Mediaset: ‘Money matter’ – why Milan will not go for Roberto De Zerbi

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan appear to have decided not to throw their hats into the ring to try and appoint Roberto De Zerbi as their next head coach, and a report has claimed it is mostly due to money.

We wrote last night about why Milan and De Zerbi might just be a perfect marriage given the opportunity that has presented itself for the Italian to return to the club that he came through the youth sector of, but the management see it differently.

According to SportMediaset, Paulo Fonseca currently the man in pole position to take over from Stefano Pioli at the end of the season, who in turn could actually end up with the Napoli job given that they are looking to replace Calzona.

They claim that ‘the choice seems to have been made’ and ‘should be communicated at the beginning of next week’. Barring any surprises, the new Milan coach will be Fonseca (who will reject Marseille today), preferred to De Zerbi.

Why have they gone for the former Roma boss over RDZ? The source claims it is due to a ‘money matter’, given that to get the former Brighton boss it would have been necessary to pay a clause of around €5m. It is an expense that, apparently, the owners do not intend to incur.

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  1. omg with Fonseca we better went for Lopetegui.. I dont know why the managment cant see that a Startrainer costs money..

    1. The final choice will reveal what are the real intentions, I hope these rumors are not true, Fonseca is downgrade compared to Pioli or Lopetegui , what a shame would that be

  2. In real not fake news: Oaktree just took control of Inter. They’re in deep deep sh*t despite what some goofballs say about them being fine… makes you wonder why they don’t just skip over to supporting the other side of the city.

    1. UEFA and FIGC are two sad jokes.

      Inter has half a billion in debt and they can play everywhere. Not even going to talk how serie a referees decided that Inter should be the chosen one in the gambling department…

      What if Hakan left because he somehow knew Inter where going to be handed an easy path.

      Milan does everything good on the office and overachieves in the pitch. Inter, like Juventus is a scam to Serie A, they both need to go to serie D.

      The only reason Juve didn’t go to serie B is to protect the business. Juventus directives said this is worst than calciopoli we are doomed. They only lost 10 points….

    1. Haha, that is a good one, and sadly very correct in this case.

      I believe this is a rumour, but unfortunately it seems like our management actually thinks this way.

  3. This is devastating news. De Zerbi is a massive scoop given the whole timing of things. Of course you will need to bleed a bit economically but i cant see why they shouldnt prioritize the coach more as it is the backbone and an integral part of getting the most out of the team. Id rather sell a player to help fund this operation.

  4. The best case scenario here is that all this is fake news. It’s unthinkable to believe that this is the way of decision making, especially for a coach.
    Not getting the better coach for 5m is simply ridiculous.
    What worries me the most is the football assessment: how is it possible to be able to pick between Fonceca and RDZ and go for the first?? From the reported names, only choosing Conte would make sense (even if I would pick RDZ 100%, I don’t think Conte -being a great tactician- is the right fit for us for multiple reasons).

    1. Agree with the first part… the won’t pay 5mln to get a good coach, but in return they will easily burn 25 milion for a reserve player like Chukuweze. Absolutely ridiculous.

    2. He has no offers.

      He will ask for a 3 man defense, theo Leao as LM is ridiculous, the kind of player he needs will only work on his system, remember Nazionale with Pele as a 9…

      He will secure the scudetto, the man is a fine coach, but he will destroy the whole team with his BS.

      Milan attacks and wins CL. Conte wins leagues with 100m of investments n’ Cholo Simeone’s tactics.

  5. If the news is true, and if Milan is really interested in RDZ, it shows once again how cheap and how not ambitious the owner is, not willing to pay 5 mil for a head coach, who basically plays biggest role in a team as whole, but willing to pay that amount for a player who plays less than 1000 minutes whole season. Is it because they see player as “commodity”?

  6. RDZ failed/ delay cz money reason, Camarda extend delay cz economic reason, Simic delay same reason.
    then what the use of the “best financially & profitable club in Italy”?

    1. “then what the use of the “best financially & profitable club in Italy”?”

      To get the highest possible bid from the next owner. That’s everything RedBird wants.

  7. I’m curious, what has De Zerbi achieved that makes you all so bent on getting him?

    He is a decent coach, his team play attacking football, Italian, has ties with Milan. But he has achieved little in his time as a coach. His team can’t defend for their life. His team also got bad records of injuries. He basically offer no guarantee of anything.

    1. He is better then all the other bums they have mentioned and will appease a fan base that has been protesting the team decisions. He is Milan. All coaches are a gamble. So what not go with someone that is actually coveted. Sometimes it’s not that difficult. Sometimes the answer smacks you in the face.

      1. Smack me in the face? No. At least what you said is not convince me in the slightest.

        Who coveted De Zerbi? A lot of teams actually need coach right now – Bayern, Chelsea, Barca, Napoli. None of them went for him. He is interesting but not convincing anyone.

        If we always follow what the fans wanted maybe we won’t see Sacchi or Capello manage Milan.

        1. Liverpool Bayern and Chelsea have all been linked to him. You know who pretty much no team of consequence is linked to…Foncesca. Even Tottenham said no to him. Winning titles in non top 5 leagues is not impressive to me. Taking a historically inferior team like Brighton and giving them their first taste of Europe is a greater achievement for me.

    2. Well he coached teams which had absolutely zero chance of winning titles. He did a good job at Sassuolo and Brighton. Brighton finished 6 th last year and sold players for around 200mln and didn’t replace them properly and managed to finish 10th. With that squad in premier league they it’s quite good. He plays attacking football, has room to grow and I admit his teams aren’t good in defensive department, but I think he can improve in that also, considering both mentioned clubs hadnt great defenders and the best ones he got this season had struggled with injuries. He might be a beginning of a new dynasty or be a flop nothing’s is guaranteed with new coaches. But to me and I think most of fans it’s better to risk with RDZ than get coach like Fonseca who probably will qualify us for champions league/battle for title and get results that would be considered “acceptable”, but doesn’t really have chance to be winner neither in Italy nor in Champions league.

      1. Fonseca actually has a history of winning something :
        – Braga : Portuguese cup
        – Porto : Portuguese super cup
        – Donetsk : 3x ukraine champion, 3x Ukraine Cup, 1x Ukraine super cup

        Conceicao also has some history of winning trophies.

        None of them really excite me but they are decent.

    3. He reminds of sacchi,like pep said de zerbi is changing football.Its a risk yes but he has very big potential and we could build an era with him

  8. Braga winning cup is quite good, Super cup with Porto? Other guy made Porto champion and qualified for Supercup and Fonseca just one one game. Shakhtar won last three championships also, without Fonseca. I mean that team dominates Ukrainian league. Only competition they have is Dynamo Kiev and since it was renamed to Premier league in 2008 Dynamo won 4 times Shakhtar 11. Although I admit he did a good job in Champions league with Shakhtar, unlike RDZ, but there is also a catch Fonseca had much better players, which then were sold.

  9. Money isn’t the issue here.

    Cardinale wants another Yes man. He wants someone who will be obedient, especially with transfers.

    Cardinale does not appreciate individual thinkers like Maldini.

    RDZ’s background with Milan gives him too much “Milan” & he has too much independence. Cardinale wants a controllable manager. Not one who seeks to win or rock the boat.

    Hence, we move for the cheapest managers and players.

    PS. MONEYBALL MONCADA is on the same page as Cardinale. As Milan sinks lower and lower in the following years, remember this.

    PS2. We’re not going to sign Sesko or Zirkzee. Cardinale will sign Jonathan David because he’s cheaper and that price means we can moneyball him more easily in the future.

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