Mediaset: Milan reflecting on market strategy – a new midfielder may not arrive

By Oliver Fisher -

A rather worrying report has emerged suggesting that AC Milan might choose to not sign a new central midfielder having missed out on other targets.

According to SportMediaset (via MilanNews), some reflections are underway in the offices of Casa Milan currently given that the Rossoneri have lost Renato Sanches to Paris Saint-Germain, meaning a new strategy and a new negotiation must begin.

Pape Matar Sarr of Spurs is currently the number one target for Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara, but the feeling is that the signing of a new midfielder might not be so urgent given that Ismael Bennacer and Sandro Tonali are backed up by Tommaso Pobega, Rade Krunic and Tiemoue Bakayoko.

Bakayoko could yet leave and in this case a midfielder would surely arrive, but if he were to remain then Maldini and Massara would reflect on whether a new signing is better and if instead they should bet on who is already in the squad.

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  1. This is a big mistake. Milan needs another midfielder. Behind Tonali and Bennacer there is nobody,
    Pobega is already injured and unproven in double pivot.
    Krunic never looked good in double pivot, he looked OK when he played defensive minded n10
    Bakayoko is useless.
    If there is no money left to buy a player, then get someone on dry loan but a midfielder and a CB are a must before the end of the window

      1. Tatarusanu can also play as a DM but he won’t be good at it.
        Adli can absolutely NOT play in double pivot. He isn’t strong enough. Have you seen him play there, or you’ve seen on Transfermarkt that he played CM once a long time ago.
        He is a CAM who can also play as a mezzala in a 3 man midfield but he isn’t a DM

        1. Transfermarkt? Here is what they say…

          Appearance as DM (from the start of professional carrer):
          Pobega: 18
          Adli: 1
          Sanches: 0

        2. “Adli can absolutely NOT play in double pivot.”
          You’ll be proven wrong eventually. Do you “know” this because you’ve played FM and tried him there, eh?

          “he isn’t a DM”
          Where in the football rules is it said that each club must field 1-3 DMs? It’s not like a GK position.

          Adli can defend. He’s an all-rounder which means he can do pretty much everything. So he’s not a one-trick pony like Kessie. Maybe you should expand your thinking a bit.

  2. Here we go!

    Exactly what I’ve just written in the previous article.
    If Pobega demonstrates he can hold the fort, it would condition the profile of a new comer (a youngster might be ok) or even mean we don’t need a new comer at all.

    Bakayoko is definitely the weakest link.

    1. Bakayoko only needed last season because Kessie and Bennacer have AFCON for a month.

      I don’t see any need for 5th DM this season, even in injury crisis, the position can be changed to 4-3-3 which only require 1 DM, Both Adli and CDK can play as mezzala.

      1. Yeah , that’s a great plan. Don’t sign another midfielder and if one of our midfielders get hurt will just switch the whole system mid season and put players in unnatural positions
        Milan doesn’t have 4 DM’s, they only have 2 (Tonali & Bennacer)
        Krunic came in as a mezzala and spent most of his Milan career playing as a defensive n10 not in double pivot(where he looked lost)
        Pobega is also a mezzala
        If Tonali and Bennacer miss any significant time Milan will be in trouble

        1. Some people still don’t realize how big of a loss Kessie leaving is. He is a great DM, who cleaned up a lot of mistakes. Plus he was available every game , no matter if Milan played every 3 days.
          I have confidence in Tonali, the rest are question marks.
          Bennacer is the most over loved player in the squad , who in 3 years hasn’t shown consistency and ability to stay healthy

          1. Some people doesn’t realize that Sanches is not DM and don’t have enough defensive quality to play DM. Sure he is physical, but that just it.

        2. It is only needed if 3 DM got hurt. Why change if only 1 got hurt? Are you insane? If 1 got hurt, 2 can still start and 1 can be sub.

          1. What are you talking about?
            I didn’t say anything about Renato Sanches but since you did, Renato is more of a DM than CDK is a mezzala, where u say he could play if Milan changes to 433.
            As I said Milan has only 2 DM’s .
            Pobega and Krunic are not DM’s.

          2. You didn’t need to talk about Sanches for me to bring Sanches as this article clearly talk about Sanches alternative.

            As you brought up Transfermarkt earlier:
            Sanches appearance as DM: 0
            CDK appearance as CM: 13 (equal to his appearance as AM)

            The data speak for itself.

          1. It’s apparent that you have some kind of agenda against Renato Sanches. Well you should be happy, Milan didn’t get him.
            Rade Krunic is 29 years old and has played 14 games as a DM .
            Well who needs another DM than. We are set , we got Rade Krunic and Pobega

          2. Why do I have to have agenda agaisnt him to talk about him when this article is about alternative to Sanches? Perhaps you were commenting on the wring article.

            As Sanches is not DM then the alternative is not restricted to DM.

            Even if Sanches arrive, Milan will only still have 2 DM because you don’t acknowledge Pobega and Krunic.

          3. Perhaps you are commenting on the wrong subject since you are expertise is in the UEFA rules about registering he grown players

  3. Insofar as the buyoutclause for Bakayoko will be activated after 15 games of more than 45 minutes played, I am pretty sure that he will be gone this window. And if so, a new one will arrive.

    Pobega lacks both tempo and quality.

  4. If there’s nobody comin, let’s just hope somehow Bakayoko will find his form back. He already played double pivot on Napoli and he’s done well. We all know it’s all about his mentality. Just like his first period with us.

  5. Get Ndicka not Tottenham Gabbia in Tanganga…
    Then Kalulu would be able to move to right again and Calabria could support as DM in a crisis.

    All good midfield targets are gone anyway – Onana Chuku Sanches…lets sign Mbamba for free in winter

  6. Tonali benacer pobega krunic are not enough to play 2-3 games per week.
    Pobega and Krunic are not starters in my eyes. Especially not for CHL games.

  7. I’m sure Pioli will work some miracles with the material we have.

    It is mind-boggling how other teams can easily sign players we’ve been battling to get for seasons, look at Jovic to Fiorentina, Bailly going to Roma, and we spend 2 windows on Sanches just for him to walk away.
    Roma getting Dybala overnight when he was waiting on Inter, Juve getting Bremer in a matter of days. What are we doing wrong that deals just get swept off the table..

    1. What is wrong? The disastrous Yonghong Li spending that put Milan chained by the unfair FFP settlement that still continue to restrict Milan’s spending limit.

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