Watch: The baffling moment Messias’ goal was chalked off because Serra played no advantage

By Oliver Fisher -

The Milan players were furious in the added time of their defeat against Spezia this evening as referee Marco Serra disallowed a goal that should have stood.

There was an absolutely baffling moment in added time as the referee blew early for a foul on Rebic as the ball rolled into Messias who slotted into the top corner for the winner. No advantage was played, the referee had whistled and the Milan players were understandably furious.

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  1. dont blame the referee if milan can kill the game early.. spezia courage and attitude in the pitch is far better than milan tonight, admit that milan still far away from scudeto..

  2. When we lose the title race to inter this season…we’ll look back at this game…the player who scored the winner should have been off for a second yellow long time.

  3. Why did VAR not intervene if it was refereeing error?
    I sincerely think Italian referees are becoming the worse in the top 5 European leagues with some clear errors in officiating, whistling just any how they want, slowing down the flow of the game.
    It doesn’t really matter even if Milan squandered 100 scoring chances, as painful as it may be, not all chances are scored in a football match, if a referee denies you the only goal you score in all the chances you created, out of an obvious error, that’s truly painful.

  4. same referring error as against our match with napoli, surely, it would continue as long as the management isnt lodging any complaint, it should be reported to UEFA, as the italian FA is also shit.

  5. I’m sick of these referee suspensions… happened to us in the CL and eliminated us.. happens now in Serie A but what do we get for it?? Nothing.. no points, no compensation, no match replay etc.. there needs to be a better way than just ref suspensions… a way where the afflicted team gets something in return but only for truly aggregous mistakes like the one witnessed here…

  6. Mr. Pioli is a good coach but not a fantastic one. He led the team to this level, which is very well of him, but he cannot give more.
    There are a lot of missing techniques in his coaching that he needs to improve such as the details that make the difference, the sloppy attacks, evaluating player abilities, teams weaknesses, etc.
    Other than that, he is doing well with the current team.

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