Mike Maignan the target of racial abuse before Milan’s game against Juventus – video

By Oliver Fisher -

There was a very sour incident during the warm-ups of Juventus vs. AC Milan last night as Mike Maignan was subject to some appalling abuse.

After what happened at San Siro in the match between Milan and Lazio, with the racist chants against Tiemouè Bakayoko, the same happened to Mike Maignan as the Milan goalkeeper, during the pre-match warm-up, was targeted by a Juventus fan.

He shouted: “Negro, negro, monkey…” and other abusive phrases as the video below shows. We can only hope that both clubs are aware, the relevant authorities are contacted, the culprits are found and Maignan is not too scarred. This has got to stop.

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    1. I am totally against racism. But why all this fuss because someone said something stupid ? We see FIFA campaign against racism but it never says anything about corruption. Makes you think.

  1. Okay fine, some taunting before the game is expected, all players get hackled before, during even after the game, it’s all part of it. But to abuse players based on their race, nationality, or whatever, that is just just idiotic.

    I mean there are players from all over the world in any and all clubs. Different colors, nationalities, shapes, sizes, sexual orientation, who gives a shit what else. Be a true fan of the sport, mess with them about their performance, about how shit their team is, how they after 4 games they still don’t have a win and are quickly becoming relegation fodder, but don’t be a racist a**hole. How can you be a fan of a sport and disrespect the athletes in such a way, or anyone else for that matter.

    We don’t have to cheer for the same team, we don’t have to like each other, but some level of respect and decency must be maintained.

  2. it’s a shame that we still have such a kind of racists clowns in Italy. I wish I would have seen him to react. I am sure that clown would have shit his pants.

    1. No man, Maignan was a class act there, he did the right thing by ignoring it, that’s what a professional who rises above does. Those fans are small insignificant losers and deserve to be treated as such. Additionally, a hefty fine should be slapped on Juve as well as those fans if caught again should be banned for the season and the punishment should escalate based on repeat offenses. I’m all about free speech but there’s a way to punish overt and repeat racism without harming free speech and it’s time they did it. Well done Mike for ignoring those loser fans.

  3. Disgusting. When will the league stand up and take decisive action against these racist bastards? The club must also be punished for their fans behavior. Ban the racist fans for good and have Juve play behind closed doors for a few games…they will get the message.

  4. Some fan don’t have Sense. Is it color that plays football. Why will abuse color of what God created. Such people should be thought a lesson

  5. Milan has a rich history of great black players like Weah,Dessailly,Seerdorf,Boateng,now Tomori,Kalulu and SuperMike.This needs to be dealt with and these fans banned from the stadiums.

  6. It only shows how Juve fans were scared. Literally exposed their fear of Rossoneri and Mighty Maignan. I wish we have smashed zebras just like we did at their home stadium last 3 times.

  7. These specific fans should be easily tracked down after seemingly uploading this video themselves so a ban should be fairly easy to handle.

    On the other hand im not especially fond of the idea punishing clubs directly with bans or losses for what some spectators does unless that it is known repeat offenders being let into the stadiums of the home sides. Why is that you may ask, banning clubs for behaviour like this could open up a door for idiots to dress up as oppositions in their attempts to harm and get specific teams banned. Unless its known racists its next to impossible to guarantee this doesnt happen. Might not be the most well liked approach of mine but i simply cant see why clubs should be punished with bans or losses for something they in most cases would have a very hard time protecting themselves against when having stadiums of 30-50.000 or more spectators. Give them economical punishment that can be felt and then ban those who cant behave as i really dont see why the majority of football fans who can behave should be punished as well.

  8. im a juve fan but totally against racism.shame to those fans,stupid indeed.its good to see milan back after a long time in the wilderness.its good for serie a.juve will rise as always

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