Mediaset: Zaniolo negotiations stall as RedBird refuse to budge on stance

By Oliver Fisher -

The AC Milan management have not received the green light from owners RedBird Capital to improve the offer for Nicolo Zaniolo, a report claims.

According to what Claudio Raimondi reported for SportMediaset on Italia Uno (via MilanNews), there is pessimism regarding the possible signing of Zaniolo at Milan for two reasons above all.

The first is that Roma are not lowering their requests and continue to ask for a permanent transfer or an obligation to buy that is worth €30m and is without conditions, therefore virtually a guaranteed purchase.

Furthermore, the Rossoneri directors were awaiting the green light from the ownership to make a long-term investment, but a no came from RedBird. They will not make any extra budget available, and therefore any new addition can only come on loan with option to buy.

However, Roma are not willing to accept that formula at present and therefore the negotiation has stalled and as such the chances of seeing Zaniolo at Milan are falling. The negotiation is not completely finished, but pessimism filters in as RedBird have not made any opening.

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  1. Any extra budget when the budget is 0?? Why exactly did redbird buy our beloved club? To bury us? Gtfo of here, I’d rather have yonghong li then these guys. Absolute disgrace.

    No joke I wish Berlusconi and galliani remained. At least they loved the club so much they hurt just like us when they weren’t playing well

    1. You can’t just inject money willy nilly into a club. That is the exact reason we were I the mess we were during YHL time when we spent with no regard to FFP rules and got banned out of Europe and had to pay fines.

      To make a claim that it was better than is beyond ridiculous. RedBird is correct if we can’t sell players and generate money to invest back in the squad than we can’t spend 30 Mil on a player on a whim.

      People need to understand the days we bought muktiple star players in 1 window are gone and until Setie A starts generating money it won’t happen. And with teams like Juventus who cheat to gey ahead it will get worse before it gets better.

      1. We got in trouble with ffp because we spent over 200m with owners who were broke. Right now milan is the most stable club in Italy and yet we cant spend 30m and Bournemouth can? Give me a break. Ffp is the biggest joke in the world, look at barcelona. Redbird Wil destroy milan, a team that wins the scudetto and goes to the knockout of champions League can’t invest in their team and instead make it worse? Please.

        1. Epl revenue in 2022 was 5.5b while Serie A was 2.5b. Butenmouth had a 25Mil profit from transfers last year while Milan had a 87 Mil loss. Like it or not Serie A can’t compete with EPL right now. So our only option is buy young players, develop them and sell some for profit. Outside of EPL tell me 1 club that spent mil this transfer window? There are none in Italy, not in Spain, none in Germany. Bayern spent 7 mil, Real 0, Barca 1.6, Napoli, Juve, Roma, Lazio and Inter 0.

          This is the real world not fantasy futboll where you buy 30Mil players each window.

      2. Buying Zaniolo(30m euros), and Ziyech does not call for the term “multiple”. Other clubs with FFP issues are still buying players. That is what football clubs need to run well. Who says you cannot buy players bcos of FFP? These rubbish investors are just making excuses. They want to claim ownership to the biggest club in Serie a, and, yet, do not want to spend. If they had bought Man City, would they not spend? Are Inter Milan not buying despite FFP?

        1. Who did Inter buy last window or this one? Lukaku, Aslani and Bellanova were loans. Onana, Acerbi, Mytrik were free transfer. So what 30-40 Mil player did Inter buy outright?

          The only significant was Coreea which was an obligation after a loan. This window they spent 0 and signed 0 player and the only talk is selling a player.

          You can buy players when you sell players for a profit. All our players left for free so we made 0. The owners can’t just add money every window and spend it. That is the basic definition of FPP. Why do you think so many teams are not spending money and its only the EPL which has huge TV and stadium revenues, its not like we are the only ones. No big team in italy spent any money this window, none.

  2. A 1000% support the owners’ decision not to give Maldini a cent to spend unless he generates any money on his own.
    Someone posted these numbers yesterday, which are verifiable on transfermarkt.
    Since june of 2021 through today, so in 18 months,
    Milan have spent 142 million on buying players, and have only generated 18 mil from players sales.
    That’s a deficit of 124 mil.
    142 mil might be peanuts for EPL and PSG but for serie A that’s a lot.
    At that same time period, Milan lost on free transfers 4 of their better players in the squad Donnarumma, Calhanoglu, Kessie & Romagnoli who combined might have been worth another 124 million.
    That’s 250 mil spent or lost over the last 18 months, and the squad is much, much weaker today.
    Is it the owners that don’t provide money or is it a case of incompetent management?
    Numbers point towards incompetent management.
    For a club to function in todays football they have to be able to generate money from players sales.
    Our sporting director( and his fanboys) act like grown men, who sit in their parents basement, playing video games and ask their parents for money so they can go and have fun with their friends, instead of getting a job.
    Juventus is about to sell Vinston freaking Mckinney for 30 mil, Verona is about to sell Ivan Ilic for 15 mil, Torino Sasa lukic for 10 mil, but the great Paolo couldn’t get a cent for Gigio, Hakan, Kessie & Alessio.
    I wouldn’t give him a dime, and i would already be searching for a competent sporting director to take over before the summer window. He can stay at the club as an ambassador like Baresi and Massaro or he can leave, fine with either .

    1. I agree that milan should never have let any of those players walk but let’s be real here. If redbird can’t afford to spend 30m in January and have to worry about ‘balancing the books’ then why did they buy milan in the first place? This is one of the top Italian teams and not cremonese. Every single top team in this world, maybe bayern aside, have spent 100s of millions and owe plenty of debts but does that stop them? This is just getting ridiculous now. How can you have the ambition to be a top team in the world and look to create young players and loan players? Red bird did some sketchy deal that we are now going to be investigated for. They gave a ridiculous offer to Elliott which was over what milan are worth but yet can’t spend a dime on a player? Something is wrong here.

      1. Please tell me, which Italian club has spent any money this January. The league and the clubs don’t generate much money,
        And I wouldn’t give any money to Maldini after the last 2 horrendous summer transfer windows he has had, especially not to buy Zaniolo.

    2. @Poli
      Sorry to break it to you but apart from PL teams, 90% of major clubs report damages.
      As I wrote further down, if Redbird is going to wait until AC Milan would generate money from players or wait for the freaking stadium to be built, then they better off go and buy a different club.
      AC Milan has a history that obliges the owners to inject money for success. You cannot wait 5 or 6 years to generate money from players, stadiums or selling stupid Yankee shirts…
      How old are you anyway? Have you lived through Berlusconi era? If you are around 15 or 20 I take everything back because you haven’t lived through the REAL AC MILAN so you won’t get what I’m writing.

      1. Did you actually read what I wrote? They do inject money.
        The issue isn’t in them not providing money, but that the money that was provided was awfully spent by Maldini.
        They also don’t have to wait 5, 6 years if Paolo was competent to sell any of the 4 players that left. The money generated from any of their sales would have been used to replace those players and strengthen the squad.

        1. Do you remember how many players Maldini Actually wanted to get and got turned Down by owners so we had to go with plan c d e f? Every time Maldini wants to go after a player the owners don’t want to inject the money so we’re stuck with what we have. It’s actually a miracle that we won and who we got with maldini. To be honest if I were Maldini I’d tell these owner to stick it for giving him fake promises

        2. The owners made the decisions to let the contracts of these players run out, not Maldini. They were not willing to pay them more than what they had in their budget. Clubs are not run this way. Kessie might not have gotten his rhythm at Barcelona, but he was worth a lot to Milan. We don’t have a quality attacker, our right winger is not productive, no replacement for Leao, midfield is off n on, and yet, we want to compete favourable. If it worked for us last season, it will not, always. If we want to wait till players are sold, then, the question is, ‘how many quality players do we have to sell and make good money to get others. Milan is full of scraps that have no big value. What more do we need b4 we get the clear picture? We have been beaten by Torino, thrashed by Inter and Lazio, drew with Cremonese and Lecce. It’s not going to get any better, except, we have our first eleven complete. How long are we going to keep waiting for that to happen?

          1. “The owners made the decisions to let the contracts of these players run out, not Maldini. ”

            Funny how this FACT is ignored by the Maldini-haters every time. They think it’s Maldini who decided that “yeah, we’ll be better off letting them go for free than give them an extra 1M€”.

          2. This is unreal.
            What do you do when a player ask for too much money than you can offer him? YOU SELL HIM.

    3. Wasn’t the whole point of being sold to Redbird was that we’d actually have $$ to spend on some players and were no longer under the cost conscious reins of Elliott? Seems we are still always waiting for another club or player to take a pay cut to join us lol. Unfortunately we are not the Milan of old and this isn’t the early 2000’s. Players want to get paid. Further, A club like Newcastle doesn’t need money – they have plenty of that “dirty” oil money that some donkeys on this forum didn’t want lol. Would be nice to have it now wouldn’t it????? But instead we have to sign young unproven players like this past summer and/or chase players with injury history (Zaniolo) in hopes they can turn their careers around or players that are on or soon to be expiring deals…..Wonderful. So a Zaniolo type is unfortunately the best we can get. Does anyone really believe we will spend 40M on St Max? Sure. Best we can hope for is Redbird builds us a new stadium then sells to I don’t know….perhaps a rich Arab owner?? Just a thought.

      @Pioli – I respectfully disagree. Failing to do anything in the January transfer market when there are reasonable opportunities to improve the squad (Aouar, , Zyiech loan, Sportiello) is business malpractice. Missing out on CL is much more damaging to the club short and long term than spending a reasonable amount of money (20M-30M?) to fill the holes you failed to fill in summer. It’s not about winning the Scudetto anymore, that ship has sailed. It’s about qualifying for CL. If we miss out and there is a good chance we do with this current squad if we stay as is – the negative ramifications are far greater – we could lose some of those sponsors we fought so hard to get; players can/will leave in search of CL football and we go back to where we were 11 years ago. So doing nothing out of spite for M&M’s poor transfer campaign should not be an option. We are in this mess, you work to get out of it because there is too much at stake. If you think we aren’t spending $$ now, wait until next year if we miss out on CL – what do you think Redbird will spend then?? And yes M&M made mistakes this summer – BUT if they were able to sign the players they originally wanted – i.e., Botman? Or had the authority to go over that stupid fkn wage cap (didn’t exist for Ibra?) to resign Kessie – perhaps we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in now. So regardless of your personal feelings about M&M competence as sporting directors, now is not the time to say ”too fkn bad go down with the ship”. Give M&M the budget to make REASONABLE signings and IF that happens and we still miss out on CL – then you can fire him when the season is over. But now is not the time for that. Focus should be doing everything we can to stay top 4.

      1. @Juro how about Maldini go out and sell some of the players we don’t use, and accumulate some money so he can go and sign Aouar, Sportiello and Ziyech on loan, why does he always have to sit there with his hand extended like a begger on the street?
        Sell one or 2 of Adli, Pobega, Krunic, Rebic, Ballo Toure, Messias, Saelemakers. It doesn’t take much to sign Aouar, Sportiello and Ziyech on loan. When is Paolo going to start doing his job? His job isn’t just buying players but also selling.

        1. I agree 100% w that @Pioli. M&M have done a horrendous job letting all of our talent leave for free, said it long ago. Huge capital gains miss so I agree with you there. BUT who the hell wants our below average players like Balo Toure, Messias, etc…and what can we realistically expect to make from those types of players IF they in fact are sold? 5M total IF we are lucky? -Oberammergau seems to have some value for Torino I would sell him ASAP or swap him with Singo if possible. Adli has no value but for a loan, Sales value has tanked; Piolinloves Krunic so they will never sell him and Rebic is a walking hospital unit. So unfortunately although I agree we should sell our dead weight, there are not many takers and not of much value. But the point is regardless of who we should sell it should not prevent ownership from giving M&M a budget to buy now so we don’t risk losing out on CL…that would be a disaster.

    4. I’m finally happy seeing someone I share common understanding of Maldini’s poor market management regarding sales and contract management of players. Those players lost on free transfer are worth too much.
      I know Milan wants to invest on quality young players but since the team that won league last season only needed depth not desperate additions and careful purchases of quality players I wanted Dyabala more than CDK, now I prefer Ziyech more than Zaniolo and we can go on to carefully buy few promising young players!

  3. There you go again.
    Redbird refuses to inject money for transfer budget.
    If Redbird and specifically Gerry Cardinale wants to go by income/ outcome then they should go and buy (with all do respect) Lecce or Spezia.
    All you yankees that DON’T HAVE A CLUE how football (or soccer in your language) works, please sell AC Milan ASAP and go on and involve yourselves in NFL,NBA or whatever else you do….

      1. @Nelli
        Are you serious?
        Till the yanks win a European trophy (serious trophies not Conference league), don’t speak about Italian owners.
        They need centuries of work to even get close to Berlusconi, Moratti,Agnelli family (obviously not Andrea Agnelli)…

  4. Poli you analysis is incomplete. Those players left for free because the owners would not agree to their salary demands. That was the owners choice not Maldini and Co. Also to say that the squad is much much weaker is a little exaggerated. If you look at the value of the squad it is higher then 18 months ago. They are certainly in a bad run of form, but injuries and slow recovery to key players has a lot to do with that.

    1. People gotta make up their minds.
      They say that all Elliott wants is to make money, well how is it their choice to let assets worth over 100 mil leave on a free transfer.
      It was owners choice not to resign them at their numbers but it was Maldini’s incompetence that they left for free instead of being sold.

      1. BOTH are to blame. ownership for not providing the money to M&M so they could sign those players AND also at fault is M&M for naively believing they could convince those players to stay when it was obvious they wanted more $$ than we could give – should have cut ties and sold immediately. Arrogance. So BOTH are to blame. But the past is the past brother, what we do now is what is important. Missing CL sets us back another 4 years easy

  5. 2 things…
    A: I’m happy we don’t go for zaniolo
    B: this clearly indicates our spending ability. Rossoneri we must not ever believe we will be able to compete in the markets because we can’t even afford to pay £13.2m for Lentini which we could do 30 years ago! Incredible! We are going nowhere. I don’t know what the plan is?

  6. The plan is to buy for free and win titles, and they also want to be competitive in CL, so buying below-average players for free and letting the best leave for free is the path. Milan is on the track to getting back to its former glory in about 1.000 years. Seria A will not generate founds like PL any time soon, so even if Milan generates more PL teams will always pay even more, so the difference is that in a few years 60mil will be peanuts and Milan will buy players for max 40.

  7. Leao, Leao, Leao is not signed yet. If RedBird with Maldini is convinced by their super correct statistics that Milan will reach Champions League, next year, the most important transfer for Milan in this year is Milan extending Leaos contract. As a mention from someone above, Juventus is selling low class player such as Wekennie, but we left class players like Gigio, Kessie and Alessio, who damaged us in 4 0 result. If they leave Leao for free or some small amount on summer, we need new owner and board of directors ASAP or NOW.

  8. I’m trying to figure out they knew exactly that Redbird told Maldini no during their phone call. Did someone wire tap? Did someone spill the beans? Or are they making things up as they go along? 🤔

  9. Bad choice, kid would fit very very well here and 25-30m for Zaniolo is a good deal. he has been fit for a year + now without re-injury and could reignite his hunger here and be a huge catalyst for us. sad redbird won’t make this move happen. we’ll go get some no-name child again who will take 3 years to develop.. or get a past it ziyech who had a good world cup but nothing else.

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