Mediaset: Pioli may turn to 15-year-old Primavera star for Milan vs. Fiorentina

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli may choose to give Francesco Camarda minutes when the Rossoneri take on Fiorentina this weekend, a report claims.

As has been reported by Sport Mediaset (via Pianeta Milan), the Milan coach could be about to put faith in the young Camarda who has been scoring freely for the Primavera side this season and is causing quite a stir.

Camarda is not even 16 years old yet but given Milan are going to be without the suspended Olivier Giroud, Camarda could take a space on the bench.

There is no suggestion that he would start the game but given the lack of impact from Luka Jovic, Camarda could well be introduced should Pioli put him in the squad.

Noah Okafor could be used upfront, but with Rafael Leao almost certainly out of action, he may be used on the left wing. Pioli has plenty of attacking absentees to consider.

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  1. So the striker position is filled with a 37 yo (with no rest during international break), a Fiorentina reject and now a 15 yo. Here is the mighty 7-time UCL champ Milan. But yeah Pioli is the only problem.

  2. Going from dominating boys to competing with professional men. This kid is about to witness the San Siro as a possible player. My mind at 15 couldn’t handle that. Not to mention added stress of a struggling Milan.

  3. Nowadays if you are strong, hungry, calm, and you know what you are doing you can play anywhere, a team like France are giving young guys chance, what will stop us to let give guy chance to make history

  4. Euan he would need dispensation to even sit on the bench against Fiorentina, even Donnarumma got that when he got his debut for us and he was older than Camarda currently is. Same goes for Mastour who could have gotten his debut while Seedorf was the coach for the club. Unless he gets that kind of dispensation from FIGC then it wont happen, is it impossible for it to happen ? no, but highly unlikely to happen in that short span of time.

  5. He’ll sub in Francesco Camarda after we have lost the game, in a consolation effort to appease the fans and soak up some of the negative headlines. I really wonder when the “money ball” players will start earning their money?

  6. If he scores it would break the internet, of we look at Zaire-Emery and the Barcelona kids why not give him a shot, and as I said, if he gets on the scoresheet it would be reminiscent of when Totti and Maldini made their young debuts and impressed so immensely.

  7. Camada will score a hattrick if he plays 🙂 I would take him any day over Jovic who is pretty useless to say the least.

    I didn’t think we could get any worse than Origi but after seeing Jovic play I can’t believe management made such a horrendous mistake.

    Might as well we kept Origi. SMH

  8. Zaïre-Emery is injured for weeks to come. Gavi is injured for months to come. They’re very recent statements, but there are a lot more. The scientific community and doctors (who are not paid by professional teams) think the human body, already fragile in itself, can’t be exposed to pro level contact sports at such an early age without consequences. Remember Pato.

    So let’s not destroy Camarda since he’s our only hope to have an Italian key player AND a good striker in years to come. Because the new stadium won’t score goals and Moncada has been drunk for at least three months now.

  9. Stop it with the Camarda rumors. Don’t rush this kid. Let him develop in peace! All these media outlets just making headlines out of nothing. For crying out loud…..

  10. We have to win at least two goals ahead, then at the injury time, bring Camarda on the field, it’s enough to get that record with no hassle.

  11. my initial comment wasn’t posted so…

    Vero Rossonero yeah what a sad tale hachim mastour became. Nowadays he is playing in morrocco and cant even shine there at the age of 25 and hasnt been a real success anywhere inbetween leaving us either. Considering the hype around him when he was a teenager he must be a candidate to being the most overated talent ever to grace the sport.
    Technically he was a super exciting talent to behold but clearly he must lack some understanding of the actual game or has the worst work ethics. Shame.

    Another greatly hyped talent who comes to my mind but who at least still is only 19 years old was the super hyped talent of AS Romas then 9 year old Pietro Tomaselli who looked extremely technical for such a young age and for that matter the following years is now playing in segunda division in spain but is still yet to get his debut after joining them in the summer of 2022.

    Not to compare camarda with them as he also seems to be a team player and also has far more strength and better work ethics than the two before mentioned players.

  12. @Martin Berhard, difference is Camarda is scoring on every occasion both in Italy and youth CL. Mastour was a joggler, always resembled more to a futsal player. But sure, there were talents like Bojan who also shone in all youth selection, breaking records but burned when given the stage. I’d take Camarda with first team only to get the feeling of stadiums roaring.

  13. I get that Ted and even bojan was great at some points compared to mastour but yeah mastour should rather play some futsal than actual football as that simply doesnt seem to be his game.
    Still camarda needs dispensation to even sit on the first team bench so i highly doubt that there is any truth to this article at least for the time being.

  14. ——————– Maignan ————————-
    Calabre – Tomori – Thiaw – Hernandez

    Reijnders – Musah – RLC

    Chukwueze – Pulisic – Okafor

  15. Z
    Stop the nonsense.
    Let the kid grow and develop in peace.

    Have you taken a look at how Barcelona 15 year old are playing in the team at the moment, give the youth a chance.

  16. Martin, there is also the story of Freddy Adu. Say what you will about developing in America, but the hype was relatively comparable.

  17. But Pioli use Romero to support Loftus cheek infact Romero should start ahead of Loftus cheek so that Loftus can rest ahead of champions league

  18. Vero haha yeah remember that player too because he was starting already at the age of 14 or 15 but had completely forgot what had happened after his benfica time but i gave it a check but what a tumultous career and he even ended his career in the 3rd best swedish league 😀

  19. @Martin I remembered Mastour and Adu like it was yesterday and I didn’t buy into the hype then. Juggling is not football. According to Sir Alex after Adu had a run out/audition with Man Utd..”Adu? We have about 4 or 5 players in our youth system better than him” and he wasn’t talking about senior youth lol 😂

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