GdS: Milan have €100m to spend this summer – the targets from Lille duo to Zaniolo

By Oliver Fisher -

RedBird Capital will give AC Milan directors Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara a budget of €100m to spend this summer, according to a report.

La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews) reports that the Scudetto last season was just the start of things, and after the arrival of Gerry Cardinale’s fund the club wants to continue its growth back towards being one of Europe’s elite.

That is why €100m has been made available for the management to strengthen the squad, which is made up of the proceeds from winning the Scudetto, from participating in the next Champions League and the savings in January when only Marko Lazetic arrived.

The first two targets come from France. For Renato Sanches practically everything is done as an agreement with the Portuguese midfielder over personal has been in place for some time and while the transfer fee must be defined, it is expected to be no issues and will be around €15m.

Then there is Sven Botman who would like to join the Rossoneri but there is competition, especially from Newcastle, who are making Lille waver. Even in the last few hours there has also been talk of PSG complicating a deal that would cost around €30m.

Milan seem more oriented towards making investments in attack but the first addition will be a free transfer in Divock Origi. Signing a striker who is still young but experienced like the Belgian without paying a transfer fee will allow them to concentrate funds on the playmaker and right winger role.

Nicolò Zaniolo of Roma and Charles De Ketelaere of Club Brugge are two targets Maldini and Massara are particularly fond of. The Belgian would cost about €35m while the Giallorossi want a lot for Zaniolo, which is why Milan are aiming to include counterparts.

Finally, there is Noa Lang of Brugge who will leave for about €20m. He has different characteristics to the aforementioned duo but can adapt to any position in the trident behind the centre-forward.

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  1. So club changing hands means dick. Milan had the same amount under Elliott, RedBird is just more for the same. Not that its a bad thing, but from this point of view looks kinda pointless and overhyped.

    1. The only time Milan under Elliot spent net transfer (arrival – depature) upward of 100 millions is under Leonardo, a lot of them are failure.

      Note that Maldini already have 12m from Hauge transfer.

      1. This was a transfer budget Elliott already promised before Investcorp and RedBird were even in play.

        Mentioning anything Leonardo and comparing it to anything under Maldini is nonsense. One has zero to do with the other. And yes there will be flops, like there are in any Mercato, but that has almost nothing to do with the size of the budget.

        So the fact remains, new owners are same as old owners and we shouldn’t expect anything spectacular.

        Sanches, Origi, Botman but that is looking more and more unrealistic with each passing day. One or two kids on the cheap, Florenzi and Messias on permanent deals and maybe, maybe if we’re very lucky another RW/CAM and that is if we sell Salad or Rebic or both.

        Which means our big names are Origi and Renato and that is it. Not bad, but nothing spectacular and all the hype about new owners and mercato was unnecessary, because RedBird is just Elliot rolled in tar and covered in red feathers.

        1. relax dude.
          fundings are going to the new projected stadium.
          that stadium is the most important thing now, new stadium means higher revenue, and that means more money to spend following FFP rules.
          if we spend everything here, then IF we dont win we will become what happened to us during Leonardo period.

          See Inter struggling with money even if they have chinese billionaire backing

          1. What nonsense

            Stadium is 3 to 5 years away.

            By that time Leao Theo will be gone if there is no success in Europe

            100m is underwhelming

          2. @dragon fire
            You are talking about new stadium! This guy (Gary), hardly found money to pay half of price to Elliot. Other half is with high interest rate. Do you really think, we can be competetive in CL? Forget about Scudetto. Italian Leauge is last in the Big5. We won because we were so lucky and thanks to our 3 magicians MMM!

  2. as i previously said, 100 mil should be the bare minimum as it was already promised by the previous ownership and even though the new owners cant be expected to live up to promises of the past then 120 mil really should be the actual ammount + sales as it would give us enough room to develope this team to better compete in cl.

    1. I think your brain is in your butt Martin Bernhard, how will 100m be enough to compete in cl, the only thing 100m will win us is another serie a trophy think before you talk, Madrid spent our entire budget on touchinimi and they still have so much money to spend, how do you want to beat that in cl

      1. Elliotazzuri you are clearly showcasing who is the idiot here and it certainly isnt me as you just proved that you cant comprehend what i wrote and then has the audacity to be rude with me afterwards. how about you just keep you replies to yourself in the future.
        Anyways look up what bare minimum means by the way as im actually advocating us to spend above 100 mil and even if we cant compete with real madrid we have to build from somewhere and that is a starting point if we for example had 120 mil + sales so why dont ypu bugger off dumbass as you clearly doesnt bring anything to the table except your obnoxious behaviour.

          1. are you freaking kidding me you started being rude with me otherwise i would never have replied as i did,

    1. That will result in bloated squad with too many non-homegrown players and some of them ended up cannot be registered. Someone have to be sold to make squad space.

    2. Actually, it is just enough
      we have 15m from hauge sale + 5m from duarte too.

      this is before other player sale

    3. @Joe
      Why do we need Zaniolo if we can get CDK..? CDK is more useable since he can play everywhere in the midfield area..

  3. the budget of 100m was bare minimum and is given so i’m not worried. sales of some players can make room and money for players. castilejjo and krunic can be the one to leave. also midfield is packed, diaz,adli,tonali,bennacer,pobega maybe renato. right wing need an upgrade and messias isn’t the one, alexis should stay and lang should come. LW should stay as it is. maldini,colombo to be loaned again. de katalaere is a steep ask. botman too but they both can be reached with some negotiations

  4. If 100m is true, then we should really reconsider whether we need Botman having Kalulu and Romagnoli who still has not signed any agreement with other club, especially if we gonna engage in some kind of bidding with Newcastle. Then I will sign Belotti as a backup forward and all the funds should go for the most needed positions: RW, CAM, CM and bench LB. Signing LW like Lang is not an option either. Sanches for 15M, De Kataelare for 40M and there is only 45M left for RW and LB.

  5. Rather than them advertising they have lots of money to spend (and clubs just adjusting their asking price upwards) it’s more prudent in negotiations to seem like you are close to your limit.

    We don’t want selling clubs thinking we are Man United 😀 so privately we may have €150mn but publicly they should act like we have much less to spend.

  6. – Origi = free
    – Botman = €25-30
    – Renato = €15-20
    – Between Noa Lang or De Ketelaere = €20-30
    – Florenzi = €2.5-3

    Some people are seriously clueless af thinking €100 million are not enough and Milan should follow PSG or City footsteps who spent hundreds of millions in transfer market. No, that’s not how Milan works anymore!

    Milan already learnt from Berlusconi and Yohong li mistakes that spending hundreds of millions will kill your financial and also not always a guaranteed success.

    Now Milan works with a smart and effective transfer. Buy young players who have potential but with reasonable price then nurture and polished these rough diamonds until they became a solid and shiny diamond. Just look at Theo, Kalulu, Leao, Tonali, Benacer, or Tomori.

    Also mixed these young boys with some veteran players like Ibra, Kjaer, or Florenzi and they have a solid team.

    So there’s no need to spend 60, 70, or even hundreds of millions euros just for one player anymore.

    1. It must be balanced.

      Spending 200m every window is stupid

      Spending big once every few seasons to build team competing for CL – necessary.

      Better to go big for striker this year than to miss opportunities. We need successes in Europe to convince players to stay – and new ones to come.

      Bayern, Barca are down – we should use the timing to compete in a big way. Otherwise we never catch up, and serie a becomes farmers league.
      Already 10 years wait for CL.

      1. For strikers we already have Giroud and sooner Origi who won CL with Chelsea and Liverpool. Two champions like them in the front are enough. Not to mention we can rely on Leao, Tonali, Theo, Bennacer, or Florenzi for the goals. So the third slot for strikers should be for very young players like Lazetic, Marco Nasti, or Colombo. Remember, we needs these young players ready in the next two-three years.

        And what Milan needs the most right now are playmakers and right wing. Can’t rely too much on Diaz and Daniel Maldini as playmakers. While Alexis and Messias are inconsistent.

        The decision to follow Renato Sanchez, Noa Lang, and De Ketelaere is right because they can play as playmakers and right wing or sometimes as strikers. Their goals & assist statistics are also pretty good.

      2. even If we win UCL in less than 5/6 years that’s gonna be a big thing. If you are thinking that we are gonna be competing for CL from next season you are getting too ahead of yourself. 5/6 seasons

  7. Sanches: 20 + Botman/Bremer: 30 + de Ketelaere (30) + Lang (20). That is 100 mill, and will definitetly improve our team and make it more competitive in UCL, and that in a responsible way to. If you in addition sell Rebic, Castillejo, Seaelemaekers and or Messias we will receive app. 25 mill euro. If we add the exchange-value of Pobega to that, we will also be able to afford Zaniolo or someone in the similar price-range, and still be financially quite sound.

    We must also remember that we are still 50 mill in minus this season, so spending 100 mill euros is for me the max amount of what is responsible, probably should spend even a bit less.

  8. We are following Liverpool road . Only spend big on 1 or 2 player each season but effective . I think that 100m euro enough + money from sale player like hauge,Duarte or in future sale castilejo,caldara,lord saladmaker total we can get 120-130m euro budget. We can sign Origi Free transfer ,Botman or bremer 30m euro ,Renato 20m euro ,CDK + noa Lang for 50m euro ,Florenzi + junior 5m euro , Cambiasso + Viti 15m euro . We are ready to compete next season

  9. @stam is correct. Same budget as Elliot initially promised. Not surprised. They said they wanted to sell to an owner with the same vision. Whether 100M is enough to take that next step in quality remains to be seen. Essentially we get to spend the 60M we made from CL qualification and the 40M we made from winning the league title. I agree with others on here that 100M is the bare MINIMUM we need to stay competitive. 100M is not a lot of $$ unfortunately in todays transfer market. Dreams of CDK and a RW like Zaniolo now seem far fetched. CDK is probably worth 60M not this garbage being reported of 35m lol. Same articles said Touchemi was available for only 40M a month ago and we were linked lol – so it is impossible to get a player like CDK. As someone said before Real Madrid just spent 100m on one player (Touchemi) and Liverpool is going to spend 100m on Nunez – so 100M is not a lot of money anymore if you want to buy top young talent. Sanches for 20M and Lang for another 20-22M is more likely. Botman or Bremer are 30-35M. Origi is free. That is already 70-75M spent. Solid signings but Not much left over for a dynamic RW. The sales we generated (Hauge) or will generate (Sammu) will likely cover back up spots for LB and CB – that’s about it. So we have approx 25-30M on a RW unless we “add” players like Rebic or Poegba to a transfer to lower the price. Point is we should not expect more than the players mentioned (Sanches, Origi, Botman and a mystery RW) coming in – which are replacement players (Ibra, Romagnolli and Kessie) Will this be enough to compete for CL? Time will tell. I think we can get out of group stage but after that who knows. League will still be difficult to win with Inter picking up Mykitarian and Dybala for free and Juve adding Pogba and whoever else. All of these rumors linked to some of these big players are just to sell papers. I think some fans will be very disappointed if we do not achieve the same results next season and will wonder why we didn’t spend more. But we will see.

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