GdS: Jorge Mendes tells Milan an offer will come after talks with Chelsea and Leao

By Oliver Fisher -

Agent Jorge Mendes has told the AC Milan management to expect a bid from Chelsea for Rafael Leao before the window closes, a report claims.

According to a report from La Gazzetta dello Sport, it would take a huge bid to make Milan consider parting with Leao this summer. Chelsea would have to invest more or less €150m to sign him which is the figure of Leao’s release clause, one that is actually no longer valid because expired in the first half of July.

However, Todd Boehly and Jorge Mendes have held conversations, with the agent having ‘certainly spoken’ to Chelsea and to Leao about their interest, then guaranteeing Milan that an offer will come from London.

Nonetheless, the mission remains a renewal and that is why talks will resume fully when RedBird Capital complete the acquisition of the club shares and Gerry Cardinale will become the effective owner.

The legal and economic issues make everything very delicate as he owes €20m compensation to Sporting CP. However, Milan want him to renew, Leao wants to renew but it will not be easy. Answers are expected in the autumn, if possible before the World Cup, because the 2024 deadline will only get closer.

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    1. Says you. Milan management might call it a day and settle for 80M€ because they know no one will pay a dime over that – IF even that (which I doubt).

        1. Don’t need a replacement this summer. We can play Rebic and Origi there, and given how Leao has performed in the first two games they won’t be worse. 60-80m + Ziyech and it’s a done deal. Then the money will be there to get a CM and CB without needing to grovel, and still have 20-40m in the bank to add to next summer’s budget.

        2. Milan wasn’t Replacing a 4th choice CB with 30 mil Botman but a starter and a captain.
          Kalulu became a full starter after Romagnoli got injured in the Copa game vs Inter which happened in March.
          Milan was absolutely after Botman for months because they knew Romagnoli is leaving.
          Kalulu surprised them and maybe by the end of the season their priorities changed . In May he was talking up Origi because they already had deal with him since he was a free agent. They didn’t have a deal with Lille for Botman because Newcastle had higher offer since January but according to the best in the business Milan had personal terms agreed with Botman. So he isn’t going to talk up a player in the media to raise his price tag even higher.
          If you haven’t paid attention since his failed attempts to sign Botman and Sanches tye man is scrambling to find a CB and a midfielder.
          Plus before the sale of the club and his renewal he didn’t know the Transfer budget

          1. 🤣🤣🤣

            So ridiculous comment.

            Romagnoli was a starter? Not last season 😂

            He began last season as 3rd choice and when the 1st choice got injured, he was beaten to it by Kalulu, who begin as an RB. He ended up as 4th choice CB so he left the club.

            Botman was pursued to replace Kjaer, not Romagnoli. But Kalulu step up so Maldini abandon the pursuit. Ambrosini confirmed this when he talked with Maldini.

            As for replacing Romagnoli, Maldini has no interest in spending big. He know that AM position need more than CB/DM. He only look for cheap loan deal at CB as the player will begin as 4th/5th choice behind Tomori-Kalulu-Kjaer just like Romagnoli he will be replacing.

          2. Oh and it was still at March when Maldini told Ambrosini that the rise of Kalulu ended CB pursuit, it wasn’t just the ending part of last season.

          3. So you just contradict yourself. You argued that Milan didn’t want Botman and it was all media speculation and you just said that he was pursued to replace Kjaer.
            Which one is it?
            Did Maldini wanted him or not?
            Make up your mind

          4. The fact that you said I was contradicting myself prove that you didn’t fully read what I wrote.

            Earlier, I said that during last May interview, Maldini talked Botman pursuit in past tense. The pursuit was real at January to replace injured Kjaer. But it has ended before summer mercato. Ambrosini already revealed the ending since March. The Botman pursuit already ended but media keep speculating it for summer, they twisted it to replace Romagnoli instead of Kjaer which is ridiculous as there is no way Milan spend big money to replace 4th choice CB.

          5. Yeah because Milan doesn’t still need to replace an aging CB coming back from ACL injury who doesn’t fit anymore the style of defense the team play.
            The pursuit for Botman end the moment Lille told both Milan and Botman that he can transfer to Milan only if Milan matches Newcastle offer which was 10 mil higher. That’s why Botman kept prolonging the signing, waiting, hoping that Milan will come up with higher offer.
            Maldini in an interview after the season said that they like Botman, but besides him they like and follow other profiles of defenders. I don’t know what he said to Ambrosini in March but I know what he said after the season.
            Botman and Renato Sanches were their primary targets, according to every reliable source ,after they failed they turned to secondary target as CDK and cheap options for CB and DM.
            You wanna pretend it’s all made up by media , suit yourself

          6. You forget that Kalulu already replace Kjaer as the starting CB. Kjaer now occupy the 3rd choice CB which at the beginning of last season was occupied by Romagnoli.

            After the rise of Kalulu, the focus is not replacing Kjaer, Kjaer is aging and recovering from long injury so he is relegated to 3rd choice. The focus is either to sign 4th CB to replace Romagnoli or sign 5th CB to make up the numbers while promoting Gabbia to 4th.

            Botman pursuit has already ended since March unless you believe Ambrosini and Maldini are liars. It also means you believe the dishonest media more than both of them. Botman cling on false hope from January untill he realize Milan is not going to pursue him again.

          7. Every Milanisti know that at the beginning of this mercato, Milan need new AM/RW more than new CB/DM.

            CDK can play both AM and RW.

          8. Maldini increase the offer for CDK by 7 millions yet the media claim he refuse to improve salary offer for Sanches.

            Maldini personally call CDK to wait untill his own renewal is complete while he did not do so for Botman.

            Yet you claim Botman/Sanches is the priority and not CDK? Lol

          9. Botman must had been crying when he read about the revelations after the conclusion of CDK transfer:
            1. Maldini played down the necessity for Botman while personally call CDK to wait.
            2. Maldini willing to spend 35m for CDK but not for Botman.

            Maldini had already made significant approach for CDK but the media failed to realize it as they were too obsessed with Botmal-Sanches-Lang rumours. It wasn’t untill CDK become Milan player that the media learned that the progress had been underway a month before they realize that CDK is the real primary target.

        3. Bro!!!🤣🤣🤣
          Kalulu became a full time starter once Romagnoli got hurt in March vs Inter, not when kjaer got injured in Nov or Dec.
          Why would the “dishonest ” media lie about Milan interest in certain players for almost a year? Huh. Of all clubs they’ll use the cheapest one to raise players value?
          And according to you that same media not only fooled the fans but also Botman since he was still clinging on hope that Milan will sign him, not his agents being in contact with Maldini.
          U said we all knew Milan needs a 10/RW more than Dm/Cb. Milan needs an upgrade at 10/RW but they need to replace one of the best DM’s and not 1 but 2 CBs because Romagnoli left and Kjaer is done.
          U said CDk cover both 10/Rw , well not according to coach Pioli who said he doesn’t see CDK at Rw, unless you calling Pioli a liar.
          Guess who can cover both 10/rw and play in CM , a certain Renato Sanches, who pioli wanted
          Milan didn’t raise Renato salary because Psg offered double at 6m a year. That 7 mil raise in CDK deal is 1 time payment, while you have to pay Renato that raise for 5 years. 6mil×5years+15mil fee = 45 mil
          CDK 32 mil fee +2.5mil salary ×5 years=44.5 mil
          One is 4 years younger, high ceiling and no injury issues, the other was more now ready but unreliable health wise and preferred other club.
          Tidbits about CDK transfer got out after, because the transfer went thru, it wont come out about failed transfers(Maldini calling, begging to wait)
          Botman if you fail to realized still cost 5 mil more than CDK. Clubs will always value an attacking player over a defender.

          1. Ambrosini had that interview at March, that is the truth which show that Maldini already know Kalulu will step up just from watching him in training.

            You made a mistake in calculation, you are not comparing apple to apple. Media claim Sanches want to raise the salary by 1.5m per year which for 5 years that means 7.5m increase, comparable to transfer cost increase for CDK and also comparable to the gap between offer and demand of Botman reported by media.

            That alone prove that Maldini willing to go all out for CDK, not for Sanchez, not for Botman.

  1. I knew this was coming. They had to wait for a week before the transfer window closes, so as to box Milan into corner of accepting lower fee than is in his release clause.

    It’d be a miracle if we get up to €80m for him.

  2. Take 100m + Ziyech, then onto the next renewal drama.

    We are terrible when it comes to selling players. I hope this managemnet team will do it a lot better than whats happened in the past.

  3. There is no point in selling anyone cause our owners will again say “transfer budget is 20 milions” ,so just keep them play and let them go free until our owners change their view,and one more thing,if chelsea gave offer to everton of 70+ millions for that joke player Gordon,then the price of leao MVP should be 370 m

  4. Since the renewal doesn’t seem very likely (given our history with renewals, plus Leao’s issue), we better cash out now.
    An offer with Pulisic+Ziyech+cash (i.e. 50m) would be quite interesting in fact. Both players are not used by Chelsea so they wouldn’t be unrealistic targets.

  5. This is not happening.
    Gazzetta at it again, making up stories, with a little help from Leao’s agent.
    Chelsea are not buying Leao with a week left in the window when they haven’t even spoken to Milan yet, knowing that Milan will need time to buy a replacement and would be reluctant to sell. Especially knowing the speed with which Maldini closes deals, super slow mo.
    Plus they already bought a Lw in Raheem Sterling and are negotiating for Anthony Gordon.

    1. Maldini closes deals, super slow, because the owner and Gazidis set the financial budget low and have tight control over the money.

      IF Maldini were given tons of $$$ like PSG, ManU or Chelsea, Maldini can closes any deals quickly and renews the players quickly.

      1. Maldini knew the budget when he resigned. Took him 2 months to pay Brugge what they were asking the 1st time he called.
        Knew since last November that he will need to replace Kessie and Romagnoli and still with a week left hasn’t replaced them.
        And if he wants higher budget maybe he should learn how to sell players, instead of negotiating with them for 2 years just to gift wrapped them and give them for free to other clubs.

        1. Perhaps Maldini doesn’t think Milan needs new players to replace Roma & Cashie. They have Pobega, Adli & Gabbia. Maybe he believes in those players to raise their levels.

          Young players won’t develop unless given trust & playing time.

          1. So, are you saying that he is negotiating for 3,6,9 months for players like Botman , Sanches, Onyedika, Onana, Sissoko for fun.
            But even if he believes in those players you mentioned, Milan is still short in the CB and DM department.

          2. Lol, Maldini did not negotiate for Botman for 6 months. It is already ended at January. Don’t you know that Maldini already told Ambrosini since March that he no longer plan to spend big money for defender?

            Most of what you read are just media rumours using Maldini’s name to sell their story.

          3. Of course he told Ambrosini that he no longer to spend big money for a defender, because he doesn’t have the big money to spend on defender.
            But Milan was in for Botman until he signed for Newcastle. That’s why Botman was delaying signing for Newcastle.
            Once that failed , Maldini turned his attention and the funds available towards CDK.

          4. @Z, precisely how advanced were those negotiations? Because 80% of what you read is rumor. Also, what can you do if you’ve agreed a price with a club and a contract with a player only to have another club offer double. In the Botman and Sanches cases we’re dealing with two clubs that have no budget. Just because they offer X doesn’t mean that’s the fair price for the player and it certainly doesn’t mean we ought to match. Just the other day it was written how Juventus, Inter and Roma are in trouble with FFP and we’re not. That’s the result of careful planning (spending) by the management team. That said I do agree that the time to sell Leao might very well be now, even if it’s “only” 60-80m. That’s money in the bank for a player that is highly unlikely to renew (for a reasonable sum at least) IMO.

          5. @Z

            You are wrong, the decision to sign CDK had been taken well before Maldini’s renewal or Botman’s transfer to Newcastle. Maldini called CDK directly to ask him to wait until he finished his own renewal, didn’t happen with Botman.

        2. @Vero Rossonero
          I don’t know how advanced the negotiations were but from every reliable source, Milan had agreed personal terms with Botman. I agree that Newcastle overspent and Milan shouldn’t match their offer.
          Same thing with Renato. Milan wanted both , the other teams offered more money and I don’t blame the players or their clubs for going for the higher offer.
          But we can excuse every failed Maldini transfer after months of negotiating with “Milan never even wanted him, its all media invention for clicks”. Maldini has a plethora of failed transfers because of how slow he moves. Kone, Amine Adli, Simakan, Faivre , even Wesley Fofana.

          1. @Z
            Bro forget all these made up articles for clicks and just focus on the only interview that Maldini gave in regards to the Botman transfer rumour in which he said that they were pursuing other targets and not Botman. Everything else is just fabricated and got the comments section riled up

          2. @IKWYDLS
            He actually said that besides Botman they like and pursue many other CB targets. He never said we are not after Botman

          3. Have any of these players turned out to be substantially better than the ones we’ve actually bought. Honest question, because I haven’t been following them.

          4. Of all the rumours, Botman is the most stupid one. There is no way Milan spend 30m to replace 4th choice CB (Romagnoli).

            At an interview last May, when asked by media about Origi and Botman, Maldini talking up Origi while talking down Botman. He said Milan have a lot of good players at CB and talked about the pursuit of Botman in past tense.

          5. And the reason why at May, Maldini already talked about pursuit of Botman as thing of the past was already revealed by Ambrosini at last March:

            Maldini believe that the rise of Kalulu means he no longer need to spend big on defender.

      1. Even a broken clock is right twice a day
        Maldini dragged out negotiations for every player he signed and the 10+ he failed to sign, but lets point out the one and only signing he made quick to defend his failures
        @Vero Rossonero, Kone is one of the best DM’s in bundesliga
        Amine Adli and Faivre aren’t lighting up the field but they would have been a better option on the RW than Messias or Saelemakers
        Simakan also could be better but plays in 3man defense at Leipzig
        Wesley Fofana is about to sign with chelsea for over 80 mil. Maldini moved slow Leicester jumped in and signed Fofana for 35 mil. Maldini then moved to Simakan again too slow and he moved to Leipzig, at the end he ended up signing Tomori for 30 mil. I like Tomori but he isn’t Wesley Fofana

  6. Retain him until his contract runs out, whilst during his time we should find another prospect who could stepup and replace him. Renewing to agents demands will be too costly and disrupt teams harmony. Selling him now we wont get a replacement ready.
    Replacing him with a high earning player now but with depreciating value is only going to hurt clubs effort in improving its finance.
    We should keep the winning team we have now for consistency in the top level.

  7. Trust me guys, Leao hasn’t reach the point of maturity where money will not displace him.
    He may have Milan at heart though but his agent influence on him like Kessie, Donnaruma and Co is still in play here. Milan is still putting pieces together and winning the scudetto was a miracle. We better sell him and get replacement in January window than playing hide and seek and loosing him for free. Forza Milan.

    1. Leao is overrated, good 3 months, can’t play good every week week in week out, c’mon you play in Serie a, not in World Cup. He’s just lazy sometimes, Guy doesn’t deserve 8M, Kalulu, Tomori Theo are much more important

  8. Sell him. It’s not too late in the window. It’s never too late to get 100m+ for a player. Leao didn’t contribute anything to the four points already gained this season so can’t see how Rebic/Origi would do worse in the LW position until next summer. Maybe they can even try a late push for Antony for RW, and get that CM and CB they’ve been after. Leao is not going to renew. He’s got money on the brain, and it’s been obvious since he illegally rescinded his contract with Sporting. His next move is the EPL one way or another.

    1. Well said man, thats what I also think.
      80million + Ziyech and Chelsea can have him if you ask me. Leao was astonishing the 2nd part of last season, this season he looks floppy and lazy like before. Sell him before his value drops to 0.

      1. I would accept 80 and Ziyech too. Even 60 + Ziyech TBH, as we can’t expect Chelsea to pay 100m+ for a player we’re all alleging performed well for only 3 months last season. It’s dissonant to say a player is overrated and then demand 100m (or 150m for some).

  9. Chelsea need money to buy fofana from leicester. Dont worry leao will still with us until his contract expire in 2024. If in 2023 still not renew then he is already 100 percent free transfer in 2024 due to our policy tight salary cap

  10. If we lose Leao, we should spend the money on Joao Felix. I reckon we can get him at 65M given how his Atletico move hasn’t worked. If not him, then a move for someone else like Nkunku or Musiala would be perfect.
    Don’t sell below 100M.

  11. It’s all up to the player and the ownership. I hope the management learned some lessons from the recent past, this doesn’t have to drag on for weeks like renewals in the past. The most important thing is what does Leao want?? Does he want to stay and renew? well, in that case, check ahead with the ownership that once they have completely taken over, they might very well be able to satisfy Leao’s demands or get very close to it; if that’s possible, wait and work on the renewal next year; if that’s not going to be possible or the ownership is in no position to know for sure as of now, sell him. If Leao wants to go to Chelsea over a renewal with Milan, then by all means sell him.

  12. OMG, i read this article after i read that Pioli try new formation in training : 4-3-1-2 and i was objected with that idea because will cost Leao.

    But this article give me reason why Pioli try the new 4-3-1-2 : WE PREPARED TO LOSE LEAO !! If Chelsea give 150mil euros offers, even i recommend to sell him.

    We have a bunch of young strikers wait to bloom in : Lazetic, Roback, Colombo, Nasti, etc. Not mention first team STC : Rebic, Origi, Giroud, Ibrahimovic.
    But we still need re-invest a new striker to stay on top. But this time Complete striker style like : Origi & Rebic, no longer need Target – Man style like Giroud & Ibrahimovic.

  13. Milan should take advantage of this opportunity since Chelsea is also confused on the market. They give much money without problem (65M on Cuculera, plan to pay 80M on fofana, over 60M on Gordon who played two games in EPL, etc).

    After loosing Lukaku and Timo Chelsea will strengthen the attacking department at any cost. Let us ask them for Pulisic and Ziyech+ 40M, this will bethe best deal for sure

  14. The spirit of Raiola has possessed Jorge Mendes. Milan should have seen this coming. Leão should have been sold at the end of the season and Milan should have bought that Napoli wonder with an unpronounceable name – Kvacha….?

    If Chelsea wants Leão, please don’t hesitate to sell. 70–80mil is fine. Better than losing him for free. I think the Leão renewal is affecting some players. If Leão get what he’s demanding others will demand higher wages too. It’s better to get rid of him now.

    Milan needs Bennacer to extend and his demands are not outrageous.

  15. Give us 80m + Pulisic and we’re good. He won’t renew, we won’t pay the salary, and honestly he’s not worth that after a few good months anyways but this is the way modern players work… they have 1 part of a good season, they’re the talk of the town and then they think they’re God’s gift to man and want the money and the bling. Better cash in now or else we risk losing a 5th valuable player for free…

  16. Not sure why anyone thinks if we sell Leao to Chelsea for 80, 90, 150, etc…whatever the final amount is – that these owners will automatically invest that $$ back into the squad??? Why does anyone believe that?? If we are lucky we will get an extra 10M to spend LOL. I wouldn’t get my hopes up high and think just because we sell him for huge profit that means all or the majority of $$ will be re-invested back into the squad instead of being pocketed by ownership. I will believe it when I see it, but think we will all be extremely disappointed.

    1. Ok, and the only way you’ll see it is when they sell a player for that much. We haven’t sold a player for big money yet. How can you freaking criticize something that hasn’t even happened???? LOL.

    2. Yes,i believe too we should try renew him until last day his contract , not worry about his free transfer. Sell him now only give elliot capital gain and make our squad weaken for this season . New player for his replacement will not have enough time to adaptating on pioli tactic and im sure elliot will only find low cost player for his replacement

  17. sell him we should play 4 3 1 2 formation
    calabria kalulu tomori theo
    benacer adli
    de keteler
    rebic origi

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