budget can get us a capable RW and Pulisic may occasionally have to deputise for Giroud.

      3. Dia or Beto are better options than Teremi. Teremi is a poor man’s Giroud. We need pace in attack, someone who can keep up with Leao and Theo when they break. Saelemaekers did enough last season to earn a chance on RW, rather him than some rando from La Liga. La Liga players don’t do well in Serie A.

  6. PT are togh negotiators and they usually get top money for their players. I would say rather then waste money on this old guy get someone early 20’s, we have Giroudt to mentor and transition with him…. keep focus on midfield and right wing for now.

    I wold say even consider someone on a loan with or without an optiion to buy, to help us through a year

  7. If Porto won’t sell Taremi for 10M,Milan shouldn’t buy him. Milan should Look for a younger and more promising striker in South America.

  8. Regarding Taremi, I would be very skeptical if he made these statistics in some exotic European or Asian league! The man plays for Porto in a solid Portuguese league and has proven himself at the highest level of C.L. ! If they could bring him for some 20+ million, why not!? Contract 2+1 year.

  9. Honestly, ridiculous. They should just copy RB Leipzig if they don’t know what are they doing. Literally copy what they are doing. Milan is buying Taremi for 25M and RB Leipzig brought in Sesko for 20M and Openda for 43M. Both top young talents. Milan’s current team was built like that, with Leao paid 30M, Theo 23M etc. This was similar to what RB was doing and now they are moving on to mediocre signings and cripples.

    Taremi is actually good but that is the wrong direction whatever anyone says.

    1. They can buy Sesko for that amount because he came from their sister club. If it’s other team, He will be >30m.

      Also, Openda for 43 isn’t cheap at all. It’s a big gamble. He is good for 1 season and suddenly that’s his price tag?

      Taremi will give starting eleven quality for 3-4 years. 15-20m is fair price imo.

      1. He is 23. He played football before last season, in Netherlands. Milan paid almost 25M for a player nobody heard of that came from that same league. How is it expensive to pay for a guy that is visibly improving every year and just scored 21 goals last season? Reijnders is than 12M player. Leao cost 30M when he scored 8 goals in France. 8 goals in his only season there. Why?

        They will sell Openda for 65-80M.

  10. Taremi too expensive for a 31 year old ? Would still prefer we put faith in Colombo.
    Musah, I don’t get why we are interested in this guy, maybe I’m wrong but from what I’ve read and heard he barely had a good game last season, and he is more a risk than a certain starter, so why bother. Domingues would be a far safer option or preferably Ricci, who seems more of a solid prospect in my opinion ? and italian of course which would certainly help our CL squad depth etc.
    Woukd be an idea to have more faith in Popega as well, save the money and get a proper RW or proper striker if we don’t want to use Colombo

  11. Taremi is quite talented, I’m absolutely sure that he will score at least 15-20 goals for milan this year. And also he’s very good at team play. Just go and see Porto’s matches this year. He plays outside and inside the box and helps to create opportunities for winning. He’s not a normal player. Hope to sign him in Milan for 25€

  12. I’m curious what analytics they are using to evaluate him. His age is against our policy and his scoring record is from an inferior league, and there’s no indicator of success in Italy. So, if this is a stopgap, it comes at the cost of a non-EU slot. Even though he will probably be an upgrade to Oliver.

  13. For a matured player with that much goals, €20m is not that much. At least, we have someone we can rely on if Giroud needs to be substituted in the Champions league. I also believe he will do well in the league. Chukwueze is too expensive for Milan, except Villarreal is ready to shift ground. But, as things stand, Milan is not going to wait all day long, to end up losing other potential targets, and Chukwueze, as well. The management have been very careful and decisive in their dealings. And so far, they have gotten it right.

  14. Fake news, man utd are literally signing Holjund from Atalanta. This is just Porto lying to try and hike the price up. Do not overpay for a striker already on the downhill fitness wise

  15. No now let’s use €20-25 million to sign Noah Okafor for striker so that taremi will not delay our further signing because of time

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