Mediaset: Taremi the most concrete idea for Milan in striker pursuit

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are pushing hard to sign a new centre-forward and Mehdi Taremi appears to be the most concrete name at present, a report claims.

According to a report from SportMediaset (via PianetaMilan), the feeling of head coach Stefano Pioli is that relying on Olivier Giroud alone will not be enough for next season given he worked overtime last season and he will turn 37 soon.

The Rossoneri management are oriented towards two names above all: Taremi of Porto and Alvaro Morata of Atletico Madrid, both experienced profiles.

Milan are serious about Taremi, but at least €20m will be needed for the Iranian to leave Porto. Furthermore, should he join the Rossoneri, the Diavolo would have to give up on the idea of signing Samuel Chukwueze as the final non-EU slot would be taken.

Taremi has scored 80 goals for the Portuguese side over the three seasons that he has been there.

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  1. I don’t like the idea of using the last non-EU spot for 31 year old striker, nothing against this guy personally.

  2. At least it is a player that scores goals. Better than 90% of the strikers that were linked, the “he will score goals one day – soon” types.

    But I would still rather buy Jonathan David for 60M and pay it over 3 years than Taremi for 20M. You can say what you want and how that is expensive but if you split it to 3 years it is like buying 3 average players every season. David will be a 100M player and Taremi will only go down in value and ability, he won’t get faster or younger.

  3. Instead of looking at his age look at his game.
    He is one of the best in Europe in dropping back and sending forward passes. If Leao and Pulisic make the right reads and runs they will score a lot of goals from his passes. Something that Giroud doesn’t provide.
    Also in Italy his age wouldn’t be that much of a factor because it’s a slower game. Even if we get 2 good years out of him for 20 mil it’s worth it. Also, if Giroud at 36 can score in this league so can Taremi.
    The point is for the team to score more goals not the striker to score more. If his game elevates Leao or the other forwards or midfielders numbers it’s a win.
    The other forwards that are mentioned don’t bring what Taremi brings except for Morata.

    1. Well Arnautovic can do that and has the experience from Serie A + would be a cheaper short term solution. If age doesn’t matter than better to spend 7M on a 34 year old player and save some money for the first striker signing when it comes.

      1. Arnautovic is not a starting caliber striker at a big club and if he doesn’t play he will cause problems as he has done everywhere he has been.
        Also the 13 mil extra is for the 3 years in age difference.
        Arnautovic provides nothing outside of the box in the build up. Might as well keep Colombo who is a very similar player

        1. “Arnautovic provides nothing outside of the box in the build up”

          Just shows you really have no idea what you’re talking about, I am 100% sure now. How many times did you actually watch him play? Just watch any Bologna game, random one and watch how he doesn’t provide nothing out of the box. In a smaller team, he does more than Giroud does at Milan.

        2. We can agree or disagree but you can’t write complete nonsense and think I’ll say yeah, that is true. It is complete nonsense.

          1. Oh you are right about someone shouldn’t be writing nonsense.
            Arnautovic has played 57 games in serie A the last 2 years. He has scored 24 goals, a third of them are from penalties, and has amazed a whopping 2 assists. Let me repeat that in 2 years the man has 2 ASSISTS COMBINED.
            Taremi has played 129 games in the Portuguese league the last 4 years and has scored 76 goals, and provided 41 assists.
            Oh, but the Portuguese league is not a top league and it’s weaker than serie A. Well thankfully Taremi has also played in the best competition in football the last 3 years , the Champions league.
            19 games played in UCL, 8 goals and 4 assists.
            It’s an insult to even compare Taremi with Arnautovic.
            Thank God the man who wanted to sign Arnautovic isn’t there anymore.

          2. Man, have you watched him play or not? Admit that you didn’t. Why is it so hard?

            If we are going with stats, first you lied about the number of goals from penalties, he scored 1 more penalty goal than Giroud in the last 2 Serie A seasons. So compared to Giroud, he played less minutes (by a lot) shot one penalty more and scored the same number of goals. At the same time, playing much less he has about the same number of touches and passes as Giroud, better passing accuracy, more chances created, less shots per goal, etc. You are talking about someone not being involved in build up play and at the same time having more passes, touches, aerial duels won etc. per 90 minutes. He even has more completed passes because Giroud displaces almost 50% of all balls coming to him. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaa, what assists are build up play? You can’t even look at the proper stats, do you even understand what build up play is?

          3. Giroud the last 2 seasons in serie A 62 games, 24 goals 9 assists.
            Giroud the last 2 seasons in the UCL 17 games 5 goals 2 assists. And yeah I have watched Arnautovuc play he is lazy and slow just like Colombo.
            Thankfully we are not after him anymore

          4. P.S. As you obviously haven’t seen him play you can stop embarrassing yourself with describing the imaginary player it would suit you that he is and at least watch him play first. 😂😂

          5. Sure you have, numbers prove exactly what I am saying. You can try to cherry pick 2 numbers to try and prove something but comparing them in Serie A either Giroud sucks or Arnautovic is good. It can’t be one or the other.

          6. But I have to admit I like how you change the subject from Taremi vs Arnautovic to Arnautovic vs Giroud because you lost that debate.
            Why the hell would we need another Giroud, we need a better player otherwise there is no need to sign another striker that will provide less than Giroud does.

          7. Lost the debate and changed the subject? That has to be one of the most stupid attempt to “win”. Obviously, I was comparing him to a player at Milan that plays the same position in the same league. You know, that is how comparing usually works, you compare things in similar situation. Not apples and oranges…

            You are comparing a guy that plays in a counter attacking team in Portugal,.
            Andre Silva was also a guy from Porto, had a similar season at Porto, joined Milan. What happened? Portuguese league is simply too weak to compare to Serie A, say whatever you want. Players that are good there might never succeed in Italy. Risking 20M on a 31 year old guy who never played in a top league would be stupid and he should be the last last resort.

          8. It isn’t that I don’t like Taremi, but Milan is being cheap for every € on every transfer so I don’t think there is 20M to risk and hope it goes well. If he fails what then? Who will buy him and for which money? If it’s a younger player you can recoup most of it usually.

  4. Bad idea. I like this guy but his value will only go down, he will take up the non-EU spot, and has never played in a top league before.

  5. Big gamble, imo. He’s used to play in a counter-attacking style, with a lot of free space between him and defenders. It won’t be like that with closed small teams in Italy trying to get a draw . Scoring 30 goals in Portuguese league is not that different from scoring in Belgian or Turkish league … and is not a safe bet that he’ll keep scoring.

    Lazio made that bet with Muriqi, we made that bet with CDK (14 goals in 33 games in Belgian league)… Carlos Vinicius was top-goalscorer in Portuguese league a couple years back and he’s been very underwhelming since he moved to Tottenham, PSV and Fulham.

    We definitely need a striker, not sure if that’s him. I’d wait for few days for Pioli to get a feel of Colombo and Origi (and possibly Rebic though personally I’ve given up on him) before we make any big purchases that we can’t get out of (if Taremi sucks, we’re stuck with him… we’d have to pay other teams to get him).

  6. I like Taremi a lot — he’s super talented and a great finisher… BUT, he is already 31 as some have mentioned; and I think Chukwueze would be a much better use of our money (if Villareal will hopefully play ball with us and negotiate/finalize a deal).

    Chukwueze is a stud, exciting and basically almost like another Leao on the RW opposite Rafa on the LW. We would be SO exciting and fun to watch if we get Chukwueze.

  7. He’s great.. I just think he will end up at our neighbours if they somehow don’t get Lukaku… I don’t feel bad for them because they have Calhamerda but if Lukaku really goes to Juve we have proof that loyalty in football is totally gone. Betraying the club and teammates that saved his career 2 times…

  8. Using 20m euro for striker non EU 31 years are too risky. If he fail to adapt with italian league or pioli tactic , ACM will have hard time sell him abroad due to his age and non EU slot . It is bargain only if he is free transfer and ACM grab him

    1. Both taremi and chuks are non-eu and on last year of contract. We can only choose one. The latter is younger and more expensive so perhaps we can get him for free next year. But for now the first one is cheaper solution, more prolific type, and has exp in UCL. Portugal league is quite good, remember we almost lost to Rio Ave? Besides, we still need midfielders to be signed this summer mercato

  9. Yes he scored 80 goals in3 seasons but Portuguese league is not as tough .
    Italian teams are probably amongst the best in the world when it comes to defending .
    So these figs mean little .
    We have on of the best strikers in the world ,that is Olivier Giroud .He can score goals against any team in the world for his club and country.Yes he is 37 years of age .never ever write this man off .We have a great team and the recent signings have been very good .
    Oliver Giroud will score goals this season ,no doubt about that .Yes he needs a back up to give him a rest from time to time ,but this applies to all players .So yes Olivier needs a back up but not a replacement.You cant replace sheer class .We will challenge for honours again this season .

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